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PS Audio Direct Stream DAC Let us buy your DAC for $1500.00+Quick ViewDA Converters$4,495.00
Emerald Physics EP4.7 Baby top of the line speaker- Intro sale+Quick ViewFull range$5,495.00
Spatial Audio Lumina Statements Open Baffle Speakers+Quick ViewFull range$10,800.00
Gabriel Gold Reflection V2 * 1m RCA set * KLE connectors * 3 day promotional auction with NO RESERVE !+Quick ViewInterconnects$148.00
AntiCable Level 3 "Reference Series" 9 Foot Speaker wires+Quick ViewSpeaker$256.00
Valve Amplification Company VAC Signature IIa one of the best preamps, period+Quick ViewTube$11,850.00
Studio Electric MontiorMonitors$1,450.00
MORROW AUDIO PH4 Reference TRUE REFERENCE CLASS+Quick ViewInterconnects$299.00
Cambridge Audio Azur 851C CD/DAC/Pre-Amp+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$1,250.00
NAD M2 Master Series Direct Digital Integrated Amp+Quick ViewSolid state$3,600.00
Mark Levinson Mark Levinson Nº 326S Preamp Nº 326S pre amp+Quick ViewPhono$651.00
Nottingham Hyperspace with Ace Anna Arm plus Wave Mechanic power supply - Analogue Bliss!+Quick ViewTurntables$4,495.00
Meridian G56 Two Channel Power Amplifier Meridian 100 Watt Per Channe Power AmplifierSolid state$1,050.00
Golden Ear Technology Triton Seven+Quick ViewFull range$1,250.00
NuForce IDA-16 Integrated Nuforce Nuprime IDA-16+Quick ViewSolid state$1,600.00
ZYX Omega Great Reviews -- CHICAGO I LOVE YOU.+Quick ViewCartridges$4,995.00
Conrad Johnson ART mkIII Tube Preamp+Quick ViewTube$15,000.00
Audeze LCD-2 Rosewood - Perfect Condition+Quick ViewOver-Ear$790.00
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Onkyo PA-MC5501 THX Ultra2 9-Channel Power Amplifier Integra DTA-70.1 likeMulti ch$1,549.006 Days
North Star fluxio usb dac headphone amp preamp+Quick ViewDA Converters$445.001 Days
Dynavector Karat 19A Sounds great, straight cantilever.+Quick ViewCartridges$149.005 Days
CAT Platinum 500 XLRInterconnects$250.005 Days
ADA Suite 16/PTM-1645 ADA Suite 16 Multi-room System w/8 Zone Power AmpMulti ch$1.005 Days
GP OTL Tube Monos 500w eachTube$13,000.005 Days
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 5 Lps Box Set Live 1975-85 Near MintVintage LPs$3.005 Days
Wiremold Naim Approved PowerStrip Great for rega too! Best sounding one so farAC Distribution$29.345 Days
JAZZ MILES DAVIS lot of 3 cdJazz$10.995 Days
ECM JAZZ keith jarrett bill connors steve kuhn lot of 4 lp records SEE ADD DISCRIPTIONJazz$20.005 Days
WINDHAM HILL JAZZ LOT of 6 lp records 1 sealed degrassi shadowfax cossu ackerman fred simonJazz$25.995 Days
JAZZ CHARLIE BYRD direct disc recording limited edition 12 inch 45rpm record 1977 west germanyJazz$10.005 Days
SHURE trackability test record TTR 110 LP Audio obstacle course era IIILPs$10.005 Days
SEALED UNUSED ARTHUR FIEDLER boston pops lot of 5 lp record box setsClassical$20.005 Days
Octavart O1 earphone amplifier 220/240VAmplifiers$1.005 Days
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Von Schweikert VR-9SE Mk II New!!! , TRADES OK,+20yr. Warranty,+Quick ViewFull range$54,900.00
Opera ST600 Rek o Kut FUSION The Art of Making TurntablesTurntables$1,400.00
Nordost Valhalla 1m 15A US plug power cord with wooden boxAC Cables$1,100.00
Nordost Valhalla 1,5m XLR pair used in mint condition with wooden boxInterconnects$1,600.00
Audio Research LS-26 vacuum tube preamplifier mint conditionSolid state$2,800.00
Thiel Audio CS 3.5 MintFull range$749.00
McIntosh MPI-4 in Factory Box; Just Serviced; Maximum Perfor+Quick ViewTuners$899.00
Denon DCD-CX3 CD / SACD Super Audio CD Player in Factory Box+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$579.00
Adcom GFA-5800 Stereo Power Amplifier; Nelson Pass Design+Quick ViewSolid state$629.00
Perreaux PMF1050 Dual Channel; Stereo Power Amplifer+Quick ViewSolid state$449.00
Ortofon SPU by Bluelectric Creator of Magic Diamond -Stereo & Mono Pair with Matching Phono Cables+Quick ViewCartridges$6,500.00
JPS Labs Superconductor Q Speaker Cable Single Wire 8FT brand new!!Speaker$450.00
High Fidelity Cables CT-1E High Fidelity CT-1E RCA interconnects (Enhanced) 1 meter+Quick ViewInterconnects$1,499.00
KEF Flagship Monitor LS50 Award Winning Monitors Like NewMonitors$1,200.00
Cambridgae Audio Azur 651A Black ColorSolid state$569.00
Totem Accoustic Rainmaker Center Cherry ColorMonitors$659.00
Nola Announcer Center Channel Black LIKE NEWMonitors$950.00
Klipsch Heritage Cornwall II Good condition. All original.+Quick ViewFull range$999.00
Music Hall Mambo 50 Watt Class A Integrated Amp with Parts Connection Mods+Quick ViewSolid state$1,250.00
WyWires, LLC Platinum Speaker Cables 10' Pair mint condition+Quick ViewSpeaker$1,250.00
Spread Spectrum Technologies Ampzilla 2000 MK2 Demo amps w/warranty-Superb reviews+Quick ViewSolid state$6,450.00
Acoustic Zen Crescendo MK2 New speakers with great reviews+Quick ViewFull range$18,000.00
Sony VPLHW40ES Dealer Demo Like new Full Warranty+Quick ViewProjectors$1,688.00
Emerald Physics EP100.2SE x 2 + DSPeaker 275 watt mono amps & preamp w/DAC & room correction+Quick ViewSolid state$2,999.00
HifiMan HE-500 The best under $1000.00 headphones+Quick ViewOver-Ear$599.00
MIT Oracle Matrix Super HD 120 Speaker Cables+Quick ViewSpeaker$9,800.00
Threshold Aurora S500 model is S500 byThresholdSolid state$2,200.00
Paradigm Studio 20 v5 Gloss Black New Open Box DemoMonitors$1,100.00
Omega Loudspeakers Super 3XRS single driver; high-efficiency speaker- mint!! Zebra wood+Quick ViewFull range$1,150.00
McIntosh C50 Preamplifier McIntosh C50 Preamp - Built-In DAC - Excellent ConditionSolid state$5,400.00
Wanted: Sunwave SRC-7000 Remote Control+Quick ViewEquipment$100.00
Meridian HD-621 HDMI Audio ProcessorProcessors$2,200.00
Meridian G61R Digital Surround ControllerProcessors$4,500.00
PRESENCE AUDIO Line Stage 1 Tube Pre SEE PHOTO+Quick ViewTube$1,180.00
Carver CT-28v A/V Pre/Tuner with Dolby Pro Logic+Quick ViewPre-Amplifiers$350.00
Carver AV-705x THX-rated 5-channel power amp+Quick ViewAmplifiers$450.00
Shunyata Research Taipan Helix VX 2M+Quick ViewAC Cables$465.00
Paradigm Reference Studio v2 Complete 5.0 System (60/CC/ADP)+Quick ViewFull range$999.00
Sherbourn PA 12-45 "New in Box" Sherbourn PA 12-45 Multi Channel Amplifier+Quick ViewMulti ch$590.00
Siltech Princess Interconnect, XLR, 1m BRAND NEW+Quick ViewInterconnects$1,995.00
Anti-Cables Level 2 "Performance Series" 9 foot Speaker wires+Quick ViewSpeaker$108.00
Analysis Plus Inc. Golden Oval Speaker Cable, 8ft Nearly New+Quick ViewSpeaker$5,490.00
Sherbourn PRE-1 Sherbourn PRE-1 Stereo Analog Preamp. "NEW in Unopened Box"+Quick ViewSolid state$448.00
Shunyata Research PYTHON ZITRON POWER CABLE 1.8M+Quick ViewAC Cables$1,100.00
Dali Euphonia MS 4 Rouge AlpiFull range$2,950.00
Nakamichi 680 NAKAMICHIAudio Players$699.00
Stax SRS-005SMKII Electrostatic EARSPEAKER SYSTEM in mint condition+Quick ViewIn-Ear$410.00
High End Audio Repairs Most Brands, Mcintosh, Krell, ARC, etc.Solid state$75.00
Linn Arkiv B Only used for 20 hours after SoundSmith Full RebuildCartridges$1,100.00
NAD T 163 That will be without the remotes (2), box and manual.+Quick ViewProcessors$350.00
Grover Huffmane SX Speaker Cable 10 f00t pairSpeaker$275.00
Classe DR-10 Power AmplifierSolid state$600.00
Classe DR-5Solid state$750.00
Wadia 860 fully upgraded to 861 Wadia 860/861 decoding computer+Quick ViewDA Converters$3,895.00
Furutech Flux-50 New in Factory Box (open box)+Quick ViewAC Conditioners$749.00
Magnepan MG-3.6r+Quick ViewPlanars$1,850.00
Mytek 192 DAC Silver PreAmp Version+Quick ViewDA Converters$1,125.00
Audio Note AN-S8 L MC Step Up Transformer SILVERPhono$4,350.00
Audio Note BLACK PALLAS Digital Cable from UK (Palladium plated SILVER foil) 1 meterDigital$2,175.00
KONDO Audio Note Japan KSL M7 Preamp PhonoTube$12,500.00
McIntosh MC601 Monoblock McIntosh MC601 Monoblocks (Pair) - 600 Watts each- ExcellentSolid state$9,200.00
Ultra Fi Usartza Dual Conduit USB cable+Quick ViewDigital$275.00
audioquest eagle eye 1.5m audioquest eagle eye 1.5m 72vDigital$350.00
Carver Black Magic 20 WPC Stereo Tube Amp+Quick ViewTube$1,295.00
Meridian DSP 5000 5.0 System+Quick ViewFull range$5,000.00
Purist Audio Design Corvus Luminist 1 Meter RCAInterconnects$2,110.00
Allnic H 1201 PhonoPhono$2,950.00
Krell 403 3x400watt channel 195lbs+Quick ViewMulti ch$8,500.00
Audio Research SP-3 ARC SP-3Tube$2,399.00
Thiel Audio CS-5i Floor Standing Black Speaker+Quick ViewFull range$2,500.00
Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway II Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway II interconnectInterconnects$225.00
Tonian Labs TL-D1 MK3 SE Semi Open-Baffle and 95 dB for the SET Aficionados!Full range$2,000.00
Plinius Jarrah Phono Preamp+Quick ViewPhono$449.00
Cambridge Audio Azur 851C CD Player, DAC and Digital Preamplifier, New with Full Warranty and Free Shipping+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$1,850.00
NAD T757 / T 757 Home Theater Receiver with Warranty & Free Shipping+Quick ViewReceivers$649.00
NAD C 165BEE / C165BEE Stereo Preamplifier with Phono Stage and Manufacturer's Warranty+Quick ViewSolid state$749.00
Kubala Sosna Emotion 1.5m RCAInterconnects$1,750.00
Naim Audio Fraim Black with Black Accents - Demo !Stands$3,395.00
Gemme Audio Tanto floor model speakers, brand new, factory-sealed original cartons - never opened+Quick ViewFull range$3,995.00
Audience Au24'E' speakers Cable 3 meters ( 10 ft ) SpadesSpeaker$1,150.00
Gradient SW-63 subwoofer & crossover for Quad ESL-63+Quick ViewPlanars$999.00
T+A DAC 8 DAC PRE USB, Balanced, Black & Silver What Hi-Fi 5 Star Rating!DA Converters$2,250.00
PS Audio PerfectWave DAC Digital/Analog Converter - Tradeback (Like New)+Quick ViewDA Converters$2,059.00
Audiophile Vibration Control MAC Mini Isolation PlatformStands$74.95
Gemme Audio Katana VFlex floor model speakers (piano black), brand new, factory-sealed original cartons - never opened+Quick ViewFull range$6,995.00
Fusion Audio MAGIC/MINT CONDITION+Quick ViewInterconnects$700.00
Acrolink 7N-PC7300 15 amp state of the art new price+Quick ViewAC Cables$1,200.00
KEF R400 Subwoofer Black MINT KEF R400B Perfect match for LS50 and R-SeriesSubwoofers$1,200.00
Inex Innovation Photon Link Source to Pre-Amp+Quick ViewInterconnects$699.00
B&K Reference 200.5 s2 B&K High Current Power AmplifierMulti ch$1,000.00
Acoustic Zen Satori Speaker Cable Pair 20 Feet with Spades+Quick ViewSpeaker$600.00
Triode TRV A88SE KT88 Single Ended Integrated Amp+Quick ViewTube$900.00
Exact Power Systems EP-15a Silver+Quick ViewAC Conditioners$750.00
Running Springs Audio Duke like new in boxAC Conditioners$750.00
AudioQuest NRG-5 1,8 meter length, with Schuko plug+Quick ViewAC Cables$250.00
Haniwa HCTR 01 Phono Cartridge+Quick ViewCartridges$1,700.00
Tannoy Professional Eyris Active Home Theater SYSTEM. Incudes speakers & software and Amplifiers .MASSIVE SUBWOOFER , AWESOME!! $24,000 retail. TRADES OKFull range$5,800.00
Resolution Audio Opus 21 Complete Compact system. Incudes Amp, Phono Stage, USB dac , AM/FM, & CD. SILVER **NICE**, Trades OKCD/SACD Players$2,900.00
Knight/Jensen or Goodmans 15" Triaxial Looking to Match My Singletons!Equipment$1.00
Beyerdynamic T50P Portable and Elegant Tesla Headphone Technology+Quick ViewOver-Ear$130.00
Nordost Odin XLR XLR CablesInterconnects$2,250.00
Nordost Odin XLR XLR CablesInterconnects$4,750.00
Ohm Acoustics I+Quick ViewFull range$200.00
GROVER ULTIMATE REFERENCE Bi-wire Speaker Cable+Quick ViewSpeaker$440.00
Avid Volvere for saleTurntables$2,600.00
PS Audio GCPH A Great Value Phono Pre+Quick ViewPhono$490.00
Polk Audio LSIC+Quick ViewFull range$240.00
Definitive Technology Mythos ST Super Towers (A Steal) Priced to sell!!Full range$1,450.00
Allerts Mc2 finish gold & mc1Boron Deal of a lifetime+Quick ViewCartridges$3,200.00
Cary ~~ SLP 3 ~~ Tube Preamp Awesome (see pics)+Quick ViewTube$1,295.00
Sunfire TGP-401 - Preamp Processor+Quick ViewProcessors$1,500.00
Krell ~~ S-300i ~~ Integrated ~~ Spectacular (see pics)+Quick ViewSolid state$1,295.00
ATI AT 1505+Quick ViewSolid state$625.00
Krell KSL with Phono Stage or without+Quick ViewSolid state$925.00
Magnovox El84 amp Magnovox el84 tube amp SETube$350.00
Stealth Audio Cables Sakra V10 3M RCA Mint World Class Reference cable Very Rare long cables low priceInterconnects$4,888.00
Belles 22a Awesome Belles Tube Preamp+Quick ViewTube$1,195.00
Squeezebox V.3 w/Bolder Cable power supplyMedia Servers$175.00
B and K Ref 50 A/V ControllerSolid state$375.00
Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 Tube DACDA Converters$1,750.00
Denon DRA-CX3 Mini Compact Amplifier / Am / FM Receiver in Factory Box+Quick ViewSolid state$579.00
B&K Reference 50 Home Theater Processor in Factory+Quick ViewProcessors$449.00
Salamander Designs Synergy Triple S20 Walnut/Black LOCAL PICK UP ONLYStands$275.00
Dynaco ST70 with Welborne Labs Mod+Quick ViewTube$520.00
Magnum Dynalab MD-100 GREAT TUNERTuners$650.00
Standesign Design 4 Shelf Audio Stand.....near San FranciscoStands$65.00
B&K Components Sonata Series M200 Mono-Block Amplifier+Quick ViewSolid state$400.00
GamuT Audio M'inenT M5 tower speakersFull range$5,750.00
Sound Anchors Stands ( 18"x 13"x 12") LOCAL PICK UP ONLYStands$275.00
Naim Audio NAPSCAC Distribution$115.00
PrimaLuna ProLogue Five Tube Stereo Amplifier+Quick ViewTube$999.95
CLEARAUDIO BASIC + MM / MC Phono preamp - Perfect conditionPhono$595.00
JEFF ROWLAND CAPRISolid state$1,675.00
McIntosh MVP-881BR Blu-ray, DVD-A, SACD Player+Quick ViewBlu-ray$2,949.00
Perreaux SM6 MK II Silver class a fully balanced preamplifier+Quick ViewSolid state$1,995.00
*** EXPRESSIMOAUDIO *** ((( TONEARM LIFT ))) BRASSTurntables$99.95
Accuphase T-105 Audiophile Quality Vintage FM Quartz Tuner+Quick ViewTuners$749.00
Aerial Acoustics LR5 set of 3 LCR with Sound Anchor standsMonitors$7,000.00
GRAND PRIX AUDIO MONACO 3 Shelf Rack SystemStands$3,650.00
Van den Hul The Colibri XGP Reference Gold New in the box with warrantyCartridges$2,575.00
Spatial Audio Velocity Bridge VB1 - speaker interface stabilizerTweaks$195.00
VTL MB 450 Signature 1999 versionTube$3,950.00
darTZeel BNC InterconnectInterconnects$585.00
EVOLUTION ACOUSTICS Power CordAC Cables$900.00
Conrad Johnson ET5 Conrad Johnson ET5 PreampTube$5,000.00
EVOLUTION ACOUSTICS InterconnectsInterconnects$2,500.00
EVOLUTION ACOUSTICS Speaker CableSpeaker$3,500.00
Burson Audio HA-160 Headphone AmplifierAmplifiers$395.00
Music for sale (159 listings)TypeAsking
Ralph Stanley & Clinch Mtn. Boys Gatefold 2Lps Live At Mclure Virginia Near Mint Near MintVintage LPs$3.00
The Johnson Mountain Boys Working Close Near MintVintage LPs$2.00
MOUSSORGSKY - "The Power Of The Orchestra" / OWEN - "The Power Of The Organ" - RCA Shaded Dog 1963 Super Rare Set!Classical$500.00
MOUSSORGSKY / Leibowitz "The Power Of The Orchestra" - Chesky Records 1984 180g Audiophile pressing TAS ListClassical$85.00
MOUSSORGSKY / Leibowitz 'The Power Of The Orchestra' - RCA 'Shaded Dog' 1963 TAS ListClassical$125.00
"THE POWER OF THE ORCHESTRA" Moussorgsky / Leibowitz - Analoque Productions 200 gr 2 X 45 RPM SEALEDClassical$80.00
MOUSSORGSKY / Solti "Night On Bald Monutain" - London 1967Classical$50.00
MOUSSORGSKY / Reiner "Pictures At An Exhibition" - RCA 'Shaded Dog' 1958 TAS listClassical$60.00
MOUSSORGSKY / Reiner "Pictures At An Exhibition" - RCA .5 Audiophile 1983Classical$65.00
MOUSSORGSKY / Maazel "Pictures At An Exhibition" - Telarc 1979 German import TAS ListClassical$45.00
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV / Ansermet "CHRISTMAS EVE SUITE" - London 1961early pressingClassical$60.00
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV / Reiner "Scheherazade" - RCA .5 Series Audiophile 1982Classical$65.00
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV / Dorati "Scheherazade" - Mercury Living Presence 1962Classical$60.00
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV / Bernstein "Scheherazade" - CBS Masterworks 1973Classical$10.00
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV / Batiz "Orchestral Works" - Musical Heritage Society DMMClassical$25.00
BORODIN / Davis "The Three Symphonies" - CBS 1977 WLP Promo 1st pressingClassical$65.00
BORODIN / Camarata "The Magic of Borodin" - London Phase 4 1970Classical$50.00
U2 With Or Without You 3 Track EP NM Island LabelRock$16.00
Flo & Eddie(Turtles/Zappa) Illegal,immoral And Fattening White Label Promo LP NMRock$27.00
Alison Krauss Paper Airplane Sealed CDOther$12.00
Fleetwood Mac Tusk 45 With SleeveRock$14.00
Queen One Vision Promo 12 Inch Single NMRock$16.00
Duran Duran Union Of The Snake 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Fania All Stars Cross Over White Label Promo LP NMOther$15.00
ELO No Answer LP NM Jet LabelRock$15.00
David Bowie White Light White Heat 45 With SleeveRock$20.00
Frank and Moon Zappa Valley Girl 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Wild Turkey(Jethro Tull) Battle Hymn LP NMRock$35.00
Elton John Kiss The Bride 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Dolly Parton Here You Come Again LP NMLPs$22.00
Disco Circus In A Gadda Da Vida Disco 12 Inch NMOther$21.00
David Bowie Drive In Saturday RCA UK 45 NMRock$15.00
Stewart Copeland/Stanley Clarke Animal Logic CD NMOther$10.00
Pointer Sisters Dare Me Promo 12 Inch Single NMOther$15.00
Gary Morris Plain Brown Wrapper Sealed LPOther$22.00
Linda Clifford If My Friends Could See Me Now LP NMOther$15.00
Elvis Costello And The Attractions I'm Your Toy F Beat UK 3 Track EP NMRock$12.00
Zappa/Mothers Fillmore East 1971 Rare Cover LP NMRock$150.00
Elton John Sad Songs(Say So Much) Promo 45 NMRock$11.00
Carole King Speeding Time LP NMRock$15.00
ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man Promo Mono Stereo 45 NMRock$13.00
Jimi Hendrix Morning Symphony Ideas CD NMRock$28.00
Candi Staton Young Hearts Run Free LP NMOther$15.00
Van Halen So This Is Love? Promo 45 With SleeveRock$13.00
Shankar/Menuhin West Meets East LP NMClassical$20.00
Soundtrack Arthur The Album LP NMOther$15.00
Soundtrack Watership Down Art Garfunkel White Label Promo LP NMOther$20.00
Paul McCartney Paul Is Live CD NM 24 TracksRock$10.00
Utopia Oops! Wrong Planet LP NMRock$15.00
The Who You Better You Bet 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Fabulous Poodles Think Pink White Label Promo LP NMAlternative$18.00
Dna/Suzanne Vega 12 Inch Promo Rusted Pipe 5 Versions A & M LabelOther$17.00
Third World The Story's Been Told LP NM Island LabelOther$21.00
Pointer Sisters Happiness Promo Planet Label Promo 12 Inch SingleOther$16.00
Soundtrack The Color Of Money MCA Japan For USA CD NMOther$20.00
Soundtrack The Happiest Girl In The World LP NMOther$20.00
Various The Concert For Bangla Desh 2 CD Fatboy Issue First PressingRock$20.00
Pretenders Middle Of The Road 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Jethro Tull Christmas Album CD/DVDRock$25.00
Patrick O'Hearn Ancient Dreams LP NMLPs$36.00
John Paul Jones Zooma Led Zeppelin Autographed CD NMRock$100.00
Joe Jackson Is She Really Going Out With Him? 45 With Sleeve NMRock$12.00
The B-52's Deep Sleep 45 With Picture SleeveAlternative$13.00
Morris Day Color Of Success LP NMOther$21.00
Rex Allen Jr. Rex L.p NMOther$15.00
Tuxedo Junction Sealed Lp Limited gold vinyl butterfly labelOther$25.00
Various Dub Set White Label Promo LP NMOther$15.00
Blues Brothers Soul Man 45 With SleeveRock$13.00
Bill Wyman Monkey Grip LP NM PromoRock$27.00
Liza Minelli Theme From New York New York Promo 45 NMRock$12.00
Jethro Tull Too Old To Rock N Roll Too Young To Die Gatefold Cover LP NM Green Chrysalis. LabelRock$26.00
National Lampoon White Album LP NMOther$15.00
Herb Alpert Keep Your Eye On Me(Special Mix) 45 With SleeveJazz$11.00
Little River Band It's A Long Way There Promo 45 Mono StereoRock$12.00
Frederick Fennell Music Of George Gershwin Mercury Label Holland LP NMClassical$15.00
The B-52's Whammy! LP NMRock$23.00
Rolling Stones Promo Get Yer Ya's Out Promo LP Tote BagRock$85.00
The Monkees Head Rhino Label LP NMRock$21.00
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 5 Lps Box Set Live 1975-85 Near MintVintage LPs$3.00
Creedence Clearwater Revival Pendulum SACD Test Pressing NMRock$125.00
JAZZ MILES DAVIS lot of 3 cdJazz$10.99
ECM JAZZ keith jarrett bill connors steve kuhn lot of 4 lp records SEE ADD DISCRIPTIONJazz$20.00
WINDHAM HILL JAZZ LOT of 6 lp records 1 sealed degrassi shadowfax cossu ackerman fred simonJazz$25.99
JAZZ CHARLIE BYRD direct disc recording limited edition 12 inch 45rpm record 1977 west germanyJazz$10.00
SHURE trackability test record TTR 110 LP Audio obstacle course era IIILPs$10.00
SEALED UNUSED ARTHUR FIEDLER boston pops lot of 5 lp record box setsClassical$20.00
Harry Connick Jr. Come By MeJazz$6.00
Shalamar 2 CD's Greatest Hits, The Collection, $5 eachPop$5.00
Joyce Cooling Third WishJazz$6.00
James Brown Papa's got a brand new bagPop$5.00
James Brown 20 All-Time Greatest HitsPop$5.00
Gloria Estefon and Miami Sound Machine Cuts Both WaysPop$5.00
Miami Sound Machine Primitive LovePop$5.00
Queen Live KillersPop$5.00
Fuse One The Complete RecordingsJazz$5.00
Cameo Shake your PantsPop$5.00
Passport 2 CD's Talk Back, Blue Tattoo $5.00 eachJazz$5.00
Non Stop Disco Volume IOther$5.00
Dance Floor Classics Volume IIPop$5.00
Morris Day DaydreamingPop$5.00
SOS Band SOSOther$5.00
Midnight Star HeadlinesOther$5.00
Disco Mania Volume IIIOther$5.00
Techno Dance Classics Volume I Pump up the JamOther$5.00
Disco Nights Volume 9 Motown DanceOther$5.00
Funkadelic One Nation Under a GrooveOther$5.00
Disco Nights Volume VI #1 Disco HitsOther$5.00
Disco Fever Original Hits, Original ArtistsOther$5.00
Street Jams Back 2 the Old Skool Part IIIOther$5.00
Monster Funk Super Mega MixesOther$5.00
Dance Floor Classics Volume IIPop$5.00
Prince 1999Pop$5.00
Harry Connick Jr. Come By MeJazz$6.00
Dave Mason The Best of Dave MasonRock$5.00
Disco Divas A salute to the Lady'sOther$5.00
Non Stop Disco Volume IOther$5.00
Disco Hits We Are FamilyOther$5.00
One Way Cutie PiePop$5.00
DJ Mix 98 Volume IPop$5.00
Russ Freeman & The Rippingtons Brave new World - New Lower PriceJazz$5.00
David Benoit Urban DaydreamsJazz$5.00
David Benoit Inner MotionJazz$5.00
Special EFX - Double FeatureJazz$5.00
Special EFX - Slice of LifeJazz$5.00
Pure Dance 1998Pop$5.00
Joyce Cooling Third WishJazz$5.00
This is Jazz Steppin' Fusion of Jazz Hip Hop and Rare GrooveJazz$5.00
Radio Days 80's RockRock$5.00
Kenny Dorham Whistle StopJazz$5.00
Dave Valentin - Tropic HeatJazz$5.00
Dave Valentin - LegendsJazz$5.00
Dave Matthews Band CrashPop$5.00
BT Express Do ItPop$5.00
Rick James Street Songs Throwin DownPop$5.00
Gato Barbieri CalienteJazz$5.00
Late Night PianoJazz$5.00
Stevie Nicks BelladonnaPop$5.00
Paula Abdul Forever Your GirlPop$5.00
John Klemmer TouchJazz$6.00
MTV Party To Go Volume 5 Various ArtistsPop$5.00
Dance Floor Classics Volume IIPop$5.00
SONY SONY FLUTTER TEST TAPE Sony Speed & Flutter Test Tape WS-48B 3kHz + ORIGINAL CASEAlternative$30.00
BARTOK / Dorati "Suite From The Miraculous Mandarin" - Mercury Living Presence 1958 Mono SealedClassical$150.00
BARTOK / Dorati "2nd Suite" - Mercury Living Presence 1958 1st pressingClassical$65.00
KHACHATURIAN / PROKOFIEV / GLIERE / Dorati etc "An Evening At The Ballets Russes" - Mercury Wing 1968 SEALEDClassical$50.00
PROKOFIEV / STRAVINSKY / Szigeti Violin Concerto No. 1 / Duo Concertant" - Mercury Living Presence 1966 1st PressingClassical$95.00
PROKOFIEV / GLINKA / BORODIN / Ansermet "Classical Symphony / Llife For The Czar / Steppes of Central Asia" - London 1968Classical$60.00
SHOSTAKOVICH / Ormandy "Symphony No 5" - RCA 1975 SealedClassical$35.00
RACHMANINOFF / Katin / Boult "Concerto 1 for Piano and Orchestra" - London 1960's SEALEDClassical$75.00
RACHMANINOFF / Rubinstein "Concerto 2 / Paganini Rhapsody" - RCA .5 series 1983 AudiophileClassical$45.00
RACHMANINOFF / Cliburn "Piano Concerto No.2" - RCA 'Shaded Dog' 1962 1st pressingClassical$65.00
RACHMANINOFF / Kondrashin / Cliburn "Concerto No. 3" - RCA .5 Audiophile Series 1983Classical$60.00
RACHMANINOFF / KONDRASHIN / Cliburn "Concerto No. 3" - RCA .5 Audiophile Series 1983Classical$35.00
RACHMANINOFF / Paray "Symphony No. 2" - Mercury Living Presence 1963 'WLP' Promo 1st PressingClassical$125.00
RACHMANINOFF / Paray "Symphony no.2" - Mercury Living Presence 1958 very early pressingClassical$40.00
RACHMANINOFF / deWoort "Symphony 1-3" - Philips Import 1973Classical$40.00
RACHMANINOFF / Camarata "The Romantic Rachmaninoff" - London Phase 4 1968Classical$50.00
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