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GOLDEN TUBE AUDIO SE-40 Sonicraft modded amp [Expired]

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Item Description

Golden Tube Audio SE-40 with Sonicraft extreme modifications. Mods alone cost over $1200. Mods include new wiring, direct to input tube circuit change, platinum sonicaps, multipale sonicaps , resistor, and cap changes, hexfred diodes, cardas output connectors, furutech AC inlet, furutech RCA,s along with other multiple change and black gate caps. Too many parts to list. This Amp completes with mega buck amps and you will not be disappointed. Tubes include EH 6sn7 and EH 5881 outputs. Tubes are in great condition with less than 50 hours. Great condition, rating a 7 but could be a close 8. Comes with Copy of manual and bias harness. SN 02615 REV 3. Missing some bottom plate screws. Tubes are in great shape. Paypal add 3%.