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vacuum tube Valley all 20 issues 1995-2004 free pp/shipping
$145.0029 DaysTubes
Valve Art 5300B Rugged pair tubes plus VA 300B single free pp/shipping
$175.0029 DaysTubes
Tung Sol KT120 five tubes nearly new in box free pp/shipping
$165.0029 DaysTubes
Sovtek 6550 WE quad tubes lightly used----cheap! free pp/shipping
$60.0029 DaysTubes
Svetlana SED winged C 6l6gc four tubes NEW free pp/shipping
$175.0029 DaysTubes
mullard 12au7 vintage tube pair+Quick View
$150.0029 DaysTubes
rca 12fq7 green tip top for quicksilver amps+Quick View
$200.0029 DaysTubes
New! Emission Labs 45 Mesh Plate vacuum tubes
$629.0029 DaysTubes
$100.0029 DaysTubes
$125.0029 DaysTubes
Mullard labeled Sylvania EL34 / 6CA7 xf2 Pair plus 2
$300.0028 DaysTubes
Adzam Holland 6SL7 NEW in box Upscale Audio free pp/shipping
$110.0028 DaysTubes
RCA 6SL7 GT 3 pairs NOS NIB tubes free pp/shipping
$125.0028 DaysTubes
$399.9927 DaysTubes
Eletro-Harmonix KT88 EH, Telefunken GZ34
$28.0027 DaysTubes
Raytheon JAN-CRP-5814WA NOS Triple Mica Short Black Plate, Square Getter
$1.004 DaysTubes
RCA JAN 5814WA NOS 12AU7 Equivalent
$1.004 DaysTubes
Matsushita 7189 Matched pair
$1.004 DaysTubes
National CCa NOS National CCa signal tubes, matched pair
$1.004 DaysTubes
Amperex 12AX7 Matched pair and a spare!
$9.004 DaysTubes
Genalex Gold Lion KT77 Cryoset factory matched pair
$1.004 DaysTubes
SED Winged C KT88 Quad WANTED
$1.0027 DaysTubes
$280.0026 DaysTubes
EUROPEAN RTT Germany 6sn7 gtb HOLY GRAIL truly matched tubes pair NOS
$80.0024 DaysTubes
Western Electric 300B Tube Matched Pair - Sept 2001 Dates+Quick View
Russian Rare NOS 6SN7/1587 Rare Hole Plates Melz Matched Pair+Quick View
$175.0023 DaysTubes
Svetlana 6550C 6550 KT88 NIB quad
$150.0022 DaysTubes
Amperex White Label 7308 E188CC military grade same code
$280.0022 DaysTubes
GE - General Electric NOS 12AX7 1963 Pair+Quick View
$65.0022 DaysTubes
Genelax Gold Lion PX300B 300B tubes, brand new matched pair !+Quick View
$329.0022 DaysTubes
KR Audio 2A3 tubes brand new factory matched pair+Quick View
$728.0022 DaysTubes
Mullard Blackburn 12AU7 ECC82 NOS best pair from 1965!
$110.0021 DaysTubes
Amperex Bugle Boy 7316 ECC186 NOS from 1959 best pair
$335.0021 DaysTubes
National Union (?) 12AU7 A NOS US Blackplate (50) tubes+Quick View
$500.0019 DaysTubes
$89.0018 DaysTubes
Foton 2K2M Rare pentod+Quick View
$10.0018 DaysTubes
Reflector 6E1P/6BR5/EM80 Magic eye tube+Quick View
$7.0018 DaysTubes
Reflector 6P14P-EV=EL84=6BQ5 Output pentode, hi-durable+Quick View
$12.0018 DaysTubes
$73.0018 DaysTubes
Telefunken EL34
$82.0018 DaysTubes
Novosibirsk 6N6P Vintage Vacuum Double Triode+Quick View
$3.0017 DaysTubes
Tung-sol matched quad 6550 black plate Super rare 1960 Taking trade on it
$1,600.0017 DaysTubes
Ulianovsk 6C33C-B Amp Triod Tube+Quick View
$25.0017 DaysTubes
Svetlana Tubes GMI-30 Rare modulator triode+Quick View
$300.0017 DaysTubes
$199.0016 DaysTubes
Amperex 6922 PQ D getter Matching pair Made in Holland+Quick View
$400.0015 DaysTubes
JINVINA 6SN7 tubes - matched pair Less than 50 hours
$150.0014 DaysTubes
Chelmer 300B matched pair Tubes From UK+Quick View
$295.0014 DaysTubes
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