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Magnepan XO-1 Crossover [Expired]

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Item Description

For sale is a Magnepan XO-1 passive bi-amp crossover with owner’s manual. It is factory supplied with .015 high pass capacitors to run to the full range top amp of your choice. The low outs are unrestricted full bypass with dual attenuators to control the signal up or down to your bass panel amp for balancing outputs of the top and low amp (s).

XO-1 has left and right preamp RCA input jacks and dual high and low RCA output jacks. The box can be changed for the high pass output frequency by changing the internal capacitors. Magnepan can supply you with the capacitors of your requirements or you can buy them off the shelf to fit your needs.

The XO-1 box is typically used to run Magnepan 3 series speakers as the top speaker and Tympani bass panels for the bass. It is basically a high impedance high pass signal splitter with attenuators for the low output signal.

So theoretically XO-1 could be use as a high pass box straight into any speaker amp with the attenuated bass outputs going to your subwoofer amp.

For complete details and the owners manual do a search for DIYAudio dot com and Biamping Magnepan Typani IVa's with the XO-1

Will sell for 75 dollars by PayPal shipped by USPS to USA only.