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Heathkit W-2M pair of refurbished monoblock tube amplifiers [Expired]

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Item Description

Up for sale here is a pair of freshly refurbished Heathkit W-2M amplifiers with excellent potted Peerless output transformers. Included are new power supply capacitors, new cathode bypass capacitors, new coupling capacitors, new RCA jacks, and checked resistors. Tubes are vintage Tungsol 5881s, GE 6SN7GTAs, and RCA 5V4GAs. Note that the power supply chassis is separate from the signal chassis which makes for one quiet amplifier. Bias adjustment has been simplified: put DMM probes into banana jacks, adjust pot between output tubes until zero volts is displayed.

I've been collecting and rebuilding vintage tube amplifiers for over twenty years now. These amplifiers are among my favorite of all time since they have a wonderful sounding, almost triode-like naturalness that strikes close to some of the better single-ended amplifiers I've heard. But with 20Ws of power each, and with the new increased power supply capacitance, they can produce deep bass with excellent dynamics into a wider range of speakers. The treble is very warm and easy-going too with a rich and detailed midrange that makes music just plain enjoyable. Again, one of the better push-pull amplifiers I've heard and they will be sorely missed.

Caveats: Speaker connection is via a single screw terminal - best for bare wire or small "McIntosh" spades. These are used amplifiers from the early 1950s - these are not mint amplifiers but still presentable and serviceable for another twenty (or even more).

U.S. Sales only. No Paypal fees. No response for lowball offers. Ship via UPS - probably will have to use two boxes due to the number of units here.