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Synergistic Research FEQ - Frequency Equalizer - satisfaction guarantee 30-day money back [Expired]

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Item Description

This is a brand new development from the innovative Californian company Synergistic Research, Inc. This device, placed in the listening room makes a dramatic improvement to the sound. The FEQ (Frequency Equalizer) is an active device, available in 120V (with US plug) and 240V (with Schuko plug). Place the FEQ (7 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches in size) behind your stereo or home cinema system, approximately the middle of the room close to the wall, or between your main speakers, plug it in, turn it on and let it do its magic.

The effect of Synergistic’s HFT (High Frequency Transducers) will be multiplied with the use of the FEQ (Frequency Equalizer).

Big improvement for your system and your listening room!

- Actively enhances system performance and room acoustics
- Lends weight and definition to low frequencies
- Dramatically improves high frequency air and refinement
- Improves mid-range palpability
- Significantly expands soundstage layering
- Multiplies the benefits of HFTs in system and room
- Like a Tranquility Base for your listening room
- Unconditional no-risk 30-day money back guarantee
- Available for 120V and 240V
- $750 international retail price

Customer Feedback:
"...picked up 3 HFT 5 pacs (15 HFTs) and an FEQ at Rocky Mountain and just wanted to let you know how wonderful my system now sounds... there’s a Betsy Larkin track playing and it’s as if she’s singing in my living room. The clarity now rivals my headphone rig, no shit. Anyway an amazing product that has whetted my appetite for more..."

Steve Plaskin, Stereophile’s, Oct.2013:
"...I have never heard anything that was as effective in elevating the performance of a high end system as the combination of the Synergistic Research HFT and the FEQ... soundstage, noise floor, bass detail and dynamic power, midrange and high end clarity all improve with the use of these products... the Synergistic Research High Frequency Transducer and Frequency Equalizer will become a permanent part of my audio system. Removing these components is simply unthinkable given the quality of the sonic enhancement achieved with their use..." Check out the entire review

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