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Van den Hul Colibri XGP Reference mk2 boxed, new! [Expired]

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Item Description

Dear Analogue Lovers, I offer for sale my personal new and never used Van den Hul Colibri XGP Reference cartridge. It is one of the most expensive cartridges in his program, except the platinum wood version. This beauty is retail 5600 Euro in Europe.
It has the latest gold coils that will give you a comfortable 0,38 mV measured at 5.6 sec/cm. It has the large black poly carbonate body with 4 holes. Advised effective arm mass is between 8 and 14 gram. This can be adjusted by Van den Hul on special demand. But in this setting it should cover most arms. Advised load for your phono amp is 100- 200 Ohm. However you are free to experiment, just listen what brings you the best sound. These new type Colibri’s have a improved bass sound and very good dynamics. Especially the open three dimensional sound will struck you. My first experience comparing it with my Dynavector XV1-s, was like the curtains were opened. Looking through the music. Since then I am a Van den Hul addict. I have a few VDH cartridges but now it is time to make some money for a new tone arm. So here is your chance to own one of the finest cartridges in the world, all hand crafted by the artisan A.J. Van den Hul. The cartridge has never played so you will need to burn it in for 300 hours to get maximum results. It is easy to set up. It comes complete with the special original mounting bolts and a precision mini spirit level.
The wood box is hand signed by Van den Hul.
Payment using paypal ad 4%.