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NEW REVIEW! Morrow Audio MA5 Reference 60 day returns+Quick ViewInterconnects$499.00
Naim NAC 152 XS Excellent Preamp - Customer Trade-In+Quick ViewSolid state$1,200.00
Octave Audio HP500 SE Preamp-Black w/optional phono stage+Quick ViewTube$6,000.00
High Fidelity CT-1E Interconnect, 1 meter, RCA (new) - “magic”+Quick ViewInterconnects$1,450.00
Garrard 301 / 401 Precision CNC Stainless Steel Idler Wheel+Quick ViewTurntables$249.00
Gregitek Stab 1 - isolation platform - handmade in Italy+Quick ViewStands$765.00
Lyra Titan i+Quick ViewCartridges$3,750.00
Emerald Physics CS3 MK2 Superb OB Speakers-Undervalued at $50k!+Quick ViewFull range$2,800.00
Wilson Audio Alexia, Dark Titanium - Like New Condition PRICED TO SELL!!+Quick ViewFull range$29,900.00
Essence 1600 Full range electrostats w/no crossovers+Quick ViewPlanars$5,495.00
Genesis Technologies 5.3 Loudspeakers+Quick ViewFull range$15,000.00
Marantz 10B FM Stereo Tube Tuner (Rare)+Quick ViewTuners$3,100.00
Burson Audio CONDUCTOR SL9018 Headphone Amp/DAC - 53% Discount; New in Box; Full Warranty !+Quick ViewAmplifiers$749.97
Synergistic Research XOT - Crossover Transducer - Big improvement! introductory pricing!+Quick ViewTweaks$399.00
Audio Research Reference 40th Anniversary Preamplifier, Black Finish. Brand New Tubes! Trade In, Perfect Condition+Quick ViewTube$16,995.00
Boulder 2060 Reference Stereo Amplifier Floor Model, Perfect Condition, Full Warranty+Quick ViewSolid state$34,995.00
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Krell SACD STD MKIII Black Beauty....Rare!!CD/SACD Players$4,000.00
Blue Circle Audio FtTH2Solid state$4,950.00
Denon DP-60L Straight Tonearm Arm Wand ExcellentTonearms$200.00
Analysis Plus NEW COPPER OVAL-IN MICRO RCA 1m Interconnects *As New Condition* Read the stellar reviews!Interconnects$179.00
Accuphase DP-600 Great SA-CD Player+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$7,800.00
System Audio SA1750 SA1750 Loudspeakers+Quick ViewFull range$1,100.00
Pioneer HLD-X0 Muse Hi-Vision HD LD Laserdisc PlayerVideo$8,000.00
Audio Note KEGONSolid state$22,999.00
Burmester 808MK5Solid state$11,200.00
Adam Audio GmbH Tensor Alpha Active LoudspeakersFull range$36,225.00
Balanced Audio Technologies (BAT) VK-30 Tube preamp with VK R3 remote control Original OwnerTube$1,950.00
Soulution 501 Mono Block (Pair)Solid state$22,500.00
PS Audio PerfectWave DACII (PWDII) BlackDA Converters$1,375.00
AudioQuest COLUMBIA 1 METER XLR INTERCONNECTS "MINT"Interconnects$325.00
McIntosh MA-6300 Excellent condition, incl remote, manuals, boxSolid state$2,800.00
Organic Audio Interconnect Demo+Quick ViewInterconnects$675.00
Organic Audio Interconnect Mint Demo+Quick ViewInterconnects$725.00
Esoteric C-03 preamp Trade in save $$$$+Quick ViewSolid state$4,749.00
Cary SLP-05 Tube Pre-Amp One of a Kind - Price ReducedTube$4,950.00
GOLDMUND SR-8 preamplifier Universal voltageSolid state$4,350.00
Pioneer TAD S-1EX Like Tad Evolution One!!!Full range$5,200.00
Von Schweikert Audio vr2 reference AFRICANHAZELWOODFull range$1,200.00
MSB Platinum DAC IV + Platinum Power Base + upgrades (200v-260V @ 50/60hz)DA Converters$8,300.00
DENOM CDM 3000/5000 100 DISC CHANGER/CONTROLLER+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$350.00
Aesthetix JanusTube$4,950.00
Shunyata Research Venom 3 12G High Performance AC Power Cord+Quick ViewAC Cables$99.00
Vienna Acoustics Maestro Grand Piano BlackFull range$1,000.00
Magnepan Magnepan 3.7Planars$3,275.00
Foundation Audio Component StandStands$1,500.00
AudioQuest King Cobra RCA 0.75m interconnect+Quick ViewInterconnects$70.00
AudioQuest Carbon USB 1.5m cable+Quick ViewDigital$90.00
Purist Audio Design Musaeus 11 Meter Bi-Wire Speaker CablesSpeaker$829.00
Burson Audio Timekeeper amp - (2) steal at 62% off retail!+Quick ViewSolid state$999.00
Purist Audio Design Venustas 1.5 Meter Bi-Wire Speaker Cable (Single Cable)Speaker$499.00
Allnic A5000 Neo mono blocksTube$5,575.00
Purist Audio Design Venustas 1.5 Meter Bi-Wire Speaker CablesSpeaker$999.00
Grado Statement Wood Body Platinum Phono Cartridge+Quick ViewCartridges$175.00
Synergistic Research TESLA PowerCell 4 Power ConditionerAC Conditioners$650.00
Naim SNAIC 4 4 pin to 4 pin interconnect cable like newInterconnects$150.00
Rotel RT-1080 AM/FM Tuner+Quick ViewTuners$100.00
Transparent Audio The Link 2M+Quick ViewInterconnects$80.00
Transparent Audio MusicLink Phono 2M+Quick ViewInterconnects$200.00
Abacus Aikido Tube Buffer Preamplifier with RemoteTube$595.00
Conrad Johnson Premier 1B Tube AmplifierTube$4,500.00
Proceed (Levinson) AVP2 Preamplifier+Quick ViewSolid state$875.00
Ariston RD-11s With Mayware Formula 4 Arm+Quick ViewTurntables$300.00
Anthem AVM-50v Wanted to buy...+Quick ViewEquipment$1.00
Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy CryoSilver Reference USB 2.0Digital$150.00
Audioquest Wild 8ftSpeaker$8,500.00
Pacific Microsonics Model One DacDA Converters$8,800.00
Magico Mini OneFull range$7,500.00
PS Audio Power Plant Premier+Quick ViewAC Conditioners$700.00
Avantgarde Duo Primo+Quick ViewFull range$49,000.00
Hegel HD-20 DACDA Converters$800.00
GOERTZ AG3 DIVINITY SILVER 3M LONG+Quick ViewSpeaker$2,990.00
quick silver v4 tube amplifier+Quick ViewTube$2,999.00
PASS LABS XA-30.8 Stereo power amp+Quick ViewSolid state$5,100.00
Krell KSA-100s Amplifier Just Totally Refurbished by KrellSolid state$2,900.00
Odyssey Audio Stratos Stereo Extreme Silver Finish+Quick ViewSolid state$1,400.00
Pro-Ject Phono Box DS+Quick ViewSolid state$150.00
Monitor Audio WT 380IDC In-Wall Speaker+Quick ViewFull range$600.00
Monitor Audio GX-100 Piano Ebony w/GX Stands+Quick ViewMonitors$2,100.00
Peachtree Audio 220se+Quick ViewSolid state$1,395.00
Goertz Alpha Core MI2 Python & (Hybrid) Speaker Cable 5 Cables - 15' Each+Quick ViewSpeaker$1,250.00
Dahlquist DQ-20 With Full Regnar Upgrades+Quick ViewFull range$625.00
Jw Audio Cryo Nova $10 per stereo ft. 30 day trial no feesSpeaker$10.00
Bowers and Wilkins CM5 RosenutMonitors$1,000.00
DIY Modern Tube Preamp ECC40 Version+Quick ViewTube$1,499.00
Stillpoints Ultra 5+Quick ViewStands$575.00
Kimber Kable Select KS2120 Digital AES/EBU cable, 1.0M+Quick ViewDigital$625.00
Channel Islands Audio VDA-2 Plus VAC-1 DAC and Power SupplyDA Converters$375.00
Berkeley audio and Core Audio combo server Alpha DAC 1 and Kryptos absolutly the best bang for your buckDA Converters$4,500.00
Merlin TSM-CC Center channel+Quick ViewMonitors$700.00
Xindak Audio DAC 5 Tube and Solid State Very Rare 110V/120V factory version+Quick ViewDA Converters$600.00
Classe Audio Seventy Wonderful Tube Like Sound+Quick ViewSolid state$350.00
BROWN ELELCTRONIC LABS BEL 1001 MK II Excellent+Quick ViewSolid state$950.00
Pass Labs XA 30.5 Class-A Power Amp+Quick ViewSolid state$3,250.00
BEL (Brown Electronic Labs) 1001 MonoblocksSolid state$1,750.00
Conrad Johnson MV-50+Quick ViewTube$900.00
Cambridge Audio Azur 640a Silver+Quick ViewSolid state$225.00
Various Room Treatments ASC, Echobusters, DIY Tubetraps DIY Tube Traps, RPG SkylinesAcoustics$1.00
REL Acoustics Stentor III SUB with custom sub power cableSubwoofers$2,500.00
Focal Aria 936 3-way Floorstanding LoudspeakerFull range$2,800.00
Einstein The TUBE mk II pre-amp, LIGHT in the DARK amp, pre-amplifier+Quick ViewTube$7,900.00
Sablon Audio Panatela Mk 2 interconnect Over 6 metersInterconnects$1,900.00
Pilot SM-254A recapped w/spare NOS output tubesTube$650.00
Clearaudio Double Matrix WANT TO BUYTweaks$2,000.00
Audio Magic Sorcerer Power cablesAC Cables$150.00
Burson Audio Soloist Preamp/Headphone amp+Quick ViewAmplifiers$999.00
Opera Callas Divina Beautiful Italian speakers+Quick ViewFull range$3,290.00
LSA .5 Rosewood New monitors-Now Direct-SAVE 50%+Quick ViewMonitors$499.00
Magico S5+Quick ViewFull range$31,600.00
Pass Labs XP 25+Quick ViewPhono$7,600.00
Pass Labs XP 20+Quick ViewSolid state$7,500.00
Pass Labs XA 160.5+Quick ViewSolid state$14,500.00
Bowers & Wilkens CM 10 Piano Gloss Black Brand New Condition+Quick ViewFull range$3,300.00
NAD M-51 DacDA Converters$1,295.00
FRIED Beta Signature+Quick ViewMonitors$125.00
Technics Cassette Deck RS-B965Equipment$1.00
Bryston 2BSST squared Barely used onceSolid state$1,800.00
Naim Audio CD555 and 555PS (DR) mint boxed, PowerLine/HiLine 230VCD/SACD Players$6,000.00
Bryston 4 BBST 2 Like New+Quick ViewSolid state$3,950.00
Tributaries TX500, AC Line Conditioner, 10 outlets, flexible configuration+Quick ViewAC Conditioners$375.00
Musical Fidelity A5 Pristine condition, one owner, original boxSolid state$1,600.00
AudioQuest Victoria Analog Audio Interconnect cable 2m rca-rca+Quick ViewInterconnects$180.00
Rotel RC-1580 Like New (Price Cut!)Solid state$525.00
Jeff Rowland Corus Audiophile PreamplifierSolid state$8,000.00
Arcam AVR 360 w/extended warranty+Quick ViewSolid state$900.00
ALLSOP OrbiTrac 2 + Extras - Record Cleaning SystemTweaks$35.00
Project Audio Xtension 10 Olive w/ SUMIKO Palo SantosTurntables$4,000.00
Tannoy 5.1 Professional Eyris Active Home Theater Speakers, Incudes Professional software and Amp modules. MASSIVE SUB, AWESOME!! $24,000 retail. TRADES OKFull range$6,800.00
Genesis 7.1F Full Range Speakers World's Best Tweeter? MINT, Come Audition. Trades OKFull range$3,900.00
Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus DSD DXD USB DAC, State of the Art designed by ESS Sabre Engineers. SD Card input,DA Converters$4,999.00
Coincident Statement Preamplifier Phono Stage ** The Ultimate Phono Stage? ** Separate power supply "The Statement Phono has no peer"Phono$5,999.00
Resolution Audio Opus 21 Complete Compact system. Incudes Amp, Phono Stage, USB dac , AM/FM, & CD. SILVER **NICE**, Trades OKCD/SACD Players$2,900.00
NAD VISO FIVE 5.1 Receiver/DVD Player with Manufacturer's Warranty & Free Shipping+Quick ViewReceivers$499.00
Anthony Gallo NUCLEUS MICRO SE + Matching StandsMonitors$295.00
Wanted Audio Research Reference 150 SilverTube$8,000.00
Coincident Pure Reference Extreme Full Range Speakers. DEMO PAIR** Finest All Round speakers? **Audition? / Trades OKFull range$17,800.00
Sunfire Symphonic Reference Amplifier. Excellent Sound. Will drive any speaker, 250 wpc into 8 ohms, 500 wpc into 4Solid state$1,250.00
Triangle Art SYMPHONY Turntable **Revolutionary Metal Composite Design** GORGEOUS. Major breakthrough and Value**Turntables$5,999.00
Audioquest Dragonfly Original Version Light UseDA Converters$110.00
Monolithic Sound PA-1Solid state$275.00
Silversmith Audio Palladium 1M RCA+Quick ViewInterconnects$1,500.00
EMM Labs Switchman 3Solid state$3,700.00
Bryston 6B-ST / 6B-SST 300WPC x 3, warranty through 2021 near mint with OBM+Quick ViewMulti ch$2,385.00
LinearX Systems pcRTA Professional Real Time Analyzer room measurement system with M51 precision microphoneAcoustics$330.00
Analysis Plus Inc. Oval 9 Black Speaker cable+Quick ViewSpeaker$475.00
AudioQuest King Cobra RCA to RCA Interconnect 1 MeterInterconnects$115.00
Denon AVR-3805Processors$215.00
AudioQuest NRG-3 Power Cable 6 FeetAC Cables$145.00
Bryston 14B-SST 600 watt powerhouse, pristine, warranty through 10/30/22, twice the power of a 4B-SST+Quick ViewSolid state$3,550.00
VPI HW 19 JR w/ SUMIKO Premier FT-3 Arm and extrasTurntables$645.00
Bryston Model T Signature Black Ash Wood With Outriggers - Exceptional Build Quality And PerformanceFull range$6,250.00
Mcintosh C-2300Tube$4,500.00
Conrad Johnson CA 200 Control Amplifier Excellent ConditionSolid state$3,000.00
CONRAD JOHNSON Art Series 2Tube$7,500.00
Kimber Kable Select KS1016 w/WBT-0102Cu RCA 1.0 Meter+Quick ViewInterconnects$495.00
Kimber Kable PowerKord 10 Gold Power Cable; 6 Foot Length with Wattgate gold ends+Quick ViewAC Cables$220.00
kubala sosna emotion 1m pair upgraded spadesSpeaker$1,100.00
Nola Boxer Gloss Black Like New with Original Box MINT!!!Monitors$1,150.00
Mogami Speaker Cables - Studio StandardSpeaker$199.00
Chord Hugo (functionally new)+Quick ViewDA Converters$1,900.00
MBL 9007 mono/stereo ampSolid state$10,000.00
Sonic Frontiers SFM-160 Tube MonoblocksTube$2,000.00
SilenCable Symphony Speaker linkSpeaker$3,500.00
Straightwire Straight Wire Crescendo II 1m balanced pair XLR- with Retail Box!Interconnects$500.00
Ensemble Dynaflux 6.50 meter pairInterconnects$1,600.00
Rick Schultz's High Fidelity CT-1E (enhanced) Speaker Cable Pair 2.5 metersSpeaker$3,150.00
Dynaudio Xeo3 Pair Gloss White Like New with Original Box, Remote and transmitterMonitors$1,450.00
Transparent Audio Musiclink 1 Meter Pair RCA InterconnectsInterconnects$95.00
Welborne Labs CATO Tube PreampTube$575.00
Transparent Audio The Link 1 Meter Pair RCA InterconnectsInterconnects$60.00
Rega Bias 2 Brand New - UnopenedCartridges$125.00
NCORE NC 400 MONO AMPS UPGRADED+Quick ViewSolid state$1,850.00
Resonessence Labs CONCERO DAC-ESS Sabre (w/Apple Remote & Anker Battery!)+Quick ViewDA Converters$600.00
Psvane TC5 integrated KT120 Tube Amplifier (85watts per channel) - FREE Shipping worldwideTube$1,199.00
Jolida JD9 II Phono preamplifier, New with Full Warranty and Free Shipping+Quick ViewPhono$649.00
Esoteric 01 Digital Playback System Perhaps the best-sounding disc playback system of all time.+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$55,000.00
Esoteric RZ-1, Integrated Amp, CD, SACD, & More! with Full warranty and Free Shipping+Quick ViewSolid state$2,995.00
Cardas Audio Neutral Reference Interconnect 2.0m RCA+Quick ViewInterconnects$495.00
Cardas Audio Golden Reference Interconnect 1.5m RCA+Quick ViewInterconnects$730.00
Celestion A1 Cherry - Matched Pair+Quick ViewMonitors$695.00
Meridian 565Processors$100.00
Meridian 561 with remoteProcessors$125.00
NAD T 748 / T748 Home Theater Receiver with Manufacturer's Warranty & Free Shipping+Quick ViewReceivers$399.00
SHUGUANG Black Treasure 300B Tubes - Premium Gift Box; Grade-A; 6-Month Warranty - Matched Pair - NOW 33% Off !+Quick ViewTubes$299.00
VooDoo Cable IEC Adapters - 15 Amp or 20 Amp - Cryo-Treated+Quick ViewAC Cables$75.00
Esoteric DV-60 CD/SACD/DVD Signature Upgraded VersionCD/SACD Players$2,750.00
CARDAS AUDIO Ear Speaker EM5813 In-Ear Headphones - Call/E-Mail for Special DEMO Pricing; FREE Ground Shipping+Quick ViewIn-Ear$425.00
ACCUPHASE A50v or E550 Wanted to buySolid state$1.00
NHT Super1/Super zero Black glossMonitors$150.00
VPI Industries JMW-10.5 Classic & Signature Tonearm Wand: STORAGE BOX ONLY!+Quick ViewTonearms$295.00
Thiel Audio CS 3.5 MintFull range$750.00
Transparent Audio PowerLink MM2 Power Cable 2 Meters NEW+Quick ViewAC Cables$950.00
Jolida JD5T tube preamp with remote - silver+Quick ViewTube$399.00
Yamamoto Soundcraft A-08S with EML Solid Plate 45 tubes 2 watts of SET MAGIC!Tube$2,500.00
Legacy Audio Classic speakers - Bill D's personal pr.+Quick ViewFull range$999.00
Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 2200 NOT Working - selling for PartsAudio Players$144.00
Conrad Johnson MET-1 Tube Preamp 6 ChannelsTube$2,699.00
PS Audio AC-12 Pefect Wave power cable 2 meter lengthAC Cables$495.00
ASC Tube Traps(bass traps) 16in diameter/32in. tall Quartz fabric LOCAL PICKUP ONLY+Quick ViewAcoustics$400.00
PS Audio Perfectwave AC-12 -2 meter Power Cords+Quick ViewAC Cables$950.00
Shunyata Research King Cobra CX 15A 1.8mAC Cables$1,750.00
Meridian Audio Media Source 600 New In Box+Quick ViewDA Converters$2,495.00
Meridian Sooloos Control 15 Media Server Floor Model+Quick ViewMedia Servers$3,995.00
NuForce HAP 100 PREAMP & HEADPHONE AMP+Quick ViewSolid state$320.00
Mapleshade Clearview Double Helix Plus 8 Ft. Pair Factory Refreshed Speaker CablesSpeaker$250.00
Pioneer Classic Silver Series TX-9800 Analog TunerTuners$350.00
Music for sale (100 listings)TypeAsking
NEIL DIAMOND "Early Classics" - Frog King 1972Rock$45.00
NEIL DIAMOND "Serenade" - Columbia 1974 SEALEDRock$25.00
NEIL DIAMOND "Headed For The Future" - Columbia 1986 1st pressingRock$15.00
BRYAN ADAMS "Reckless" - A&M 1984Rock$15.00
STEVIE NICKS "Rock A Little" - Modern 1985Rock$10.00
FATBACK "Gigolo" - Poygram 1981 SEALEDBlues$25.00
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT "Vulture Culture" - Arista 1985 1st pressingRock$15.00
BONNIE POINTER "(Red Album)" - Bellaphon 1978 Germany SealedRock$20.00
EARTH, WIND & FIRE "I Am" - ARC/CBS 1979 1st pressingRock$15.00
VARIOUS "Packed In Surf" - CBS 1981Rock$20.00
THE BOOMTOWN RATS "A Tonic For The Troops" - Columbia 1979Rock$15.00
The Honey Drippers Lp Near MintVintage LPs$5.99
Dep Leppard Pyromania Lp Near MintVintage LPs$5.99
Philips | ARTHUR GRUMIAUX / HANDEL 6 Violin Sonatas Op. 1 | Promo copy - NMClassical$14.95
Lincoln Maygora, Dmitri Kitayenko Rhapsody in Russia: A Gershwin CelebrationClassical$1.00
Eiji Kitamura Swing SessionsAlternative$1.00
Elvis Presley Christmas Album Lp Near MintVintage LPs$5.99
Elvis Presley The Legendary Performer Vol One Near MintVintage LPs$15.00
Frank Sinatra Lp The World We Knew Mint, SealedVintage LPs$30.00
Collection of Gold CD's Cosmo Village and Cisco. Very rare and long out of print!Classical$300.00
Dan Fogelberg Greatest Hits Sony K2HDRock$35.00
Roy Wood(The Move/ELO) Boulders LP NMRock$22.00
Elton John I'm Still Standing 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Talking Heads Burning Down The House 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Linda Ronstadt How Do I Make You 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Squeeze Tempted 45 With SleeveRock$10.00
Doctors Of Madness Sons Of Survival Polydor UK LP NMRock$20.00
Sly & The Family Stone Ain't But The One Way Warner Germany LP NMRock$20.00
Billy Joel Uptown Girl 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Rolling Stones Still Life Rare Picture DiscRock$75.00
David Bromberg Band Bandit In A Bathing Suit LP NMLPs$23.00
Billy Joel Allentown 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Eddie And The Hot Rods Life On The Line LP NM Island LabelRock$23.00
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Here Comes My Girl 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Duran Duran Is There Something I Should Know? 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Dr. John Iko Iko Promo Mono Stereo 45 Atco LabelRock$11.00
Mickey Jupp UK Blue Vinyl Stiff Label Nick Lowe Juppanese LP NMRock$22.00
Brian Eno Thursday Afternoon CD NMRock$11.00
Eric Clapton I Can't Stand It Promo Mono Stereo 45 NMRock$10.00
Human League Don't You Want Me 45 With SleeveRock$11.00
Mc5 Limited 100 Copies kick out the jams red vinylRock$20.00
Berlin Pleasure Victim LP NMRock$15.00
Wings(Paul McCartney) Listen To What The Man Said 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Terry Riley Shri Camel CD NMRock$10.00
Stillwater S/T Capricorn LP NMRock$15.00
Marshall Tucker Band Dedicated LP NMRock$15.00
Racing Cars Downtown Tonight LP NM Chrysalis LabelRock$21.00
Rolling Stones Anybody Seen My Baby 4 Track EP UKRock$15.00
Michael Dinner Tom Thumb The Dreamer LP NMOther$15.00
Funzone S/T LP NMJazz$15.00
David Edmunds Almost Saturday Night 45 With Sleeve NMRock$12.00
Devadip Carlos Santana Oneness Promo 12 Inch EP NMRock$20.00
Various A & M Foreplay LP NMOther$15.00
Moody Blues Sitting At The Wheel Promo 12 Inch NMRock$12.00
George Harrison All Those Years Ago 45 NMRock$10.00
Linda Ronstadt Lago Azul(Blue Bayou) Promo 45 Asylum LabelPop$14.00
Madonna La Isla Bonita 45 With Sleeve Sire LabelPop$13.00
Synergy Cords Clear Vinyl Promo LP NMRock$27.00
Queen We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions CD NMRock$10.00
Bob Dylan Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again/Rita May Promo 45 NMRock$15.00
Bruce Springsteen 12 Inch Remix Born In The USARock$20.00
The B-52's Mesopotamia Island UK Vinyl With Alternate MixRock$50.00
Bob Seger Fire Lake 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Neil Diamond The Jazz Singer LP NM Gatefold CoverOther$22.00
Dave Edmunds Singing The Blues Swan Song UK 45 With SleeveRock$13.00
Peter Frampton A & M Japan Cd Classics Volume 12 NMRock$20.00
Lulu Don't Take Love For Granted Rocket Records Label LP NMRock$22.00
Billy Joel Pressure 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Velvet Underground VU Verve Germany CD NMRock$15.00
Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Promo Drink CoasterRock$15.00
Yoko Ono Season Of Glass LP NM Quiex II Colored Vinyl Promo PressingRock$45.00
Art Ensemble Of Chicago Fanfare For The Warriors 4 Men With Beards Audiophile LP NMJazz$34.00
Fleetwood Mac Fireflies(Remix-Edit) Promo 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Graham Parker The Pink Parker Pink Vinyl EP NM Mercury LabelRock$13.00
Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis:Bold As Love Mono LP NM Classic Records AudiophileRock$115.00
Guess Who Rockin' LP NM RCA Orange LabelRock$23.00
The Police Live! SACD Single LayerRock$65.00
Elvis Costello This Year's Model Promo LP NMRock$33.00
Dweezil Zappa Havin' A Bad Day LP NMRock$21.00
Jeff Beck Guitar Shop CD NMRock$9.00
Warren Zevon Leave My Monkey Alone Promo 12 inch promo 45rpmRock$20.00
Bill Haley Crazy Man Crazy Rare 10 Inch 78 RPMRock$26.00
Paul Simon Allergies Promo Mono Stereo 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Prince The Gold Experience CD NMRock$15.00
Poco Crazy Love Promo Mono Stereo 45 NMRock$7.00
Rod Stewart You're In My Heart(The Final Acclaim) Promo Mono Stereo 45Rock$8.00
Psychedelic Furs 12 Inch EP Shock 3 Versions NMRock$20.00
Rolling Stones Time Is On My Side Promo 45 NMRock$10.00
The B-52"s Lava(Edit) Promo 45 Mono StereoRock$13.00
Michel Camilo - Why Not?Jazz$7.00
Michel Camilo - RendevousJazz$6.00
Michel Camilo - On the Other HandJazz$7.00
Camille Saint-Saens - Carnival of the AnimalsClassical$7.00
David Benoit - The Artist's ChoiceJazz$7.00
Dave Samuels - Natural Selection - GRP RecordsJazz$7.00
Toots Thielemans The Brazil Project,Vol. llJazz$7.00
Oregon Beyond Words - Chesky JD130Jazz$7.00
Lee Ritenour Portrait - GRP Digital MasterJazz$7.00
Ana Caram Bossa Nova - Chesky JD129Jazz$9.00
Azymuth Outubro Includes 6 live bonus tracksJazz$6.00
Wanteds (2 listings)Location
Anthem AVM-50v Wanted to buy...Los Angeles, CA 90039
Technics Cassette Deck RS-B965North Tonawanda, NY 14120
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