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Amperex 6922 E88CC PQ Matched Pair Orange Label USA NOS New in Box Gold Pin [Expired]

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Item Description

Up for your consideration are 2 Made In USA Amperex 6922 Orange Label PQ vacuum tubes with gold pins.

I have 5 of these tubes in a Amperex sleeve, so if you need more than a pair, we can work it out.

Test like NOS and quite!
Both tubes are new in box with exactly the same date codes.
Date code is 7L9 *3L (made in 1973).
74-24 written on the glass indicates packed on 24th week of 1974.

6922 tubes will have a longer lifespan than 6DJ8 tube.
In some cases 6922 tubes will last 5,000 to 10,000 hours vs 3,000 to 4,000 hours for 6DJ8 tubes.

Tested for shorts, gas and noise, GM reading is very good and exceed or close to spec for new.

Paypal add 3.5%.

Matching: 7% for all 4 sections

Listening Test: Very good noise characteristics

Gm Test:
Tube #1
Triode Section 1: 13500
Triode Section 2: 13700

Tube #2
Triode Section 1: 12500
Triode Section 2: 12300

Where minimum good is 7000
Spec for new is 12500

I guarantee excellent performance, so bid with confidence.
If you are not satisfied with my tubes for any reason, I will issue full refund for your purchase price.
Buyer pays for return shipping.
Priority Mail shipping within US with delivery confirmation is $5.90.
Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box shipping is $13.45.
First class mail will cost less. I can ship by First class mail if requested.

All tubes are tested by Hickok 539C vacuum tube tester. This tester was precision calibrated by Roger Kennedy to improve measurement accuracy. 83 and 5Y3 tubes were replaced by Solid State rectifiers to minimize calibration drift in the tester.

I also perform listening tests on these tubes using Music Reference RM-4 pre-preamp (moving coil head amp), which has 30 db gain. This unit uses two 6DJ8 tubes (one for each channel). Each channel uses both sections of the 6DJ8 tube.