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Steve Blinn Designs our NEW Monarch Rack, our all out assault on SOTA [Expired]

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We built our very first product a little over six years ago. We've built approximately 1000 equipment racks and amp stands since then, and we have been adding to our knowledge base almost every day of those six years.
With that knowledge in hand, we have developed our brand new MONARCH line of equipment racks and amp stands. We have endeavored to improve on just about every aspect of our original world class equipment racks and amp stands which, by the way, will continue to be built and will remain a very important segment of our product lines.
The following represent some of the improvements and upgrades which have been incorporated into our new Monarch line:
2" thick solid maple shelves replace our standard 1.5" thick shelves.
Double size 3" by 1.5" aluminum support extrusions replace standard 1.5" by 1.5" extrusions.
Stronger hidden fasteners replace standard L-bracket supports.
Aluminum decorative end caps with special spanner bolts replace the standard plastic end caps with push pin fasteners.
The maple shelves are supported by numerous 1.5" diameter copolymer bumpers (amount dependant on dimension of shelves) replacing standard 7/16" diameter bumpers.
Proprietary spring mechanisms dampen and absorb both in and out lateral vibrations in the maple shelves.
Every shelf is infinitely adjustable vertically .
Wood trim maple (matching shelf finish) is included in base price. This is an extra cost option on our standard rack and amp stand line.
Load capacity of shelves, beyond imagination.
Monarch racks and amp stands are fitted with heavy adjustable spikes.
Aluminum is available in standard silver anodized aluminum finish or optional (extra cost) black anodized aluminum.
Maple shelves can be finished with your choice of our 8 stains or optional extra charge black lacquer.


The 3 shelf Monarch equipment rack pictured in this ad has maple shelves that are 40" wide by 18" deep. The overall dimensions of the rack are 45" wide by 18" deep by 32" high
The beautiful satin black lacquer finish for each maple shelf of this size is $185, Black anodizing option for the aluminum of this size rack is $365
Racks are available with shelves single component wide (approx. 20" to 24" +/-), two components side by side (approx. 38" to 44" +/-) and three components side by side (approx. 58" to 64" or more). Depth of shelves for any width rack is 18" to 22" (and anything in between in 1/16th" increments). 1 to 5 shelves are available for any rack.
The following heights are offered for your convenience and should be considered a starting point to estimate your overall rack height needs:
2 shelf racks are 20" tall, 3 shelf racks are 32" tall, 4 shelf racks are 43" tall and 5 shelf racks are 54" tall. Please keep in mind that we can produce virtually any width, depth, height or number of shelves you require.

Please take a moment to read what the professionals have to say. Check out a review, of our original equipment rack, written by Howard Kneller which appeared in "Home Theater & Sound".


We are always here to answer your questions. Feel free to call Steve at (917) 361-4701...(7 days a week) or email us at