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Audio Magic Nano Liquid SUPER FUSE - NEW [Expired]

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Item Description

Audio Magic has now taken fuse technology to a whole new level with the new SUPER FUSE.

Starting with a premium Little Fuse Audio Magic carefully drills a hole in the end cap and fills the fuse with a proprietary anti vibration compound that is mixed with Audio Magic's black out material, thus eliminating vibration of the element and absorbing any stray EMI and RFI.

Audio Magic then treats the entire fuse their Nano Stream Treatment which quite simply makes the end caps as well as the element become better conductors. Finally the outer glass is treated with Audio Magic's proprietary particle cover stock thus eliminating stray internal static discharges and providing the fuse with a layer of protection from unwanted high frequency garbage.

What this means to the end user is more shimmering detail, beautiful rich midrange, greater dynamics, a very natural presentation of the music and makes the SUPER FUSE to the best fuse to date.

Available in all sizes and values, made-to-order only.

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