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Xiang Sheng 728A Wonderful Tube Preamp [Expired]

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Item Description

This is a Xiang Sheng 728A Tube preamp. It is the new version with the upgraded capacitors and resisters. It is the black version. This is a preamp that was based on the classic Marantz 7, but with modern components, finer resolution, and better signal to noise ratio. It features Tiffany style gold plated RCA connecters.

This has been a very good tube preamp for me for the last 9-12 months. I bought it to use with my solid state amplifiers to find out if I like "the tube sound". Long story short, I do love the sound, and you probably will to. The tube sound is wonderful, and addicting I am only selling to upgrade. I'm now in the market for a tube preamp that'll cost many times as much as this.

I've upgraded the stock Chinese tubes in this preamp to Gold Pin Electro-Harmonix 12AU7 (2 ea) and Electro-Harmonix 12AT7 (2ea). Plus I've got a spare set of the 6Z4 rectifier tubes that can be hard to obtain in the US.

These upgrades cost about $150. New the amp will cost about $390 shipped. That's an investment of close to $550 new.Buy this pampered example for much less!

Free shipping to the continental US only!

This preamp sounds wonderful!

Output Tube 12AT7×2、12AU7×2、

Rectifier Tube 6Z4×2

Input Sensitivity 400mV

Input impedance 100K

Output Impedance 600 ohm

Signal/Noise Ratio 90dB

Frequency Response 10Hz--30KHz

TMD less than 0.01%

Input Jack 4

Output Jack 2

Size W430mm × H80mm × D290mm

Color Black

Weight 8 kg