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Ming DA Pre Amp MC-2A3 x8 Tube pre amplifier [Expired]

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Beautiful, Ming Da MC2A3-X08 tube preamplifier bought from Pacific Valve in California. This is one incredible tube preamplifier which is very well built, I will sell it with the original tubes 2x 2A3, 3x6sn7's, 3x6922 ,1xEl34, for $850. or I will sell it with the upgraded tubes all NOS, a superb matched pair of 1950 production RCA gray glass 6SN7GTs. Tubes codes are" "035" and "048" manufactured just 13 weeks apart in 1950. Identical internally these tubes have gray glass, offset black ribbed thin plates and bottom "D" getters. This tube typifies the RCA "house" sound and is a rich sounding tube that has an ardent following. 1 NOS/NIB SIemens 1960s 6DJ8. 2 matched 1967 Amperex orange globe 6DJ8s, one in original box, the other as new in white box, one EL34 which is a "fat bottle" GE. None of these tubes have over 70 Hrs on them . I will sell this upgraded version for $1100. and include the original tubes as well, this tube preamp has been compared with tube preamps costing $9,000.Pacific Valve is proud to present this updated version of a great preamp. The X8 version includes upgraded capacitors and Ming Da 6SN7 vacuum tubes. When Ming Da designed the MC 2A3-X8
Vacuum tube preamplifier, painstakingly researched every detail until each stage of the preamplifier
was created without compromise. With each design consideration came extensive listening
sessions to be certain that the end result was one of the most stunningly musical preamps on the
market, this combined with the NOS tubes creates an amazing pre amp. The result, a tube preamp of unprecedented design and sound using 2 X 2A3 tubes as rectifiers, 1 X El34 Tube, 3 X 6SN7 tubes and 3 X 6922 tubes.
The vacuum tube design of the Ming DA MC 2A3-X8 gives it the warm, luscious sound that can only
be obtained with finely made vacuum tube equipment. You'll love the 'classic sound' of golden age
gear. The independent vacuum tube stages are
oriented in a unique proprietary design configuration that creates a delicate and detailed sound stage.
The signal processing tubes are located at the rear part of the pre-amplifier in order to achieve the
shortest signal path possible. For best sound quality, the Ming DA MC 2A3-X8 operates in pure
'Class A mode. The 2A3 tubes are serially wired and serve as the rectifier. The EL34 tube coupled
with a 6SN7 tube are the voltage regulators, while a pair of 6SN7s and 6922 are the amplifying tubes.
Several ebay sellers have been selling the MC2A3 with fake parts inside. These units do not originate from Ming Da, this preamp was purchased direct from the US importer, Pacafic Valve.
Comes with the owners manual and the remote which is a beast of a remote, no plastic here machined aluminum. This preamp is in excellent condition and functions perfectly. I will consider trades for other hi quality audio equipment thanks.

I am rating this a conservative 8/10 as I am the 2nd owner. I see no scratches or blimishes on this pre amp. It is amazing looking and sounding. The photographs show the pre amp with the original tubes not the NOS tubes.

I do not have the original box but it will be carefully packed, and the tubes packed separately.