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Meridian G98 [Expired]

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Item Description

If you are looking at this you are already aware of what an awesome CD/DVD player Meridian offers. I still remember my disappointment (in the BDP) when I compared the G98 to a lesser BluRay disc player that I had just purchased switching "Avatar" from DVD on the G98 to BRD on the BluRay player. I returned the BluRay player the same day. I finally found a BDP that outperformed and provided the network media player and rendering capability I was looking for and I'm just not using this G98 anymore. So I'm reluctantly letting it go.

I am the original owner. The G98 will ship complete with owner's manual, remote, accessories, in the original box. Rated a 7/10 due to 2 small nicks on the top of the front panel. I touched these up with flat black paint and one would have to look hard to notice. Worth the price just to play CD/DVD-A. Can also be programed to serve as a controller in a stereo setting.
When you look at that last will realize this is a bargain at the asking price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!