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VALVET soulphono MM/MC tube phono amp - handmade in Germany [Expired]

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Item Description

VALVET from Germany celebrates its 25th Anniversary. We offer a 20% discount on all Valvet orders throughout the entire March (USA & Canada only).

Brand new - Valvet's top-line phono pre. Knut Cornils worked several years on the development of this phono pre, and it was well worth it!

The soulphono employs 2 double triodes per channel. Two directly coupled stages in one intelligent circuit.

In fact you are looking at a very extravagant phonostage.

Valvet uses selected ECC83 (12AX7) and ECC81 (12AT7) valve in a 2-stage circuit with a passive RIAA correction network. All parts in this network are selected for less than 1% tolerance. All transformers are pure silver hand wound as is the internal signal path.

It comes with 4 inputs, Moving Magnet and also Moving Coil cartridges can be connected, and 1 output (RCA). The left knob is the input selector (MC 1:10, MC 1:20, MM, MM). With the right knob you can choose the MM load between 47pF, 100pF, 150pF and 220pF LI.

The circuit uses no overall feedback for breathtaking dynamics and pur "being there" feeling.

The external power supply uses a powerful torodial transformer and a solid-state rectifier, since this design has proven to be advantageous for the sound of the soulphono.

No component-overkill, but perfect working conditions for the soulphono. All housing components are made of aluminum, between 4 und 12mm thick. Pre-amp and power supply rest on Millennium Audio M-Puck feet (value of $700).

The soulphono shows exceptional detail, dynamics, timbre, 3-dimensionality and sound stage and can compete with the best and most expensive phonoamps on the market.