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Aesthetix ABCD - 1 Benz MC Demagnetizer [Expired]

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Item Description

I have for sale an Aesthetix Benz MC Cartridge Demagnetizer. Does your cartridge sound a little flat? Help breathe new life into it with the Aesthetix ABCD-1 MC Cartridge Demagnetizer! Every week or two plug the RCA connectors from your tonearm cable into this battery operated device and it will gently demagnetize the coils inside your cartridge. Simply put, the Aesthetix neutralizes the unwanted magnetic charge inside the moving coil generating system, restoring full performance in a matter of minutes. Demagnetizing your moving coil cartridge with the Aesthetix will prolong the life of your phono cartridge while recovering the dynamics, nuance and emotion of your favorite LPs. Highly recommended!

This comes with the original packaging and materials , and is in absolutely mint, like new, working condition.