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Hartung OTL 2 x 8 Watt amplifier Output Transformerless Amplifier Stereo [Expired]

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Item Description

Made in Europe.

Hartung - 2x8 Watt OTL amplifier.
Innovative and Engineered to perfection this amplifier might change your audio perception.
Transparent and clean, as it gets, this amps are the newest concept of Hartung amplification.
This is a completely new line of Hartung - Amplification designed for the powerful and clearer sound money can buy.
Hartung's new concept is a OTL (output transformerless) is all tube HIGH-END stereo amplifier.
The vacuum tubes directly drive the loudspeaker and that results an incredible clarity and realism of the sound , that few other configuration can achieve.
This amplifier is capable of up to 2x8 Watt output power on high impedance speakers /8 Ohm - 32 Ohm/.
Input voltage mains: 110/220V /factory preset/
Output power: 2x8W - 8Ω ;
Output tubes: 6AS7G/6H13C x 4 Russian military tubes.
Driver/splitter tubes: ECC81 x 4 RFT German made.
Frequency: 10Hz-60KHz (-1dB)
Signal/Noise ratio: better than 89dB
Input sensitivity: 755 mV
Input impedance: 47KΩTHD: 0,3% RCA
Recommended loudspeaker - minimum 8 Ohm and over 10 Watt capability.

Amplifier have been "white glove" demonstrated in shop for 2-3 hours a day in a month. So total use is 70-90 hours.