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Usher Mini Dancer 2s Violin Finish in Arizona [Expired]

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Reduced to $2475

FS: My Usher Mini Dancer 2s in the beautiful (and hard to find) violin finish which is a little lighter than their walnut. I believe their design goal was to emulate Sonus Faber speakers.

Please read the review in The Absolute Sound by Chris Martens. He goes into great detail on the sound and build quality. I can’t describe it better except to add that they opened up a window into the music that I had not heard from other more expensive speakers I have owned. They also surprised me with how they image like a monitor speaker and truly disappear. The overall sound quality is stunning!

The Ushers are very efficient (90db) and worked well with a number of tube and SS amps I used.

These speakers have the beryllium tweeter that won all the awards for the Mini2 and Tiny Dancer. Absolutely a world class tweeter! I have had the Tiny Dancers and the Mini 2s added the realistic midrange I was looking for.

These speakers are in Arizona and available to audition for serious buyers. I do have the boxes for shipping.

Please see my 100+ positive feedbacks and buy with confidence.

The only cosmetic issues I can find are a 2 little indents at the top back of each speaker. Not visible when listening and hard to find when walking around the speakers.