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Shunyata Python Zitron S/PDIF Digital 1 meter RCa [Expired]

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S/PDIF Python Zitron 1 meter digital RCA cable for sale. Simply put this is without a doubt the best value in digital interconnects on the market equaling or exceeding cables that cost up to 5 times as much. This cables is less than 5 months old.

This cable is designed to be used as part of a total Shunyata Zitron signal and power system. Although there is no doubt that there is a synergy that occurs when one’s system is totally Zitron equipped, this cable is also excellent by itself and was first introduced into my system replacing more expensive Nordost S/PDIF cable with a clear and substantial improvement. When the Python Zitron interconnects and Anaconda Zitron speaker cables were added I was in heaven because of the blackest noise floor I had ever heard, greatest subtlety of detail and absolutely no harshness

The Python Zitron S/PDIF RCA cable is the better of Shunyata’s two Zitron digital offerings. In the opinion of Caelin Gabriel, Shunyata’s founder and chief designer, the Python Zitron S/PDIF RCA cable is the single best and most impressive application of the Zitron technology, providing the best sound improvement per dollar in his entire Zitron line.

With each addition of the Zitron technology equipped cables, power cords and Triton my system (tube preamp, Meitner DAC, SS amp, electrostats and twin JL subwoofers) kept improving to new levels that greatly exceeded by a large margin anything I had achieved previously, including a total Nordost Valhalla equipped system.

In fact it is my absolute musical excitement from sound of the Shunyata Zitron system that necessitates the sale of this Zitron Python digital S/DIFF RCA cable, Python Zitron interconnects and speaker wire because after the sound improvement rendered by these cable and other Zitron additions, I decided to buy a Spectral amp, the ONE amp that does not seem to like the Zitron interconnects and speaker wire. Sadly these cables and speaker wire do not sound at all like themselves when hooked up to the Spectral. Wanting to keep the system approach on the signal side, I am selling my entire Zitron signal pathway.

So my loss is your gain at one fifth it cost me to buy the correct cables and speaker wire to allow the Spectral to sound its best. I will gladly sell the Python Zitron S/PDIFF RCA cable separately or, if you wish to do as I did and go for the whole or partial signal path which I have for sale, which includes a Python Zitron S/PDIFF digital cable, two Python Zitron XLR interconnects and Anaconda Zitron speaker wire, I will make you a package deal.

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