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Elijah Audio Super Short Silver USB Cable without the Power lead [Expired]

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: You can't improve the audio signal, you can only reduce the degradation .....

Elijah Audio presents the first Super Short Silver USB cable, without the power lead
We only utilise Data+, Data- and a Gnd lead to allow a cleaner, less polluted signal to reach your DAC or SPDIF converter
The leads are manufactured from 22 AWG Swiss made, coated Silver wire, then encased in vibration absorbing thick cotton tubes and tightly braided
A special damping technique is applied to the plugs to reduce resonance in the USB plug shell
The short length ( 100mm between the plugs) and tight braiding means no sheilding is required, resulting in a more open and natural sound
** PLEASE NOTE** because our cables have no power lead, they can only be used with components that have their own or an external 5v power supply or battery pack etc..

We can also provide custom lengths and configurations ( eg. separate battery lead )
Email precise details for quote - length requred, plug type etc

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee *
( Guarantee not available for customised versions)

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*** $70.00 *** - SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE - for one week, until 5 th April 2012

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