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Merrill Audio ANAP Power Cords Silver Coated and Shielded Furutech/Cardas for best quality.+Quick ViewAC Cables$350.00
Merrill Audio ANAP Interconnects Long run XLR - lowest capacitance Best Details+Quick ViewInterconnects$1,149.00
Merrill Audio ANAP Speaker Cables Ultra Low inductance Cold Welded Rhodium plated+Quick ViewSpeaker$1,149.00
Aural Thrills Audio Silver Braid W/Silver Teflon Rca Read this before you buy+Quick ViewInterconnects$179.99
AntiCable Level 3 "Reference Series" 5 Foot Speaker wires+Quick ViewSpeaker$160.00
Graham Engineering 2.2 Deluxe NEW IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!Tonearms$1,900.00
Clearaudio TT2 Tonearm - NEW One of the best arms out there.Tonearms$6,000.00
Clearaudio Goldfinger v2 New in sealed box!Cartridges$4,950.00
Audio Magic Oracle - TOP power conditioner - very good condition+Quick ViewAC Conditioners$3,190.00
McIntosh MC-452 Original owner with all shipping materials. Flawless.+Quick ViewSolid state$5,800.00
NEW REVIEW! Morrow Audio MA5 Reference 60 day returns+Quick ViewInterconnects$499.00
Krell FPB, KRC, KAV, EVO, FPB, S, KSA, KST KAS Wanted not working+Quick ViewSolid state$1.00
TTW Audio Supreme Outer Ring and Copper Center Weight Bundle ! SAVE!+Quick ViewTurntables$999.00
Lexicon MC-1 preamplifier/surround processor+Quick ViewProcessors$375.00
Sherbourn 5/1500 5-channel amplifier+Quick ViewMulti ch$475.00
Jadis JA 120Tube$13,900.00
Adona AV45CS2 Precision Component Stand+Quick ViewStands$850.00
Adona AV45CS3 3-Tier Component Stand+Quick ViewStands$1,275.00
Adona AV45G Classic 3 level AV45G+Quick ViewStands$1,125.00
Adona AV45CS-4dw low profile isolation rack+Quick ViewStands$1,700.00
Adona Zero GX1 Reference Series Amp Stand+Quick ViewStands$900.00
Audio Art Cable power 1 Classic w/ Wattgate 5266i / 320i Plug Set 30% OFF while supplies last, FREE USPS 2-Day shipping+Quick ViewAC Cables$154.00
Raidho D2 - Piano Black - Like New - Amazing Speakers!!!+Quick ViewFull range$22,000.00
TTW Audio Special Offer - Outer Ring V2 Copper Supreme NEW !16 Copper Bullets SAVE $100 plus Free Shipping+Quick ViewTweaks$699.00
NEW REVIEW! Morrow Audio MA5 Reference 60 day returns+Quick ViewInterconnects$499.00
Synergistic Research ECT - Electronic Circuit Transducer - a truly remarkable product+Quick ViewTweaks$299.00
Sonus Faber Cremona M Center Channel Maple+Quick ViewFull range$2,200.00
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Marantz MODEL 4230+Quick ViewSolid state$299.0014 Days
SAE MODEL 2600 SOLID STATE AMPLIFIER+Quick ViewSolid state$1,385.0014 Days
Denon AVR-4306+Quick ViewMulti ch$1.007 Days
Esoteric A-03+Quick ViewSolid state$4,000.006 Days
Michael Jackson "Thriller" produced by Quincy JonesAlternative$15.006 Days
Cat Stevens Budda and the Chocolate Box A & M stereoAlternative$7.006 Days
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Aerial Acoustics SR3 Remote Kit **RARE**+Quick ViewMonitors$100.00
Aerial Acoustics SR3 Sound Anchor wall stands orig. owner+Quick ViewFull range$300.00
Elan HC-6 System Controller+Quick ViewProcessors$600.00
Nola Grand Reference IV.1 The world's best full range system+Quick ViewFull range$55,000.00
Musical Fidelity M1 DAC Flawless!DA Converters$430.00
Krell 403 3x400watt channel 195lbs+Quick ViewMulti ch$8,500.00
Buying Used Krell, Mcintosh, ARC, Pass, B&W, Classe, Wadia, Bryston, Linn, etc. Working or not (888)850-4366 WTB Want to Buy+Quick ViewSolid state$98,765.43
MARANTZ 4270 CABINET MARANTZ 4300 CABINET+Quick ViewReceivers$168.00
Runco CL-420 DLP ProjectorProjectors$1,000.00
PS Audio GCPH Phono Pre Amp with Underwood modSolid state$725.00
Jw Audio Reference 1m-1.5m RCA or XLR Balanced New 30 day trial no feesInterconnects$329.00
ATI 6005 Signature series 5 channel power amplifier (weeks old)Multi ch$5,399.00
NAD T557 Blu-ray Disc Player+Quick ViewBlu-ray$300.00
Rotel RB-1070 AmplifierSolid state$200.00
Jolida FX-10 vacuum tube integrated ampTube$598.95
Jolida Fusion DAC/Preamplifier. with vacuum tube output and remote control.Tube$974.95
Jolida FX-DAC III W tube DAC with bluetooth.DA Converters$599.95
Meridian 561 Surround processorProcessors$250.00
Cary Audio Design SLI-80 sig Tube AmplifierTube$2,000.00
Marantz AV7005 Pre-Processor+Quick ViewSolid state$675.00
Stereovox SEI-600 mkII 1M XLR, Excellent ConditionInterconnects$950.00
SoundLab - Sound Lab M2Planars$5,000.00
Anti-Cables Level 2 "Performance Series" 5 foot Speaker wires+Quick ViewSpeaker$60.00
AntiCable Level 2 "Performance Series" 5 Foot Bi-Wire Biwire set+Quick ViewSpeaker$140.00
Proceed AMP 3 Proceed/Levinson 3 channel Amp+Quick ViewMulti ch$895.00
YFS Modified 2012 i7 Mac Mini/ PS-12m PS Combo - NEW!!!Media Servers$3,695.00
Von Schweikert Audio VR-35 MkI - NEW!!!Full range$4,750.00
Von Schweikert Audio Unifield II MkI - NEW!!!Monitors$4,450.00
Von Schweikert Audio Unifield I MkI - NEW!!!Monitors$2,750.00
YFS 'Split' Reference USB Cable - NEW!!!Digital$295.00
Wilson Audio Alexia NEW! Worldwide Shipping+Quick ViewFull range$36,900.00
Buying Used Krell, Mcintosh, ARC, Pass, B&W, Classe, Wadia, Bryston, Linn, etc. Working or not (888)850-4366 WTB Want to Buy+Quick ViewSolid state$98,765.43
Raidho D3 latest version from 2014, not an upgrade+Quick ViewFull range$49,000.00
California Audio Labs CL-2500 MCA 5 Channel amplifier 5 x 500W Mint condtionSolid state$2,499.00
Brand New Pioneer 9.2 135W SC-1523-K / Elite SC-75 4K upscaling, 32bit DAC, bluetooth and wifi includedMulti ch$999.00
Energy Veritas V2.4i Loudspeakers excellent condition price for a pairFull range$1,999.00
Wadia 781i CD/SACD/DAC & Preamplifier! A one box wonder!CD/SACD Players$6,800.00
Emotiva XMC-1 Upgrade CardProcessors$400.00
Aesthetix IO Signature Phono Preamplifier 230VSolid state$11,600.00
Omega Speaker Systems Combi RS5/Demphemp 8" sub Omega combi outlaw speaker for saleFull range$1,550.00
Stealth Varidig Sextet AES/EBU 1MDigital$675.00
DENON DBT 3313 UDCI universal player+Quick ViewBlu-ray$900.00
Nordost Red Dawn 6 meter single biwireSpeaker$375.00
Nordost Red Dawn spk 3m single wire pairSpeaker$500.00
Nordost Blue Heaven 1meter RCAInterconnects$100.00
McIntosh MC-7270+Quick ViewSolid state$2,150.00
Synergistic Research Mark I coax digital RCA 3 feetDigital$75.00
B&W DM12 BookShelf SpeakersMonitors$199.00
Synergistic Research Signature No. 2 speaker cables 9.5 feet, spadesSpeaker$150.00
Marantz BD-8002 Blu-ray Player Mint FREE SHIPPING+Quick ViewBlu-ray$550.00
Salamander Synergy Media Drawer black new in boxStands$75.00
Tara Prism Omni ST Bi-Wire 9 feet (bare wire termination)Speaker$50.00
Monitor Audio W280 LCR Three Way in Wall SpeakerMonitors$329.00
Tannoy Arena Highline 300 Tower Slim aluminum tower speakerMonitors$149.00
Monitor Audio i-Deck iPod systemSpeakers$179.00
Definitive Technology Studio Monitor 65 SpeakersMonitors$1.00
McIntosh C-26 Beautiful C-26 Preamplifier with manual and walnut cabinet+Quick ViewSolid state$625.00
Cardas Audio Clear Sky RCA to RCAInterconnects$375.00
NAD M51 DIRECT DIGITAL DAC with HDMI+Quick ViewDA Converters$1,425.00
Wanted: PS Audio Multiwave ll oscillator PCB PS Audio Wanted+Quick ViewEquipment$25.00
Nordost Red Dawn LS 2 meter RCA cablesInterconnects$440.00
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M 2 months old, Maple finish.Monitors$3,295.00
Nordost Valhalla 1.5 meter new in box Speaker cables. Banana, non bi wired.Speaker$3,195.00
MIT Cables Oracle V1.2 Interconnect (RCA) , 1.5 M, DEMO!!! VERY NEW!!!Interconnects$2,500.00
ATC SCM 40 v.2 LoudspeakerFull range$6,999.00
ATC SCM 19 v.2 Monitor speakerMonitors$4,299.00
ATC SCM-11 v.2 Monitor speakerMonitors$2,599.00
ATC SCM-7 v. 3 monitor, cherryMonitors$1,749.00
Jean-Marie Reynaud Offrande Supreme monitors amazing beautiful Speakers+Quick ViewMonitors$3,650.00
Linn Katan Stands in Black finish+Quick ViewMonitors$199.00
Esoteric K-05 (Black) Factory SealedCD/SACD Players$5,600.00
Von Schweikert VR4 SR Mk II ,Trades OK, Zero Interest Layaway, Worldwide Shipping+Quick ViewFull range$6,490.00
Aesthetix Calypso less than 400 hrs on tubesTube$2,600.00
Harbeth P3esrMonitors$1,700.00
Linn Ekwal Center channel speaker+Quick ViewFull range$675.00
Synergistic Research Galileo Universal Speaker Cells+Quick ViewSpeaker$1,100.00
TAD 1602 boomers driversMonitors$2,200.00
Bryston 10B Balanced crossover XLRProcessors$1,500.00
SONY TA-E1 VERY RARE preampSolid state$5,000.00
Ear Yoshino Ltd. 912 tube preampTube$6,700.00
NAIM NAT-05 Great ConditionTuners$750.00
NAIM CDX-2 Upgraded by Sound OrganizationCD/SACD Players$2,399.00
Linn Arkiv B Only used for 20 hours after SoundSmith Full RebuildCartridges$1,100.00
MSB Technology Diamond DAC IV and Diamond BaseDA Converters$19,999.00
Decware CPS2+Tube$755.00
Luxman L-309 Original Wooden CabinetParts$120.00
XLO Electric Signature-3 Power Cable 6 ftAC Cables$399.00
GRANITE AUDIO #470 INTERCONNCET 2 Meter+Quick ViewInterconnects$650.00
VPI Industries ARIES 1Turntables$2,400.00
VooDoo Cable IEC Adapters - 15 Amp or 20 Amp - Cryo-Treated+Quick ViewAC Cables$79.00
PS Audio Ultimate Outlet 15 amp+Quick ViewAC Distribution$150.00
Audioquest WEL Signature Digital Cable 1mDigital$1,150.00
McIntosh C2200 Pre Amplifier+Quick ViewTube$3,300.00
WANTED Convergent Audio Line Stage PreampTube$1.00
TAD CR-1 Stands Included!+Quick ViewFull range$19,999.00
JL Audio Fathom 113 Subwoofer, With Extras+Quick ViewSubwoofers$3,200.00
Balanced Audio BAT VK 75SE trades ok+Quick ViewTube$3,990.00
HigherFi Magnetic Levitation Platform 2 Ultimate Cool, Save $1,000 off, Trades OK, LOOK!!!+Quick ViewStands$990.00
Eastern Electric Supreme DSD Tube&SS DAC NEW model+Quick ViewDA Converters$1,350.00
Naim nDAC+Quick ViewDA Converters$2,600.00
Stax SRM-323s USA Model+Quick ViewAmplifiers$700.00
PSB CHS40 Bookshelf Speakers Brand new pair (FREE SHPPING!)Monitors$999.00
Tara labs helix 6 4 meter pair banana plugs newSpeaker$139.00
Sunfire powered subwoofer wireless kit new in box!Subwoofers$139.00
Sony STR-DA1500ES STEREO RECEIVER (NEW IN BOX)Receivers$299.00
sunfire sds10 sds-10 powered subwoofer (mint condition)Subwoofers$300.00
Triad Speakers In-Room Silver Monitor In Black - Brand New Factory SealedMonitors$2,999.00
HigherFi / Cary Audio 200.2 Amp w/ 400 watts Save 60% Off, Demo, Trades Ok, Any Voltage, Factory Warranty+Quick ViewSolid state$3,490.00
AUDEZE LCD-3 Planar Magnetic Headphones+Quick ViewOver-Ear$1,299.00
Classe CT 5300 CT 2300 CTM300 5,200 both+Quick ViewSolid state$3,900.00
Threshold FET Nine phono/pre-amp combo+Quick ViewSolid state$975.00
Wilson Audio Watch Center 2 Wanted To BuyFull range$1.00
Green Mountain Audio Europa+Quick ViewFull range$425.00
Furutech (20mm) FusesTweaks$50.00
Amperex White Label 6922 E88CC PQ USN-CEP Matched Pair Gold Pin Phono Grade+Quick ViewTubes$185.00
Nagra PL-PTube$2,600.00
MIT Shotgun S1 BiWire 8 ft pair New-Old-Stock. Lifetime wrnty.+Quick ViewSpeaker$999.50
MIT Shotgun S3 1 meter pair New-Old-Stock. One of the All-Time Greats! Lifetime wrnty+Quick ViewInterconnects$275.00
MIT Shotgun S3 8 ft pair A True Classic! New-Old-Stock. Lifetime wrnty.+Quick ViewSpeaker$599.00
MIT Matrix 28 spkr cables 8ft pair 28X Articulation. 9/10 condition WRNTY+Quick ViewSpeaker$888.00
Mogami RCA 2 meter - Studio Standard InterconnectInterconnects$115.00
HARTVIG, IKEDA TT, IT345-CR1 ARM ,IKEDA 9TT Cartridge Custom Pearl Piano paint+Quick ViewTurntables$13,995.00
MBL 8010 Dual-mono 180wx2 Power Amplifier+Quick ViewSolid state$2,000.00
Silver Teflon XLR Balanced Interconnects Balanced XLR Cable 3 Foot PairInterconnects$70.00
VAC Renaissance 70/70 Mk III recently re-tubedTube$4,800.00
VAC Renaissance Mk II with phono stage upgradeTube$5,200.00
Jade Audio Hybrid Gold XLR interconnect (33 inches)Interconnects$850.00
Lampizator Big Six with DSDDA Converters$5,650.00
Alpha-Core Inc. BOA MI3 7AWG Speaker Cables+Quick ViewSpeaker$525.00
PASS XVR1 electronic crossoverEqualizers$5,000.00
PS Audio Trio A-100 Power Amplifer+Quick ViewSolid state$450.00
Linn Katan+Quick ViewMonitors$650.00
Sonus Faber Center DomusFull range$600.00
3m XLR new Monster cable M Series M1000i ultimate audiophile XLR Balanced interconnect cable PairInterconnects$138.00
Van Den Hul XGP gold Reference mk-2 warranty+Quick ViewCartridges$2,100.00
Shunyata Research Venom Defender line conditioner / surge protecterAC Conditioners$120.00
KEF Q100 (Pair)+Quick ViewMonitors$350.00
Schmitt Custom Audio 39.5" Gotham GAC-1 Ultra Pro Audio RCA InterconnectsInterconnects$35.00
HD-PLEX Linear Power Supply with 12 and 18 V output Linear Power Supply with DC 12V and 19V outputsParts$250.00
Cardas Audio Golden Reference 1.5M, 15A Power Cord+Quick ViewAC Cables$325.00
Acoustic Zen Technologies Double Barrel 8ft. speaker cable - spades+Quick ViewSpeaker$975.00
Virtue Audio Sensation M451 130W PSSolid state$475.00
Selah Audio Tre Supremo Full Range w/upgraded cabinetsFull range$3,200.00
Audiophilleo2 USB SPDIF+Quick ViewDA Converters$420.00
Bel Canto CD-2 Transport/playerTransports$1,795.00
Blue Circle Audio PLC ThingeeAC Conditioners$220.00
Nordost NORDOST CINEMAFLEX BASSLINE SUBWOOFER CABLE (RCA) 6 metre length - RCA connectorsInterconnects$150.00
PEACHTREE AUDIO DEEPBLUE2 apt-x+Quick ViewFull range$425.00
Conrad johnson ET-3 SE LESS THAN ONE MONTH OLDTube$3,150.00
Acoustic zen satori 8ft BI WIRE SHOTGUNSpeaker$775.00
Acoustic Zen double barrel 6 ft spades bi wireSpeaker$950.00
acoustic zen tsunami 3(LATEST VERION) great power cord 6 ftAC Cables$285.00
Acoustic Zen absolute jumper pair (for two speakers)Speaker$345.00
Equitech 2QEA (2RQ-EA) Balanced Power ConditionerAC Conditioners$2,150.00
MOREL Renaissance MLP-403.5 monitor speakers pair+Quick ViewMonitors$250.00
Magico Mini 2 WANTEDMonitors$10.00
burmester bridge mono xlr interconnects 16 inches -tip to tip+Quick ViewInterconnects$499.00
Rega Dac BlackDA Converters$499.00
Voxativ Ampeggio Due with Fieldcoildriver+Quick ViewFull range$58,500.00
Harmonix X-dc Studio Master 1.5m wattgatesAC Cables$650.00
Wireworld Silver starlight 6 .5m HDMIDigital$150.00
Mit Shotgun MA 2m RCAInterconnects$700.00
Cardas Golden reference 1m power chordAC Cables$300.00
Peachtree Audio iDAC iPod doc 24/192 saber DACDA Converters$460.00
Blue Circle Audio BC-3000 mkII BC3mkIi Despina tubed preampTube$1,500.00
Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP Spider clamp includedCD/SACD Players$2,100.00
AudioStatic ES-100/SW-100 Electrostatic SpeakersPlanars$2,000.00
Western Electric Sliver plated oil immersed 2.5m pairSpeaker$950.00
Nordost Valhalla jumper cables 10 inches-25cmSpeaker$450.00
Nordost El Dorado power cord 2.0mAC Cables$325.00
Nordost Heimdall 1.0m xlr pair like newInterconnects$350.00
LFD Mistral Stereo Integrated Power AmplifierSolid state$900.00
Rega Saturn CD Player+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$999.00
Marantz CC4001 5 Disc Carousel CD Player w/Remote+Quick ViewCD/SACD Players$125.00
Analysis Plus Inc. Oval 12 Speaker Cable 8 ft - BananasSpeaker$139.00
Usher Audio R-1.5 Reference AmplifierSolid state$1,400.00
Croft Acoustics Micro 25 RLS / 7RS amp and preamp MintTube$3,500.00
Linn Silver 8m Balanced Interconnect - Pair+Quick ViewInterconnects$500.00
Music for sale (184 listings)TypeAsking
Duke Ellington Complete RCA Victor Recordings 1927-1973 (24 CDs) The Centennial Edition: Complete RCA Victor RecordingsJazz$275.00
The Kinks The Singles CollectionRock$25.00
AMOS 'N ANDY "Original Radio Broadcasts" - Golden Age Records 1981Other$20.00
MICHAEL JACKSON "Thriller" - Epic 1982 Early PressingRock$25.00
AL STEWART "24 Carrots" - Nautilus Super Disc 1981Rock$65.00
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA "Discovery" - Jet / CBS Canada Import 1st PressingRock$35.00
DONALD FAGEN "The Nightfly" - Warner Bros 1982 1st pressing Side 1 Hot StamperRock$80.00
STEELY DAN "The Royal Scam" - ABC Records 1976 1st pressing (no barcode)Rock$25.00
STEELY DAN "Gold" - MCA 1980 'Promo' R Ludwig MasteredRock$75.00
STEELY DAN "Katy Lied" - ABC Records 1976 1st pressingRock$20.00
STEELY DAN "Katy Lied" - ABC / Columbia Japan 1978 Audiophile ImportRock$60.00
THE DOOBIE BROTHERS "Best of the Doobies Part II" - Warner Brothers 1981 'Promo'Rock$40.00
THE DOOBIE BROTHERS "Toulouse Street" - Warner Brothers 1973Rock$20.00
FLEETWOOD MAC "Tusk" excerpts (2) - Warner Bros. 'Promo' 1979 Rare!Rock$100.00
FLEETWOOD MAC "Mirage" - Warner Bros. 1982 2 great sidesRock$30.00
FLEETWOOD MAC "Tango In The Night" - Warner Bros. 1987Rock$25.00
THE ROLLING STONES "Black & Blue" - Rolling Stones Records 1976 SEALEDRock$50.00
THE ROLLING STONES "Black and Blue" - RSR 1976 Mastered by SterlingRock$35.00
THE ROLLING STONES "Emotional Rescue" - RSR 1980Rock$10.00
THE ROLLING STONES "Love You Live" - RSR Promo set 1977 1st Press Sterling w/DJ Timing SheetRock$65.00
THE ROLLING STONES "Some Girls" - RSR 1978 'Banned Cover & Inner Sleeve' version!Rock$65.00
THE ROLLING STONES "Tattoo You" - RSR 1981 1st pressing mastered by R LudwigRock$30.00
THE ROLLING STONES "Under Cover" - RSR 1983 with 'Stickers'Rock$20.00
THE ROLLING STONES "Dirty Work" - Rolling Stones Records 1986Rock$10.00
DAVID BOWIE / MICK JAGGER "Dancing in the Street" - EMI 1985 45 rpmRock$20.00
America Hideaway LP NMRock$20.00
New Order 12 Inch Remix Sub-CultureRock$15.00
Justin Hayward Songwriter LP NM Deram LabelRock$21.00
Wang Chung Promo 12 EP don't let go + 2 nmRock$12.00
Angie Peppermint Lump Promo 45 With Sleeve Pete TownshendRock$18.00
Michael Nesmith Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma LP NMRock$20.00
Elvis Costello Trust LP NMRock$22.00
Judy Collins So Early In The Spring 2 LP White Label Promo Elektra LabelRock$36.00
Bob Dylan The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Falco Data De Groove Promo LP NMOther$15.00
Steve Hillage L UK Virgin Label LP NMRock$23.00
Mick Jagger Lets Work 12Inch EP NMRock$12.00
America Hearts LP NMRock$21.00
Brian Protheroe Pick-Up LP NMRock$15.00
Mark-Almond 73 LP NMRock$20.00
Santana Welcome Playback EP NMRock$25.00
Grace Jones Living My Life LP NMRock$23.00
Rudolf Serkin Schubert Trio No.2 White Label Promo LP NMClassical$15.00
Stravinsky The Soldier's Tale EMI UK LP NMClassical$15.00
Michael Brecker S/T LP NM MCA Impulse LabelJazz$21.00
John Lennon Woman 45 With Sleeve NMRock$12.00
Brian Jones(Rolling Stones) Presents The Pipes Of Pan At Joujouka White Label Promo LP NMRock$51.00
David Liebman Sweet Hands LP NMJazz$23.00
Bruce Springsteen Darkness On The Edge Of Town Promo Picture DiscRock$120.00
Billy Cobham Crosswinds LP NM Atlantic LabelJazz$22.00
Canned Heat Historical Figures BGO Label Import CD NMRock$12.00
Dwight Twilley Band Twilley Don't Mind LP NM Arista LabelRock$21.00
Dan Fogelberg Longer Promo 45 NMRock$11.00
Jo Jo Gunne Asylum Recordings Limited Edition CDRock$30.00
Captain & Tennille Song Of Joy LP NMPop$15.00
Utopia 2Lp Promo S/T Network Label NM Todd RundgrenRock$25.00
Benjamin Orr(The Cars) The Lace LP NMRock$22.00
The Section Fork It Over LP NMJazz$15.00
Billy Cobham Smokin' White Label Promo LP NMJazz$15.00
Jean-Pierre Rampal Denon Japan LP PCM Digital Vinyl LP NMClassical$20.00
Orleans II ABC Holland Vinyl LP NMRock$20.00
Herman Brood Cha Cha Live LP NMRock$20.00
Corky Siegel/Seiji Ozawa Street Music Promo 45 NM Polydor LabelLPs$12.00
Joe Farrell One Sided Promo promise me your love nmJazz$10.00
Wayne Henderson Emphasized White Label Promo LP NMJazz$15.00
Attitudes Good News Dark Horse Label NMRock$20.00
Elvis Costello Everyday I Write The Book 45 With SleeveRock$10.00
Narada Michael.Walden I Cry I Smile LP NMJazz$21.00
ELP Works Volume 1 2 LP Promo NM Atlantic LabelRock$40.00
Dan Siegel S/T LP NMRock$15.00
Bruce Springsteen Lucky Town Rare Vinyl LP NMRock$90.00
Paul Simon American Tune Promo 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Rainbow Bent Out Of Shape LP NMRock$15.00
Paice Ashton Lord(Deep Purple) Malice In Wonderland LP NMRock$15.00
Narada Michael Walden The Nature Of Things Remix 12 Inch Promo Single NMJazz$17.00
Elvis Presley Promised Land LP NMRock$22.00
Little River Band Sleeper-Catcher LP NMRock$15.00
Chicago VII CD NM Rhino LabelRock$10.00
Olivia Newton-John Come On Over LP NMPop$21.00
Paul McCartney & Wings Jet Apple Records 45 NMRock$12.00
David Bedford Rime Of The Ancient Mariner LP NM Mike Oldfield Guitar Virgin UK LabelRock$25.00
Bruce Springsteen 57 Channels Remix 12 Inch NMRock$16.00
PIL This Is What You Want This Is What You Get White Label Promo LP NMRock$25.00
Gonzalez Shipwrecked LP NMRock$15.00
Paula Abdul 2 X 12 Promo Vinyl My Love Is RealPop$21.00
Various Rock The World Radio Program LPRock$15.00
Jefferson Airplane Lather Rare 45 With SleeveRock$24.00
Michael Martin Murphey The Heart Never Lies LP NM Liberty LabelOther$13.00
Various Elektra Soul Festival From The Sun LP NMJazz$15.00
Brian/Brenda Russell World Called Love Rocket Records Label LP NMRock$21.00
Fat Mattress((Noel Redding) Fat Mattress II Atco Label LP NMRock$23.00
The Motels All Four One LP NMRock$15.00
Tom Johnston(Doobie Brothers) Everything You've Heard Is True LP NMRock$16.00
Mark-Almond To The Heart LP NMRock$21.00
Phil Lesh(Grateful Dead) Ned Lagin Seastones SQ Quadraphonic LP NMOther$53.00
David Bowie Hunky Dory CD NMRock$10.00
Neil Young Landing On Water CD NMRock$8.00
Bow Wow Wow Mickey,Put It Down 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Rita Coolidge S/T LP NM A & M LabelRock$20.00
Eric Andersen The Best Songs LP NM Arista LabelRock$16.00
New York City Band S/T LP NMRock$15.00
Pilot Morin Heights EMI UK LP NM Roy Thomas BakerRock$25.00
Van Cliburn Tchaikovsky Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos SACD Hybrid NMClassical$22.00
Grand Funk Shinin On LP NM 3-D Cover With GlassesRock$35.00
Frank Sinatra Theme From New York New York Promo 45 With SleeveLPs$23.00
David Hentschel Sta*ling Music Ring O' Records Label LP NMRock$30.00
Racing Cars Weekend Rendezvous LP NMRock$15.00
Lenny Bruce Carnegie Hall 3 LP Set NMOther$36.00
Herb Alpert Fandango LP NMJazz$15.00
Martin Mull I'm Everyone I've Ever Loved LP NM ABC LabelRock$21.00
Wet Willie Sampler Lp Take Ten LP NMRock$15.00
Michael Chapman Life On The Ceiling LP NMRock$15.00
Elvis Costello Spike 2 CD SetRock$22.00
Beach Boys Lady Lynda Promo 45 NMRock$12.00
Poco Rose Of Cimarron White Label Promo LP NMRock$21.00
The Beatles Promo Poster Anthology 2Rock$50.00
Christopher Cross Promo 12 Inch Single All Right NMRock$10.00
Inxs 12 Inch Promo EP Devil Inside RemixRock$15.00
Billy Idol 12 Inch Single White Wedding Chrysalis LabelRock$15.00
Glen Moore Introducing White Label Promo LP NMJazz$15.00
Simon/Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water 45 With SleeveRock$15.00
Zubin Mehta Tchaikovsky London UK LP NMClassical$21.00
Aerosmith Remember(Walking In The Sand) Promo 45 NMRock$15.00
Dion Born To Be With You Promo 45 Phil Spector Mono Stereo Big Tree Spector LabelRock$15.00
Bryan Ferry(Roxy Music) In Your Mind LP NMRock$20.00
Steve Winwood While You See A Chance 45 With Sleeve Island LabelRock$12.00
Masked Marauders S/T LPRock$20.00
Ian Thomas Band Goodnight Mrs. Calabash LP NMRock$15.00
Michael Murphey Flowing Free Forever LP NMOther$16.00
Ingrad Chavez Elephant Box 12 Inch EP NM Paisley Park RecordsOther$22.00
National Lampoon Lemmings LP NMRock$20.00
Steel Pulse 12 Inch Single soul of my soulOther$12.00
Bow Wow Wow Chiuahua Promo 12 Inch NM RCA LabelRock$20.00
George Harrison Teardrops(Edit) Promo 45 Mono Stereo Dark Horse LabelRock$12.00
Thomas Dolby Dolby's Cube UK 12 Inch NMRock$12.00
Christopher Cross Arthur's Theme(Best That You Can Do) 45 With SleevePop$15.00
Pretenders Louie Louie Promo 45 Mono StereoRock$12.00
Richie Furay(Poco) Dance A Little Light White Label Promo LP NMRock$21.00
David Laflamme White Bird Autographed LP NMRock$36.00
The B-52s Planet Claire Promo 45 With SleeveRock$20.00
Bobby & The Midnites(Bob Weir) Where The Beat Meets The Street LP NMRock$15.00
Wings Arrow Through Me Promo 45 With NMRock$12.00
Johnny Rivers Outside Help LP NMRock$16.00
Wings Give Ireland Back To The Irish 45 With Sleeve Apple RecordsRock$21.00
Genesis No Reply At All Promo 45 Long & Short VersionsRock$10.00
CSN War Games Promo 45 NM Atlantic RecordsRock$12.00
Beautiful Peple(Featuring Jimi Hendrix) Rilly Groovy 12 Inch EP NMRock$20.00
Mick Jagger Ruthless People 45 With SleeveRock$12.00
Sting Mercury Falling A & M France CDRock$12.00
Roxy Music Take A Chance With Me 45 With Sleeve Warner/EG LabelRock$20.00
Randy Newman Paul Simon The Blues 45 With SleeveRock$10.00
Gregg Diamond Star Cruiser LP NMJazz$15.00
George Harrison My Sweet Lord Apple Records 45 NMRock$12.00
Elvis Costello & The Attractions Watch Your Step Promo 45 NMRock$8.00
Rita Coolidge Heartbreak Radio LP NM A & M LabelRock$16.00
Poco Head Over Heels LP NMRock$13.00
David Bowie Mick Jagger Dancing In The Street Promo 45 With SleeveRock$17.00
Wings With A Little Luck 45 NM Capitol LabelRock$11.00
Dire Straits Lp Extended Dance Play Near MintAlternative$7.00
Various Various Vinyl Audiophile Record CollectionVintage LPs$3,000.00
Dire Straits Lp Extended Dance Play Near MintAlternative$7.00
Mark Isham Film Music windham hill germany cdAlternative$16.00
Mark Isham Film Music windham hill germany cdAlternative$16.00
Nektar Recycled Japan Mini-LP Sleeve CDAlternative$20.00
Nektar Recycled Japan Mini-LP Sleeve CDAlternative$20.00
pink floyd division bell japan lp cdAlternative$21.00
the eagles hotel california japan lp cdAlternative$21.00
roger waters radio kaos japan lp cdAlternative$20.00
roger waters amused to death japan lp cdAlternative$20.00
Michael Jackson "Thriller" produced by Quincy JonesAlternative$15.00
Cat Stevens Budda and the Chocolate Box A & M stereoAlternative$7.00
ELTON JOHN LP-- ELTON JOHN-- rare orig 1970 album on UNI RecordsLPs$25.00
EARL GRANT LP-- PARIS IS MY BEAT-- rare orig 1960 album on Decca RecordsLPs$20.00
GLENN YARBROUGH LP-- AND THE HAVENSTOCK RIVER BAND-- rare orig 1971 album on ImpressLPs$15.00
THE SALSOUL ORCHESTRA LP-- MAGIC JOURNEY-- rare orig 1977 album--in shrinkLPs$20.00
SOUTH PACIFIC LP-- SOUNDTRACK-- rare orig 1958 SEALED ALBUM on RCA VictorLPs$35.00
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