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MCINTOSH MC501 MONOBLOCKSSolid state$6,500.00
T+A Music Player CD/DAC/FM/Streamer+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$1,895.00
First Watt F2 Pass LabsSolid state$2,000.00
T+A Elektroakustik Power Plant Integrated Amplifier+Quick ViewSolid state$1,695.00
Nordost Tyr Series one, 0.5 XLRInterconnects$425.00
BENZ / SOUNDSMITH L2 MC Wood rebuilt with SoundSmith Ruby Cantilever and Line ContactCartridges$635.00
SHELTER 501 II 0.5 mV OutputCartridges$525.00
REL Acoustics T-7 Subwoofer - Dealer Demo - Spectaclar (see pics)+Quick ViewSubwoofers$635.00
Audioquest Wild Dog Subwoofer Cable XLR - 2M+Quick ViewSubwoofers$695.00
Velodyne DD-15 Like New (no, really) 1 of 2+Quick ViewSubwoofers$1,750.00
Vitus Audio SM-102 Signature Monaural Amplifiers - REDUCED PRICE+Quick ViewSolid state$32,000.00
Cary Audio Design SLP-70 Preamplifier+Quick ViewTube$750.00
JL Audio F112 Gloss Black Demo WANT TO BUYEquipment$99,999.99
Music Hall MMF-7 Turntable with Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge+Quick ViewTurntables$695.00
Sota Sapphire Turntable+Quick ViewTurntables$850.00
MIT Cables Oracle v2.1 spk 10 ft V 2.1 spk Bi - wire V2.1+Quick ViewSpeaker$4,400.00
Synergistic Research Element C T S 7 ft speaker cable ELEMENT C T S -- 7ft+Quick ViewSpeaker$3,445.00
Tara Labs the 2 1 meter - RCA The 2 - TARA LABS+Quick ViewInterconnects$1,699.00
Funk Firm Saffire II Turntable / reference / trades+Quick ViewTurntables$4,600.00
Thiel Audio CS-7.2 Great condition .Thiel reference Speaker+Quick ViewFull range$5,500.00
Stealth Audio Cables MLT Hybrid 2 Meter Speaker Cable+Quick ViewSpeaker$1,195.00
Monitor Audio Silver 10 Black GlossFull range$1,495.00
Reflektor 6H23P-EV / 6922 / ECC88 / 6dj8 NOS.matched pairs.RARETubes$80.00
Koetsu Black MC Cartridge NOS+Quick ViewCartridges$1,499.00
Quad ESL-57 Complete Restoration & upgrade+Quick ViewPlanars$4,000.00
Spendor S-8e FLOOR STANDING SPEAKER+Quick ViewFull range$1,590.00
OCM 200 POWER AMPLIFIER+Quick ViewSolid state$500.00
Musical Fidelity M6 CD/DAC Compact Disc Player+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$1,295.00
Shure SE 535 Pro in-ear Monitors with Null Arete MKII+Quick ViewIn-Ear$400.00
WANTED Samsung SP-a900b Video ProjectorProjectors$1.00
REL Acoustics S5 Price reduced - LAST Day Sale NIB!Subwoofers$1,599.00
Cello Germany Strings 3 three-wire speaker cableSpeaker$1,000.00
Marantz AV7002 Hurry Sale on NIB itemProcessors$1,495.00
Reference Line Audio Preeminence One Passive Peamplifier+Quick ViewSolid state$675.00
HERRON AUDIO VTPH-1 MC PLUS Tube Phono Preamplifier+Quick ViewPhono$1,495.00
Rothwell Rialto MM/MC Phono Stage New In BoxPhono$559.00
Vandersteen VCC-1 Center Channel Speaker - NICE!+Quick ViewMonitors$195.00
Sutherland Phono blocks Like new half off+Quick ViewPhono$5,000.00
AH! Njoe Tjoeb CD player, upsampler+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$450.00
Bag End INFRASUB-18 Self-Powered 18" Sub !+Quick ViewSubwoofers$595.00
Garrard 301 Garrard 301Turntables$2,450.00
DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Digital room correction and DAC+Quick ViewDA Converters$649.00
Moth OEM 303 (Rega) NewTonearms$439.00
Cardas Tone Arm Rewire Service Rega SME etc.Tonearms$149.00
Rothwell MC1 Moving Coil Transformer New In BoxPhono$429.00
Jaton AP2140A-S Operetta 2 Channel Modular AmplifierSolid state$549.99
Matrix Audio X-Sabre DAC (DSD 64/128, PCM 32/384)DA Converters$800.00
Ortofon MC Anna New In BoxCartridges$6,500.00
Mogami RCA 2 meter - Studio Standard InterconnectInterconnects$105.00
Calyx Coffee USB DAC & Headphone AmpDA Converters$120.00
none none none+Quick ViewStands$1,000.00
MIT Shotgun S3.3 spkr cable 8ft pair NEW-IN-BOX Lifetime Warranty+Quick ViewSpeaker$1,149.50
Devialet D-Premier Integrated Amp+Quick ViewSolid state$8,000.00
Denon DCD-A100 SACD Player+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$1,600.00
Oppo Digital BDP-95 Blu Ray Player+Quick ViewBlu-ray$650.00
MIT Shotgun S3.3 BiWire 8ft pair New-in-Box Lifetime Warranty+Quick ViewSpeaker$1,499.50
MIT Oracle Z3 power cable New-In-Box Warranty+Quick ViewAC Cables$699.50
Kimber Kable 8TC spk 6.5 ft. PairSpeaker$200.00
Manley Laboratories Chinook Tubed Phono Stage - Like New!Phono$1,600.00
focal Profile 918 speakers+Quick ViewFull range$2,100.00
Souther ,Clearaudio, SLA-3, Linear Track Tonearm, Excellent ConditionTonearms$695.00
Your chance to own a legend Sony XL-55 Pro LOMC with very low hours Shipping & PayPal includedCartridges$850.00
Unison Research Simply Italy Single Ended Class A REDUCED!!!+Quick ViewTube$2,375.00
Headroom Portable Micro Amp Headphone ampAmplifiers$175.00
BRYSTON 3BSST2 NEWSolid state$2,475.00
GigaWatt PC-3 SE EVO 220-240V schukoAC Conditioners$4,250.00
Straight Wire Mega-Link Coaxial Digital Cable 1.5m/4ft 11" RCA/RCADigital$75.00
Straight Wire Mega-Link Coaxial Digital Cable 1m/3ft 3" RCA/RCADigital$65.00
Spectral DMC-30SS s2+Quick ViewSolid state$7,500.00
Straight Wire Mega-Link Coaxial Digital Cable 0.5m/19" RCA/RCADigital$55.00
Jolida Fusion+Quick ViewTube$775.00
Integra DHC-80.2+Quick ViewProcessors$900.00
Dared Audio DV-300b tupe amp+Quick ViewTube$2,100.00
Audio Note AN-S8 L MC Step Up Transformer SILVERPhono$3,800.00
Audio Note Japan M7 Preamp Phono Solid State KONDO Very Rare Transistor versionSolid state$10,500.00
Audio Note UK Conquest Silver 300B SPECIAL ORDER Monoblock Power Amplifiers NEW in boxes !Tube$11,500.00
Audioquest WEL Signature NRG 6' power cordAC Cables$1,995.00
Bryston BP26 / MPS2 Preamp+Quick ViewSolid state$2,350.00
PS AUDIO 5.0 PREAMP, with Phono InputSolid state$699.00
Sumiko Andante FGV, Van Den Hul, MM Cartridge, ExcellentCartridges$175.00
Anti-Cables Level 2 "Performance Series" 5 foot Speaker wires+Quick ViewSpeaker$60.00
AntiCable Level 2 "Performance Series" 5 Foot Bi-Wire Biwire set+Quick ViewSpeaker$140.00
Grant Fidelity RITA-880S Ultra Linear KT88 Class A 45wpc.Tube$3,590.00
Conrad Johnson PV-12L Tube PreamplifierTube$1,195.00
Mcintosh C-41 PreamplifierSolid state$1,500.00
B&W 803D Diamond Speakers+Quick ViewFull range$7,000.00
Sony Sony DVP-S9000es SACD / CD / DVD player+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$250.00
Schröder (Schroeder) LT (linear tracking) tonearmTonearms$8,000.00
BlackGate WKZ 100+100uF/500VD.I.Y.$1,800.00
Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus Speaker cables with Furutech SpadesSpeaker$2,550.00
Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus series Power cable 1mAC Cables$1,550.00
Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus Series Phono Tonearm Cable 1.5mInterconnects$1,075.00
Horning Hybrid Eufrodite Ultimate mk.2 (high gloss black)Full range$6,200.00
pARTicular DUO, reference amp stand with room to grow+Quick ViewStands$990.00
*** Audio Note SOGON RCA ** 99.99% PURE Silver 42 Strand ** 1m ( ** LOWEST PRICE ** PRICED **)Interconnects$1,833.00
Focal 826W 30th Anniversary Satin Imperial Red; Beautiful Pair in Factory Boxes+Quick ViewFull range$1,999.00
JBL LSR28P+Quick ViewMonitors$800.00
Aaron #3 Millenium german made1700$Solid state$1,700.00
Merlin TSM -M Bookshelf Speakers; Mint Pair+Quick ViewMonitors$1,249.00
Conrad Johnson Classic Preamplifier; Linestage Preamp+Quick ViewTube$969.00
ERA Acoustics Design 4 Satellite Speakers; Excellent Pair+Quick ViewMonitors$339.00
Tara Labs The One AC Power Cable / Cord; 6 ft.+Quick ViewAC Cables$669.00
Mcintosh MC 250 Power Amplifier+Quick ViewSolid state$500.00
Shunyata Hydra 2 Power Condition 20A+Quick ViewAC Conditioners$275.00
Red Wine Audio Red Wine Audio Signature 16 with Cassabria AmpTube$1,450.00
Naim Audio NACA 5 Speaker Cable 6 Meter w/Naim Dual Banana PlugsSpeaker$699.00
Audiophile Vibration Control Cable Elevator / Isolators Set of 10 Charcoal BlackSpeaker$69.95
B&W ASW 1000 Powered Subwoofer Black+Quick ViewFull range$250.00
B&W CC-6 Center Channel Black+Quick ViewFull range$100.00
Electrocompaniet ECC-1 CD Player ECC-1 DemoCD/SACD Players$1,425.00
Artison Mezzanine 8 Surrounds NEWMonitors$299.00
Artison Portrait LCR MKII NEWMonitors$750.00
Anthem AVM-20 v2.21 (REDUCED)+Quick ViewSolid state$275.00
Bryston 4B-SST Stereo Power AmplifierSolid state$2,100.00
Swans Speaker Systems Allure Canadian Made Speaker PairFull range$890.00
JBL L65 Jubal 077 Tweeter Vintage Speaker PairSpeakers$950.00
Tannoy Cheviot Dual Concentric Vintage Speaker PairFull range$800.00
Rega Apollo R Rega Apollo Remote - like new!CD/SACD Players$650.00
AUDIENCE AR6 + 6Ft SE Powerchord - excellent condition -AC Conditioners$1,700.00
Apollo AV 4 pack Male XLR noise reducing caps with Teflon insulationTweaks$29.95
Wireworld Gold Starlight 5 0.5m XLR digital audio cableDigital$125.00
MBL 7005 Integrated Amp recently updated by MBL in GermanySolid state$1,899.00
Sumo Nine plus 60wpc pure class A ampSolid state$699.00
CARDAS Clear Reflection, Phono, Digital & OthersInterconnects$725.00
Jw Audio Cryo Nova $10 per stereo ft. 30 day trial no feesSpeaker$10.00
HB Cable Designs Powerslave Acrylic+Quick ViewAC Distribution$5,250.00
MCINTOSH L-12 MINTTweaks$249.00
Ayon Triton Class A Integrated Tube AmplifierTube$4,399.00
SIlnote Audio Power Cable Poseidon GL Reference Cryo Wattgate 4ft Excellent Reviews World Class Reference!+Quick ViewAC Cables$125.00
Tice Audio Solo High Current Power Conditioner+Quick ViewAC Conditioners$325.00
Naim Ovator S-600Full range$3,900.00
Naim Audio NAP 500 and 500PSSolid state$9,900.00
Schiit Audio Bifrost Fully Upgraded + Extras+Quick ViewDA Converters$600.00
Denon DL-S1 LOMC CartridgeCartridges$525.00
Abbingdon Music Research AM-77.1 (AMR) Integrated AmpTube$3,500.00
TOTEM Tribe III In Design Finish SEE PHOTO+Quick ViewFull range$1,675.00
Balanced Audio Technology BAT VK-600 Stereo Amplifier+Quick ViewSolid state$2,795.00
Aerial Acoustics Model 5 Speaker Stands by Sound Anchors+Quick ViewStands$249.00
PS Audio P-300 Power Plant+Quick ViewAC Conditioners$625.00
Audio Aero Capitole Reference SE -Reduced!-+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$3,000.00
VOODOO Black Dragon 3 ////4feet+Quick ViewAC Cables$175.00
Synergistic Research Tesla PowerCell 10se MKIII - Dealer Demo+Quick ViewAC Conditioners$2,895.00
Audio Research VTM-200 Mono Amplifiers+Quick ViewTube$6,000.00
Music for sale (200 listings)TypeAsking
CHET ATKINS Country after all these years lp recordPop$7.99
KATHY MATTEA willow in the wind lp recordPop$6.99
Big Audio Dynamite Badrock City Promo 12 Inch long/edited version NMRock$15.00
George Harrison All Those Years Ago 45 With Sleeve NMRock$12.00
Van Dyke Parks Clang Of The Yankee Reaper Promo LP NMLPs$51.00
The Beach Boys The Beach Boys Brother Records UK EP NM Mona 45 EP NMRock$19.00
Quarteflash Quarterflash LP NMRock$25.00
Elvis Presley Teddy Bear Green Vinyl 45 RCA Limited Edition NMRock$15.00
Dave Mason It's Like You Never Left LP NMLPs$23.00
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Reactor LP NMRock$21.00
Cheap Trick I Want You To Want Me 45 With Sleeve NMRock$13.00
Elvis Presley Aloha From Hawaii Cd-4 Quadradisc LP NMRock$115.00
Kate Bush The Big Sky promo 12 inch single special mix NMRock$14.00
Pink Floyd Not Now John(Obscured Version) Rare 45 With SleeveRock$22.00
Bill Nelson The Two-Fold Aspect Of Everything 2 LP Import NM Cocteau LabelRock$44.00
Carly Simon Vengeance 45 With Sleeve NMRock$12.00
Jim Morrison(The Doors) An American Prayer White Label Edited For Radio LP NMRock$65.00
Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue Promo 45 Long/Short Versions NMRock$17.00
Synergy Electronic Realizations For Rock Orchestra QS Quad LP NMRock$23.00
Neil Young Old Ways LP NM Promo Stamp Front CoverRock$30.00
David Bowie Starman/Suffragette City RCA Japan 45 With Sleeve NMRock$28.00
Grover Washington Jr. Do Dat Yellow Vinyl Promo 45 NMJazz$15.00
John Entwistle Whistle Rhymes Track Label First Pressing LP NMRock$32.00
Ringo Starr Sentimental Journey Apple Records LP NMOther$20.00
Justin Hayward John Lodge Blue Jays First Pressing LP NM Threshold LabelRock$37.00
Beautiful Peple(Featuring Jimi Hendrix) Rilly Groovy 12 Inch EP NMRock$20.00
Paul McCartney Press To Play SEALED LP Capitol LabelRock$26.00
Earl Klugh Low Ride LP NMJazz$21.00
Toto Hold The Line Rare Picture Disc 7 InchRock$20.00
Klark Kent Away From Gome Green Vinyl 45,NMRock$13.00
JENNIFER WARNES "Famous Blue Raincoat" - Cypress 1986 SEALED TAS listPop$125.00
JENNIFER WARNES "Famous Blue Raincoat" - Cypress 1986 SEALED TAS listRock$200.00
BARBARA STREISAND "The Way We Were" - CBS Audiophile 1982 1st pressingRock$40.00
PHIL COLLINS "Hello, I Must Be Going!" - Atlantic 1982 1st pressingRock$30.00
PHIL COLLINS "No Jacket Required" - Atlantic 1985 R Ludwig 1st pressingRock$15.00
THE DOOBIE BROTHERS "Toulouse Street" - Warner Brothers 1973Rock$20.00
THE DOOBIE BROTHERS "Best of the Doobies Part II" - Warner Brothers 1981 'Promo'Rock$30.00
THE DOOBIE BROTHERS "Minute By Minute" - Nautilus Super Discs 1981 D-DRock$60.00
BLIND FAITH "Blind Faith" - Universal 2008 Imported Audiophile SEALEDRock$70.00
BLIND FAITH "Same Title" - ATCO 1969 1st pressing side 1 Hot StamperRock$150.00
DEREK & THE DOMINOS "Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs" - Polydor 1972 2 LP'sRock$30.00
ERIC CLAPTON "The Best Of" - Polydor 1970 1st pressing Special EditionRock$30.00
ERIC CLAPTON "Eric Clapton" - ATCO 1970Rock$20.00
ERIC CLAPTON "Timepieces" - RSO 1982Rock$20.00
ERIC CLAPTON "August" - Duck Records 1986Rock$15.00
BLONDIE "Parallel Lines" - Chrysalis 1978 Dutch Pressing - Clear VinylRock$20.00
MADONNA "True Blue" - Sire Records 1986 1st Pressing w/PosterRock$20.00
CARLY SIMON "Hotcakes" - Elektra 1974Rock$10.00
CARLY SIMON "Boys In The Trees" - Elektra 1978Rock$15.00
CARLY SIMON "Come Upstairs" - Warner Bros. 1980 1st pressing mastered by R LudwigRock$15.00
CARLY SIMON "Torch" - Warner Bros 'Promo' 1981 Mastered by SterlingRock$15.00
Heart Magazine - 1978 Mushroom Records MRS-1-SPRock$16.95
Eric Clapton Another Ticket B Side Rita Mae 45 With SleeveRock$11.00
Debbie Harry(Blondie) Chrome Promo 12 Inch Single NMRock$16.00
Aerosmith Remember(Walking In The Sand) Promo 45 NMRock$15.00
Fleetwood Mac Big Love 12 Inch Promo NMRock$21.00
Todd Rundgren 2nd Wind CD NMRock$8.00
Yoko Ono No,No,No 45 With SleeveRock$9.00
Tanya Tucker Save Me 45 With SleeveLPs$15.00
Simon/Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water 45 With SleeveRock$15.00
Steve Martin King Tut 3 Track EP With Sleeve NMLPs$20.00
Heart Bad Animals - 1988 Capitol Records PJ-512546Rock$12.99
Heart Little Queen - 1977 Portrait ‎JR 34799Rock$11.99
Steve Winwood While You See A Chance 45 With Sleeve Island LabelRock$12.00
Bow Wow Wow Chiuahua Promo 12 Inch NM RCA LabelRock$20.00
Yes 90125 CD With Bonus TracksRock$10.00
Bobby & The Midnites(Bob Weir) Where The Beat Meets The Street LP NMRock$15.00
George Harrison Teardrops(Edit) Promo 45 Mono Stereo Dark Horse LabelRock$12.00
National Lampoon Lemmings LP NMRock$20.00
Thomas Dolby Dolby's Cube UK 12 Inch NMRock$22.00
Genesis No Reply At All Promo 45 Long & Short VersionsRock$10.00
Ian Thomas Band Goodnight Mrs. Calabash LP NMRock$22.00
Bob Belden When Doves Cry music of prince cd nmJazz$10.00
Tom-Scott The Best Of Tom Scott - 1980 Columbia JC 36352Jazz$9.99
Michael Murphey Flowing Free Forever LP NMOther$16.00
Various The Musician's Guide LP NMJazz$15.00
America Hearts LP NMRock$21.00
Pretenders Louie Louie Promo 45 Mono StereoRock$12.00
Wings Give Ireland Back To The Irish 45 With Sleeve Apple RecordsRock$21.00
Steel Pulse 12 Inch Single soul of my soulOther$12.00
Christopher Cross Arthur's Theme(Best That You Can Do) 45 With SleevePop$15.00
Smokey Robinson Smoke Signals - 1986 Tamla 6156TLAlternative$10.99
Maurice White Maurice White - 1985 Columbia ‎FC 39883Jazz$9.99
Steve Khan Tightrope - 1977 Tappan Zee Records JC 34857Jazz$16.99
Eric Gale Ginseng Woman - 1977 Columbia PC 34421Jazz$14.99
Billy Cobham · Khan · Alphonso Johnson - Scott Alivemutherforya - 1978 Columbia JC 35349Jazz$16.99
Larry Carlton Larry Carlton - 1978 Warner Bros. Records BSK 3221Jazz$14.99
Larry Carlton Strikes Twice - 1980 - Warner Bros. Records BSK 3380Jazz$12.99
Linda Ronstadt With Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra Lush Life - 1984 Asylum Records 60387-1Pop$10.99
Linda Ronstadt &The Nelson Riddle Orchestra What's New - 1983 Asylum Records 9 60260Pop$10.99
George Benson The George Benson Collection - 1981 Warner Bros. 2HW3577Alternative$14.99
George Benson In Flight - 1977 Warner Bros. Records BSK 2983Jazz$10.99
Dion Born To Be With You Promo 45 Phil Spector Mono Stereo Big Tree Spector LabelRock$15.00
Zubin Mehta Tchaikovsky London UK LP NMClassical$21.00
Martin Mull I'm Everyone I've Ever Loved LP NM ABC LabelRock$21.00
Christopher Cross Promo 12 Inch Single All Right NMRock$10.00
Herb Alpert Fandango LP NMJazz$15.00
Frank Sinatra Theme From New York New York Promo 45 With SleeveLPs$23.00
Michael Chapman Life On The Ceiling LP NMRock$15.00
Billy Idol 12 Inch Single White Wedding Chrysalis LabelRock$15.00
Queen It's Late Promo 45 With SleeveRock$15.00
The Epidemics ECM Promo 12 inch give an inch remix nmJazz$15.00
Poco Rose Of Cimarron White Label Promo LP NMRock$21.00
Bill Wyman Stone Alone LP NMRock$23.00
Narada Michael Walden The Nature Of Things Remix 12 Inch Promo Single NMJazz$17.00
Blondie The Hardest Part 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Michael Chapman Life On The Ceiling LP NMRock$15.00
Inxs 12 Inch Promo EP Devil Inside RemixRock$23.00
Tom Johnston(Doobie Brothers) Everything You've Heard Is True LP NMRock$16.00
Bryan Ferry(Roxy Music) In Your Mind LP NMRock$20.00
Bow Wow Wow Mickey,Put It Down 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
David Bowie Hunky Dory CD NMRock$10.00
John Mclaughlin Electric Guitarist - 1978 Columbia JC35326Jazz$17.99
Ingrad Chavez Elephant Box 12 Inch EP NM Paisley Park RecordsOther$22.00
Rita Coolidge S/T LP NM A & M LabelRock$20.00
Rolling Stones Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In Shadow London label with Rare B SideRock$12.00
Barclay James Harvest Octoberon Polydor Label UK LP NMRock$35.00
Olivia Newton-John Come On Over LP NMPop$25.00
Michael Franks With Crossroad Live Warner Japan Only LPJazz$25.00
Patti Smith Group Because The Night 45 With SleeveRock$20.00
David Bowie I Can't Help Thinking About Me Pye Records UK 4 Track EPRock$23.00
Loggins & Messina Mother Lode LP NMRock$16.00
Denny Laine Japanese Tears 45 With SleeveRock$20.00
Ringo Starr It's All Down To Goodnight Vienna Apple Records 45 With SleeveRock$21.00
Masked Marauders S/T LPRock$20.00
Firesign Theatre Dear Friends 2 LP NMOther$23.00
Art Garfunkel Fate For Breakfast White Label Promo LP NMRock$35.00
Blues Brothers Rubber Biscuit Promo Mono Stereo 45Rock$12.00
Elvis Presley Teddy Bear Green Vinyl 45 RCA Limited Edition NMRock$20.00
Jesse Winchester Let The Rough Side Drag LP NMRock$22.00
The Cars Panorama Promo LP NMRock$45.00
Gonzalez Shipwrecked LP NMRock$15.00
Ringo Starr You're Sixteen Apple Records 45 NMRock$11.00
Elton John Someone Saved My Life Tonight 45 With Rare B SideRock$10.00
The Ronettes Baby,I Love You Phillies Records 45 NMRock$11.00
Elvis Costello & The Attractions Watch Your Step Promo 45 NMRock$8.00
Richie Furay(Poco) Dance A Little Light White Label Promo LP NMRock$21.00
Wings With A Little Luck 45 NM Capitol LabelRock$11.00
Steve Hackett Please Don't Touch LP NM Chrysalis LabelRock$21.00
Midnight Flyer Rock N Roll Party Vinyl NMRock$15.00
Roxy Music Take A Chance With Me 45 With Sleeve Warner/EG LabelRock$20.00
Soundtrack Grease Original Broadway Cast MGM Label LP NMLPs$23.00
John Entwistle(The Who) Rigor Mortis Sets In Gatefold Cover LP NMRock$23.00
Sade Never As Good As The First Time Promo Remix Edit/LP Version NM With SleeveLPs$16.00
David Chesky Area 31 SACD Hybrid NMJazz$35.00
Bob Dylan Biograph 3 Cd Box Set 12 X 12 BoxRock$33.00
Gary Wright The Light Of Smiles Warner Brothers Test Pressing LP NMRock$61.00
Bob Dylan Million Miles CD NMRock$16.50
Shandi S/T producer mike chapman lp nmRock$15.00
Jeff Beck Beck's Bolero Epic Label 45 NMRock$11.00
ELP Love Beach Promo LP NM Atlantic RecordsRock$23.00
Martin Mull Sex & Violins LP NM ABC LabelRock$21.00
Suzy And The Red Stripes Seaside Woman Rare Paul McCartney/Wings 45 NMRock$21.00
Mike Oldfield Platinum Virgin UK Vinyl LP NMRock$35.00
Liza Minnelli Liza With A Z LP NM Columbia LabelLPs$21.00
Sinead O'Connor 12 Inch EP Jump In The RiverRock$12.00
Harry Nilsson Duit On Mon Dei CD-4 Quadradisc LP NMRock$100.00
Wings Arrow Through Me Promo 45 With NMRock$20.00
Albert Hammond When I Need You White Label Promo LP NMRock$15.00
Mick Jagger Ruthless People 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Gregg Diamond Star Cruiser LP NMJazz$15.00
Stevie Wonder Outside My Window 45 With SleeveLPs$11.00
Usher Can U Get Wit it 12 inch single rareOther$20.00
Poco Head Over Heels LP NMRock$13.00
George Harrison My Sweet Lord Apple Records 45 NMRock$12.00
Richie Furay(Poco) Dance A Little Light White Label Promo LP NMRock$21.00
The B-52s Planet Claire Promo 45 With SleeveRock$23.00
Hank Williams Jr. The Pressure Is On Sealed LPLPs$28.00
Billy Idol 12 Inch Single White Wedding Chrysalis LabelRock$15.00
The Storm & The Sea Sounds For Love LP NMOther$21.00
Rickie Lee Jones A Lucky Guy Promo Mono Stereo 45Rock$11.00
Sting Mercury Falling A & M France CDRock$12.00
Randy Newman Paul Simon The Blues 45 With SleeveRock$10.00
ELP Atlantic Records Promo Logo StickerRock$15.00
Beach Boys Lady Lynda Promo 45 NMRock$12.00
Rita Coolidge Heartbreak Radio LP NM A & M LabelRock$16.00
CSN War Games Promo 45 NM Atlantic RecordsRock$12.00
Rolling Stones Undercover Of The Night Extended Version 12 Inch NMRock$22.00
John Hiatt Master Of Disaster SACD Hybrid NMRock$32.00
John Lennon Power To The People Apple Records 45 NMRock$12.00
Godley Creme(10CC) Freeze Frame LP NMRock$21.00
Nicolette Larson Rose Of My Heart LP NMRock$24.00
Steve Gibbons Band Any Road Up LP NMRock$15.00
Thomas Dolby The Golden Age Of Wireless Rare USA Cover LP NMRock$60.00
Spyro Gyra Catching the Sun, Rating VG++/VG++ MCA Audiophile Half Speed RecordingJazz$16.00
CAROL KING TAPESTRY NM/NM CBS Mastersound Half Speed RecordingPop$40.00
LITTLE FEAT TIME LOVES A HERO, VG+/NM Naultilus Half-Speed Master RecordingRock$30.00
AMBROSIA LIFE BEYOND L.A. (NM/NM) NAUTILUS SuperDiscs Half Speed RecordingRock$22.00
NEIL DIAMOND HIS 12 GREATEST HITS (VG+/NM) SUPER-Disk Half Speed RecordingPop$17.00
Bruce Springsteen Greetings from Asbury Park LPRock$8.00
Bruce Springsteen Wild, Innocent, E Street Shuffle LPRock$10.00
Bruce Springsteen Darkness on the Edge of Town LPRock$10.00
Bruce Springsteen The River LPRock$12.00
Bruce Springsteen Nebraska LPRock$8.00
Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA LPRock$8.00
Joe Marcinkiewicz & Blu Sealed DIRECT TO DISC Miller and Kreisel Pressing Great Jazz Audiophile LPJazz$35.00
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