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TTW Audio GEM SUPER TORQUE Silent Direct Drive Decoupled Outer Drive GEM Turntable DEMO 18K DIGI-SERVO Controller..more.. [Expired]

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Item Description

Gem Rim Drive Evolution Duo-Drive Turntable Includes Copper 3.2 Center Weight and 3.0 LB Super Periphery ring - tone arms etc. available please inquire.
The GEM Evolution is the most refined rim drive table on the planet. Absolute speed accuracy providing unparalleled P.R.A.T. - pace rhythm and timing.

The incredibly refined drive system provides dead silence and pure pace and this always amounts to perfect pitch, tonality and smoothness.

This table can also operate in Tri belt operation if desired for a more laid back presentation.

Please inquire about pre-configured cartridges, phono cable and phono stages.

The GEM RIM Direct RIM DRIVE with standard aluminum 9 LB Arm Pod (Universal Tone Arm Mount included for DIY installation) offers performance from tables at 3 to 4 times the cost, no expense has been spared to produce the most accurate, dynamic and true to vinyl sounding turntable available on the market today. Our direct DC servo controlled rim drive tables offer unparalleled pace, rhythm and time (PRAT) and the most intense dynamics possible. Our multiple constrained layered platters and patented our rim drive ring provide the blackest backgrounds, dynamics and pure sound that will truly move your soul.

The GEM Quick Specifications
Footprint 24” x 18 and total Weight: 70-80lbs
™Modular Decoupled Design for easy set up and silence – heaviest component 22 lbs
™Remote Motor - Duo-Drive System operates in Direct RIM or Tri-Belt Operation19 Lbs
™Digi Servo 18K Controller and Separate power supply
™ Platter Exclusive Acetal Outer Rim Drive Decoupled Platter or ™Tri-Belt Drive21.5lbs

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The heartbeat is a silent powerful DC servo motion controller motor provides low torque start ups with improved braking and easier set up.

The two component motor separates the electronic controls from the motor and the solid 22 lb Stainless Steel Motor Housing provides superb vibration free operation. The extreme precision of both the motor and the tolerances in the machined components provide extremely quiet and accurate speed control. The base features a fully inset ¼ inch silicone dampening o-ring is inset specially machined grooves in the polycarbonate base for isolation and superb coupling to any surface. The control board enables super precise acceleration control allowing the use of a pure silicone single drive wheel. This provides improved coupling and reduced noise transfer.

Super Precision Servo Motor Controller
CNC Machined Housing, .015 radius Diamond Tool CNC Profiled Panel Labelling, Front, Top, Back
Machined from BILLET Aluminum
¼ mm thick powder coating that is virtually indestructible
Two Piece 5 axis machined clam shell Design
Custom designed controller Board and IC Logic Systems providing the most flexible and accurate control system available
9 Lbs of solid aluminum carved out of a 15 LB billet
Dimensions: 8.5 inches wide - 2.6 Inches Tall - 4.5 Inches Deep

Weight: 8/lbs CNC Machined Solid Aluminum Housing
Power Lead Thread Lock, Motor Controller Plug locked via two screws all rigid locking

The Electronics and Software

The GEM Digi-Servo 18K - this number designates the number of pulses controlled and counted per platter revolution
We designed our on logic (chip set)
Motor Controller output error less than 50 parts per million accuracy, improves motor performance and adjustability
Controller has a built in dimmer system that controls the output of the three blue three LED lights on the face panel from dim to brightly lit depending on room conditions
Adjustable acceleration curves from 2 seconds to 8 second platter start up
DUO-Drive (option) reversing switch with lock out for safety
Digital pulse system flashes if the motor is not performing with the programmed parameters
Lights blink at a regular interval when the platter is achieving speed
Once locked in, the main spindle light is solid and the controller goes to direct operation mode
Self diagnostics light will flash at different intervals if the system is not operating with programmed parameters
Super Fine Speed Pitch resolution, 20 x greater than previous system

™Exclusive Acetal Outer Rim Drive Decoupled Platter or ™Tri-Belt Drive
The exclusive Acetal Outer Rim Drive and the extreme tolerances required to run the rim drive system easily provided a top flight high tension Belt Drive System. The final selection of belt or rim is a personal choice – you have two drives in one; both more effective than other turntables by design, tolerances and passion. This is the most unique decoupling system ever designed for a record player. The 13.5 inch Acetal Rim ™Drive is mated to the main platter with special tension fit installation. This provides a mechanical decoupling from the driven rim to the record platter
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Any GEM table ordered in July will receive a free ELIMINATOR tone arm !!!