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Phase Linear 8000 Series II Linear Tracking Turntable [Expired]

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Item Description

This is a truly classic piece of hi-end analog audio gear, and one of the finest turntables ever made at anywhere near the original price of ~ $900, It employed a state-of-the-art slotless and coreless DC motor with exceptionally low wow and flutter (under .013%) and with the total noise floor at under -78 to -80db. Comes with a minimally used high-end Signet TKN9Ea cartridge with very flat response, (new price for this alone in 1980 was $275), and extra-low impedance cabling.

Built like a tank, and exceptionally quiet in operation. Flawless linear tracking, never fails to keep the tone arm tangential to less than 1/2 degree. Arm moves by direct induction, with no gears, belts, etc. that might pass on noise. Cosmetically excellent and electrically perfect. Cueing, tracking, and other operations are all fully operational. Never abused, kept in pet free environments. Just to repair one of these and get it serviced is $250.00 on eBay - so current price (with cartridge) is a very good deal.

Pains me greatly to sell this classic piece of gear, but I'm just not using it enough to keep it, and must move to another state.