Musica Pristina A CAPPELLA Network & Library Player - Haswell i7 Latest Powerful Processor [Expired]

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T.H.E. Show, Newport Beach, CA 2013. Lotus Group Room (with Musica Pristina A Cappella server) received prestigious Positive Feedback Audio Oasis! Award:

“…superb room, with exceptionally musical presentation. I am delighted to give them a PFO Audio Oasis! Award... it's well deserved! "

“I could hear immediately that I was in the presence of "very special!"
- David Robinson - Editor Positive Feedback Magazine

Musica Pristina Players are built on a combination of: a) the best hardware we could find and engineer; and b) our proprietary software environment which is responsible for the sound quality of playback as well as how easy the server is to use. (Upgradeability is also a must in the design of this rapidly evolving technology!)

The power suppl and, the handling of the electrical signal and the processing power of the CPU are probably the most important components in hardware design of any music server. We engineered a state-of-the-art linear stand-alone power supply (High current - 16 A at peak ; Ultra-low ripple < 3 mV p-p Full Load). Proprietary ultra low noise DC-DC Convertors and a number of other vitally important parts like “Music Rails” by Bybee Labs are used in managing the quality of the electrical signals. This guarantees highly stable and ultra-low noise electrical signals dramatically improving the sound quality. [NOTE: Please do not be lured into thinking that a standard PC power supply that produces 30+ Amps of power will sound great. First, the quality of the very first Ampere is supremely important--and supplying access to additional "dirty power" does not really clean up that first Amp. Also, we listened to many switching PSUs, many suggested by fellow audiophiles, and while they sounded nice, they do not compare.]

A Cappella is a truly SILENT player with no moving parts. The chassis itself serves as a heatsink, removing the need for even a safety fan. The library edition features solid state drives (SSD), expandable beyond a full Terabyte with name brand (and its crucial!) drives. When purchased with an optical drive for ripping music, a "software switch" is included that kills power to the drive, electrically and audibly eliminating it from the system.

The audio data processing is centered around the most powerful, the latest (4th) generation of Intel i7 “Haswell” processor. This chip is supremely powerful, and yet extremely energy efficient (only 45W TDP) minimizing the harmful heat output. Consequently, A Cappella is characterized by astounding DPC Latency (< 18us) during playback. [Latency ”for the rest of us” can be thought as the measure of difficulty for the CPU to access and process audio data and in A Cappella it's simply outstanding!] This impacts the jitter and resulting sound quality immensely.

The hardware alone is not enough for perfection; software that allows its operator to effortlessly communicate his desires is required to convert a music server into a truly pleasing experience. Our playback environment does this, without sacrificing the ability to optimize complex hardware and thus maximize the purity of the output audio.

Our User Interface Software is extremely simple. Nobody likes to read an 800 page manual describing how to operate their toaster! On the other hand, many music lovers, particularly classical music enthusiasts, need highly detailed yet easy-to-use tagging capability on demand. So that's what we built! It is important to note that the interface tools we use offer essentially no coloration to the sound quality of playback. This is where our proprietary playback software environment, developed in collaboration with engineers from Microsoft, is the key to pristine sound reproduction in our Players!

A Cappella plays all popular media formats “bit perfect” , including 32 bit 384 kHz audio files. The “Home Theater” Editions also output up to 3D High Definition video (separate TV set is required).

All Musica Pristina servers store and play DSD files. For those with DACs that can only accept PCM, our servers can convert DSD to PCM on the fly for a truly stunning experience. DSD content played from the server sounds heavenly and this feature eliminates the need to own optical storage based SACD Player ever!!!

Optional hardware is also of the highest quality (e.g. built-in DAC by Weiss Engineering from Switzerland, SPDIF outputs by M2Tech and more)

Our servers are offered with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If you don't agree that your Player is the best sounding source you have ever owned, simply send it back for a complete refund. No hard feelings and no restocking fee.

When instead you find yourself unable to leave your listening room for hours at a time, all we ask is that you help us share the joy. Tell a friend, write a review or leave feedback. Just don't keep it to yourself.

Recent Reviews

. " …the Musica Pristina software is easier to use than JRiver, and MUCH less prone to bugs…. as a classical listener I found Musica Pristina to be much better suited to my needs than CAPS2/JRiver and other software and servers. With my own file naming system, incorporating composer, genre, and piece in the filename, Musica Pristina allows me to… avoid the inevitable problems of metadata that simply does not work for classical listeners in many instances…

…most important, the Musica Pristina software (and hardware) support is on an entirely different level …. First, the technical people assisted greatly with determining my needs and the precise configuration I needed before I placed an order. For someone who is not already extremely knowledgeable about computer audio, this is invaluable. Once the computer arrived, it got even better….”

-Dennis G. San Francisco, CA [for full review, see: ]

“The Musica Pristina’s Server is one of the most musical pieces of audio equipment I have ever owned. It has pace and attack that few can match, let alone even compete with. It excels in clarity, transparency and depth of sound stage. In short the music just flows mesmerizing from the Virtuoso. It is amazing how soon one gets lost in the music and forget the system itself. The Musica Pristina server can be listen to for hours on end, there is absolutely no listener fatique whatsoever “

- Rafael D. Denver Co [for full review, see:]

Base Models

A Cappella | Network Player (A-NP1) [$4799 MSRP]
This immaculately pristine edition features the following items below.

•12 A RMS Linear Regulated Power Supply - with Bybee Lab Music Rails & Premium HEXFRED diode bridge
•EMI Rejecting DC Power Cable
•Fanless Aluminum Chassis
•60 GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
•CPU: Intel Core i7 4th Generation "Haswell" Processor
•RAM: 8 GB Extremely Low Latency RAM (CL7)
•Windows 8
•Plays files using USB 2/3 HDD, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Ethernet and WiFi
•Available in Aluminum or Black

A Cappella | Library Player (A-LP1) [$5499 MSRP]
This edition features the same setup as the T-NP1, with the addition of a Solid State Drive (SSD) based library, adding the ability to rip and store audio files with No Moving Parts, No Vibration and No Mechanical Noise.

• 512 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) *
• Switched High-speed CD Ripping Drive (Drive may be powered off)
* Windows is installed on separate 60 GB Intel SSD

A Cappella | Dual Chassis (A-DC1) [$6499 MSRP]
In the A-DC1, the music player lives in the bottom chassis, while the power supply and additional storage find their homes in a matching, and isolated, top chassis. A plethora of storage options are available to meet your needs.

The A-DC1 is outfitted with all the features of the A-NP1, plus:
• Additional heatsink capacity for the PSU. Less Heat = Less Noise
• Enhanced filtering on the PSU

A Cappella Customizations
Customized Internal M2Tech HiFace RCA or BNC [ +$200 ]
Customized Internal M2Tech Digital XLR or I2S Out [ +$650 ]
Blu-ray Upgrade + Ripping Software [ +$300 ] It replaces the CD Drive from base unit.
For more detailed information on Upgrades and Specifications see Musica Pristina web site here on Audiogon []

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