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12AU7 Preamplifier SRPP DIY [Expired]

no longer for sale

Item Description

This preamp is fully hand crafted. It features full point-to-point wiring, 12AU7 in cathode follower configuration for lower output impedance. The top knob is the volume control, and the one on the front is the input selector (3 Inputs). It features DC filaments for quiet operation, plenty of filter capacitance on the B+, toroidal power transformer for vibration free operation.

- +/- 1 db from 10hz – 30+Khz (Stopped testing there because it is really kind of pointless unless you are a bat)

- Gain is about 10-12 depending of the 12AU7 variant

- Gold plated RCA connectors.

- All Metal Film 1% resistors in the signal path.

I will include old stock tubes (Various brands, etc). I try to build a great product, but keep the cost down for my buyers.

I pack and ship very securely and quickly. I have been building and selling tube gear for about 8 years now, and have many satisfied customers.

I rate everything 8/10 because it is hand crafted. This preamp is in exellent physical condition as you can see in the images.

Price includes shipping in the CONUS at my asking price.

Thank you for looking!