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Machina Dynamica Flying Saucers Brand New Product - set of 8 [Expired]

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Item Description

This auction is for Machina Dynamica's brand new product - Flying Saucers, small one-inch adhesive-backed copper foils for all windows of the listening room, one foil per window. Flying Saucer may be placed anywhere on the window, for example in a corner of the window. This is big. Big big. Bigger than big.

Flying Saucers can also be used on windows in other rooms of the house. Flying Saucers provide much lower noise and distortion, with tremendous power and soundstaging. Starting bid $39 for set of 8 Flying Saucers.

Customer Comment - "Tiny copper foil Flying Saucers are the single greatest tweak I have ever tried. A revolutionary single agent total system upgrade/optimizer. Must hear it to believe it possible. Totally surprising."

Our retail price for a set of 8 Flying Saucers $69 or $39 for set of 4. 30-day money back guarantee.

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