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VAC - Valve Amplification Company 300.1 Amazing Amp(s) to 2 good sonic Homes [Expired]

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After 3 years of GREAT PERFORMANCE, my well-cared-for Amps are FOR SALE. I have loved the 300.1s (I am the original owner), and will be very sad to see them go. I am UPGRADING to the new top of the VAC line, the Statement 450's. My amps are in excellent condition, and I have not heard them bested by any other amps, anywhere at anytime for under $80K RETAIL.

The sense of TRANSPARENCY, MUSICALITY, SPEED, POWER AND DYNAMICS that each amp brings to the table is extraordinary. Each is suitable for use with speakers ranging from high efficiency to the most difficult and demanding. When combined with the LEGENDARY BUILD QUALITY and the UNPARALLELED SUPPORT VAC is known for, you've got a pretty unbeatable combination.

Upon purchase, if the buyer(s) want(s), I will ship these amp(s) to VAC to ensure they are cosmetically and operationally as they should be, and then have VAC ship to the buyer(s).

EACH of these 300.1 amps for sale can be used as a standalone stereo amp at 150w/channel, and are very impressive so configured. For most systems, depending upon speakers, etc., it will only take 1 of these amps to put you firmly into the REALM OF the VAC MAGIC. I believe the first 40w or so are Class A - VAC would know for sure. YOU WILL WONDER HOW YOU WENT SO LONG WITHOUT THIS AMP - I SURE DID!!

In some larger systems/rooms requiring even more power, there is something TRULY SPECIAL about 300w of VAC TUBE POWER per side. If you've heard it, you know. If not, you can only imagine and then buy this pair to have your imagination come true!! Either way, the amps are incredible and are being offered either individually (2 people get a DEAL) or together (1 person gets a DEAL).

Each amp has a fully functional BIAS METER, allowing for very fine tuning of bias for each of the KT-88s, extending TUBE LIFE. All 8 power tubes of each were REPLACED a few years ago with VAC's highest-grade premium SC-KT-88s. Very quiet tubes and great dependability. I will miss not having the bias meters, which neither the 300.1a's nor the 450's have - they are very classy looking and add a nice sense of style.

I could write many paragraphs extolling the virtues of these amps, which are many and have been repeated often by those who own, have heard and/or have reviewed these amps. There is a very good reason why they rarely come up for sale here - NOBODY WANT TO GIVE THEIRS UP!! The VAC MID-RANGE and HIGHS are WORLD-REKNOWN, but what surprised me even more was the way these amps handle BASS. The realism, power and drive are truly substantial, easily comparable to the very best solid state has to offer.

THESE WOULD NEVER BE FOR SALE IF I WASN'T UPGRADING. They are priced separately as above and can be purchased either individually or as a pair. I personally experienced a much greater improvement in my system than I had anticipated when I added the 2nd amp, but each situation will vary. I was quite happy for many months with only 1 amp until the opportunity to get a 2nd presented itself about 6 months later.

**ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED** Will ship in domestic USA if you meet my price of $10,750. each ($20K cur. retail). I can be reached directly on my cell at 303-748-6638

Prefer Paypal (please add 4%), bank wire transfers or US Postal money orders. Buyer(s) to pay shipping and insurance fees. No international sales outside North America at this time, unless in guaranteed US funds and you make me an offer(s) I simply can't refuse... :-).

Thank you and Happy Listening!.

NOTE: Perfect 34/102 feedback since 2005 under "fplanner2000".


150 watt/channel stereo amplifier
300 watt mono amplifier (bridge mode via switch setting)
*Gain (level controls at maximum): 36 dB, SE/stereo; 30 dB, balanced/stereo; 37 dB SE/mono; 31 dB balanced/mono
*Bypassable channel level controls (useful for fine tuning biamplification systems or acoustic channel balance)
*Frequency response 4 Hz to 75 kHz
*Power bandwidth 13 Hz to 70 kHz
*Single-ended input via RCA jack, non-inverting
*Balanced input via XLR jack, non-inverting relative to pin 2 ("pin 2 hot", EIA old RCA broadcast/recording standard); amp is fully balanced in this mode
*Residual noise typically 700 microvolts at the speaker terminals
*12 volt triggers
*Illuminated logo; may be switched off
*Dimensions: 17.8" wide, 18.25" front to back (not including knobs or connectors), 9.75" high
*Shipping weight 128 lbs.
*8 x KT88, 4 x 6SN7
*Detachable power cord, standard IEC power receptacle