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Hitachi HT-561 Automatic Direct Drive Quartz Lock 1980's Japanese Turntable Excellent Shipping Included [Expired]

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My Denon DP-60 & DP-62 have got nothing on this fine performer.
Very nice, heavy, solid, great sounding, top of the line 1982 Hitachi HT-561 direct drive automatic turntable.
While not cosmetically perfect, it is a very presentable example with only minor wear to the plinth and dustcover.
It is missing the front right foot.
Everything works very smoothly, quietly and accurately as designed.
You can also use this table semi-automatically if you prefer. I've used it both ways with no issues.
Reminds me quite a bit of the JVC QL-YXF series tables.
The controls are conveniently located outside the dustcover.
VTA is also adjustable by simply turning one screw.
The 6 rating is mainly for age, light cosmetic wear and the missing right front foot.
It operates and sounds like a 10 !
As usual, I will carefully prepare and package the table for safe transit.
Thank you for viewing my listings.

Southpaw Sports

Model Full auto player

Drive system Quartz Lock DD full auto
Motor Uni-torque motor
Platter 310mm aluminum die-casting, 2.2kg
Inertial mass 330 kg cm- 2
Speeds 33 1/3, 45rpm
Wow and flutter (Measuring method using a signal from the (built-in motor FG WRMS, FG method)) 0.012%
0.02% (WRMS, JIS)
SN ratio 78dB (DIN-B)
Load characteristic 0% (needle pressure 100g or less)
Rotation speed deviation 0.003% within
Starting torque 1.5kg · cm
Start-up Characteristics 1/3 rotation within (33 1/3rpm time)

Tone arm Static balance type pipe arm
Arm effective length 220mm
Overhang 15mm
Tracking error 2 °
Needle pressure adjustment range 0 ~ 3g / 1 rotation
Application cartridge 4g ~ 10g
Range height adjustment arm 6mm

Cabinet Material High density particle board
Insulator Air suspension system
Supplied function Non-contact opto-electronic type auto return detection mechanism

Power-supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 7W
External dimensions 154 × depth 402mm height width 456 ×
Weight 12kg (26 pounds)