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Acoustic Research ( AR ) FM Stereo Tuner Vintage, rare, and working [Expired]

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Item Description

AR, Acoustic Research FM Stereo Tuner. Sorry for the crummy photos. You can find much better photos and all the specs you could ever want and even a service manual for this component at these websites that took more time and care in taking photos, not like me who took them on his Android phone in a hurry!

This FM stereo tuner is in perfect working condition. When I found it, it was NOT working (no sound, no panel lights), but I took it to a repair shop that specialized in repairing audio equipment, especially vintage gear, and they repaired it and brought everything up to its specifications as it were new. Cosmetically it is fine condition, too. Not mint, for sure, but certainly very nice for a unit that has put on so many years. There are no major scratches on its wooden(!) cabinet, and the same holds true for its gold-ish colored face plate. Believe it or not I do have the original box! But it is missing its top panel, but I will include it in the larger box I carefully pack it in. Free shipping to the USA if sells for over $450. PayPal only.