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Messenger MKIII Preamp Bay Area [Expired]

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Rarely seen for sale on used market. Messenger Preamp most current version. Numerous Best of Show CES awards.
I am the second owner. Purchased from Mike Currient here on Audiogon. He posted a great in depth review here that you can read.

This unit has a great integrated phonostage.

Information below is from website:

The Messenger is the finest preamplifier in the world - period!

What this unique preamplifier does is to literally extract much more information from the source and transmit it to the amplifier without any loss of subtle harmonic or dynamic information. If this sounds impossible, just listen for yourself. All of a sudden the bass now has detail, depth and impact, the mids and highs have body without being bright or hard sounding, the instruments are now distinct and not blurred together, and the soundstage is huge with incredible presence and all without a trace of listening fatigue.
Up to now, there hasn't been a preamplifier in the world that would allow all of the recorded information to pass through it. All current preamps take what they can handle and reject the rest, leaving a great deal of information behind, or at worst, displacing it to another place in time destroying the texture of the music. Unfortunately, what ordinary preamps reject is the subtle and not so subtle detail, harmonic structure, ambient information and dynamic impact that gives music life and emotional content.
But now, The Messenger unleashes the full potential of all playback sources. For the very first time, hear all of the music! Sit back and be astounded.
New MkIII version:
linestage- $15,000.00
with phono- $20,000.00

... Linestage Preamp:
2- 6AS7
... Phonostage:
2- 6H30Pi
2- 12AX7
* Input impedance: 250K
* Frequency response: + or - 1/2 db @ 1Hz - 90KHz
* Maximum gain: more than 20db
* Absolute Phase:
linestage- Non-inverting
phonostage- Non-inverting
* Output S/N ratio: -90db
* THD:
.007% @ 20Hz (0db ref)
.035% @ 20Khz (0db ref)
.....35% @ 20Hz - 20Khz (+30db ref)
* Intermodulation distortion: .15% (0dbref)
* Maximum output level: +34dBm
* Maximum input level: +28dBm
* Output Impedance: 50 ohms nominal
* Channel separation: 75db
* Inputs-
6 sets of line level inputs for linestage
5 sets of line level inputs and one phono input for full preamplifier
* Outputs-
2 sets of ouputs
* Dimensions:
Preamplifier- 17.5"W x 16"D x 5.75"H
.Power Supply- 17.5"W x 11"D x 5.75"H