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Grundig NF-2 / NF2 Mono block amplifiers [Expired]

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Item Description

Custom EL84 mono blocks made from two Grundig NF2 amps.

These have original power and output transformers from two stereo Grundig NF2 amps. The other parts have been replaced with modern high-quality parts, including a zero-electrolytic power supply based on obbligato film caps. The circuit is original in spirit and sound; the modifications were only made after careful study of both the circuit and listening and are very intelligent, saving the original overall quality of the amp but giving it a bit more resolution and extension. Part of the mods is a combined SS- and tube-rectified supply; one half of the bridge is diodes and the other is an EZ81 rectifier! (original was all-solid). Output transformers only have a single secondary, and it is optimized for speakers in the range of 6-10 ohms.

Please email me at (slsur at hawaii dot rr dot com) with any questions. Thanks for looking.