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Empire Turntable 498 w/ installed Zeta Tonearm [Expired]

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Item Description

Empire 498 suspended platter turntable with Zeta Tonearm. The 498was the first of the Empire suspended tables, is considered by some to be the best sounding of all the Empire tables, as it uses a single piece platter, instead of the two piece platters of the 598 and 698 models. This particular table came from a church, with the usual Empire arm, so had rather low use. The Empire arm was removed, and replaced with the Zeta arm, which is very well regarded, and still an excellent performer in its own right. Combined, the Empire table and Zeta arm are superb, expecially considering the performance to price ratio. The installation was done properly, with no interference between the arm and the table. The effectiveness of the suspension is obvious, as the deck can be rapped when playing a record, without noise coming though the system, unless of course, it is so hard as to move the table itself.

Empire tables are well known for the precision machining of their bearings and spindle which contributes to their still outstanding performance.

This table provides excellent isolation of the arm and cartridge from the deck itself. The aluminum deck and arm/platter sub chassis has been dampened with mortite to reduce resonances and transmission of viabrations.,

The Zeta arm has excellent bearings, and the upgraded Van den Hull cable and internal arm wiring. It is superb with Grado and EMT cartridges to name a few.

Arm condition is excellent, other than usual marks on top of arm where cartridge is mounted from screws.
Table finish is excellent other than on small area on motor cover where aluminum finish is duller. See pics for more information.

This may be returned if not delighted.

Sale will include the original Zeta box, protractor, Zeta arm itself,, extra weight for heavier cartridges, the Empire table, and non Empire walnut base..