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Doshi Audio Alaap V2.1 tube preamp Mint customer trade-in [Expired]

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Mint customer trade-in

Doshi Alaap V2.1 tube preamp

Less then a year old, just checked out by Nick Doshi and is operating pefectly, will ship in a wooden crate.

Alaap v2.1 Preamplifier

Simple Circuits, Minimal Gain Stages and elegant execution with respect to power supply and interstage loading provide
results that are true to the spectral power and dynamic envelope of the audio signal.

The audio circuitry in the phono stage consists of a balanced pre-preamplifier section for Moving Coil pickup cartridges that provides 20 db of gain. This section feeds the first tube preamplifier section which comprises of 4 parallel triode section that drive a passive RIAA equalization network. The de-emphasized signal is then amplifier by another section made up of parallel triode sections.

The phono and line inputs are then switched into the primary of a 31 position transformer volume control manufactured by Sowter (UK) for Doshi audio. The advantages of using a transformer volume control are isolation between stages, consistent loading into the line section, and noise immunity. The Secondary of the transformer is connected to a 31 position Shallco rotary switch.

The line section is a low output impedance line driver capable of driving low (for a tube output stage) input impedances. In practice, loads as low as 10k ohms can be driven without an output transformer. With the appropriate output transformer, 600 ohm loads can be accommodated.

The parts selection in the unit represents the best that is currently available with resistors from REY, Audionote, Kiwame, capacitors from Nichicon, Panasonic, MIT, transformers from Sowter with pc-occ copper internals.