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Emission Labs 300B-XLS Tubes (matched pair)
$650.0028 DaysTubes
Phillips 6188 / 6SL7 GT Premium 6SL7 GT
$100.0028 DaysTubes
RCA 5670/2C51/396a Black plates
$50.0028 DaysTubes
TungSol 6SL7 GT Current production
$50.0028 DaysTubes
Hitachi labled HitRay 6SL7 GT made in Japan
$200.0028 DaysTubes
$109.9528 DaysTubes
2 - AMPEREX 6DJ8 / ECC88 Same Date Codes Made in Holland
$45.0027 DaysTubes
Telefunken & Mullard 10M Master Series 12AX7/ECC83 Tubes
$45.0026 DaysTubes
Baldwin Raytheon 12ax7 Audio Vacuum Tubes
$50.0026 DaysTubes
MULLARD 12AU7 - Matched Pair, Cryo, Russia Reissue - Upscale Audio, bought this month!
$88.0026 DaysTubes
Sylvania 6SN7GT 3 holes plate Bad Boy matching quad+Quick View
$440.0025 DaysTubes
Tung-Sol 6550 Original 60's tubes+Quick View
$600.0024 DaysTubes
$195.0022 DaysTubes
$60.0021 DaysTubes
Russian Winged C EL34s in original boxes-matched pair +matched trio of Sovtek EL34s
$145.0021 DaysTubes
Siemens CCa Finest 6922 tube+Quick View
$250.0015 DaysTubes
Amperex 12AX7/ECC83 big O getter matching pair+Quick View
$170.0015 DaysTubes
JAN-CTL-TUNGSOL 6SU7 GTY (6SL7) BLACK GLASS, 1940's last of the best ever!
$150.0014 DaysTubes
Ultron 6SL7 GT RARE ! West Germany
$100.0014 DaysTubes
Tungsram 12AX7 Matched Pair
$95.0014 DaysTubes
Elrog 845 Tubes New In Box Matched Pair
$950.0014 DaysTubes
Telefunken 12AX7 early type 17mm NOS in box 1 pair
$385.0014 DaysTubes
Sylvania JAN-CHS 6SN7GT 3 holes Bad Boy+Quick View
$560.0012 DaysTubes
$120.0010 DaysTubes
Valvo tubes 6BQ5 EL84 tubes true matched pair
$60.008 DaysTubes
ECC85 6AQ8 Tubes Three Pairs Original Boxes+Quick View
$35.007 DaysTubes
$440.007 DaysTubes
Emission Labs EML 45 Mesh Matched Pair
$475.007 DaysTubes
New! Emission Labs 50 Power Triode
$743.006 DaysTubes
New! Emission Labs 300B vacuum tubes
$572.006 DaysTubes
TUNG-SOL KT 120 Quad Tested
$140.005 DaysTubes
Rare MULLARD Great-Britain 12ax7 ECC83 long plates f92 strong matched tube quad
$222.005 DaysTubes
Amperex Holland 5AR4 GZ34 test NOS HOLY GRAIL
$80.005 DaysTubes
Svetlana Tubes 6E5S+Quick View
$15.004 DaysTubes
Reflektor 6E1P~em80 6br5+Quick View
$5.004 DaysTubes
Rogers 2A3 triode black plates test NOS matched tube pair
$260.004 DaysTubes
Sophia Electric Princess 300B mesh plate matched pair light used demo pair with great sound
$299.992 DaysTubes