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Groovetracer Reference subplatter for Rega turntables [Expired]

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Item Description

Groovetracer™® takes pride in offering the finest subplatters available to owners of Rega turntables. There are now three different subplatter models offered by Groovetracer. This ad is for the top of the line Reference model subplatter.

You may also visit the Groovetracer website for information on other products offered for Rega turntables including acrylic platters, delrin platters (new product) and custom counterweights.
An upgraded subplatter is also available specifically designed for the Rega RP6. Please see details on the Groovetracer website for more information.
Reviews by Tone-Audio, Positive Feedback, and AudioFidelity magazine (Norwegian) are also posted on the website.

Each Subplatter is actually a three piece precision assembly. This unique design only offered by Groovetracer allows the record spindle to be completely decoupled from the bearing axle to eliminate vibration transfer from the bearing thrust point to the record spindle.

The hub is machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and the bearing axle is constructed from hardened (RC 62) and ground steel. The third component is the record spindle which is machined and polished from Stainless Steel. Following assembly, each subplatter is inspected to guarantee concentricity within 0.001".

The Reference model comes with a sapphire thrust plate (integral with the bearing shaft) that rotates on a zirconia (ZrO2) ball.
This jeweled bearing design, only offered by Groovetracer, provides a superior low frictional interface that will last many years and produce an almost silent background for the music to emerge. This is the smoothest running bearing available for the Rega turntable.

Groovetracer™ subplatters are compatible with these turntable models:
Rega Planar 2, 3, 25 & Rega P1, RP1, RP3, P2, P3, P25, Rega P5 and Rega P3-24. Nad 533,
Nad C555, Goldring, and Moth Alamo.

-Important Features-

1) The jewel bearing design offers the lowest coefficient of friction between the bearing surfaces which in turn provides a lower noise floor than any other subplatter available for the Rega turntable.
2) The record spindle is completely decoupled from the bearing axle to further reduce vibration transfer to the playing surface. Beware of other subplatter manufacturers claiming to offer this feature for the Rega turntable.
3) 3 point non resonant interface between the Subplatter & Platter ensures positive contact and also eliminates vibration transfer.
4) 0.001 ”or better concentricity between the axle and hub offers vast improvement in pitch control.
5) Extended length stainless steel record spindle permits the use of clamps. Each subplatter comes with detailed Instructions to perform the installation.

Items supplied to complete the installation

Magnet - (To remove the existing steel ball bearing)
Zirconia ball
Alcohol swab
Vial of Bearing oil

Price is firm. This is a brand new manufactured product.