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Decware Mini Torii Excellent condition [Expired]

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Item Description

Beautiful Decware Mini Torii 6v6 single ended tube amplifier with stepped attenuators, which were a $200 option.. Hand made point to point in the USA. This amplifier is stunning both sonically and physically. I am the original owner (took delivery in Oct 2011) and it is in perfect condition. The Mini Torii features 6V6 output tubes, but can use a very wide array of tubes from the extensive 6V6 and 6L6 family.

The included input tubes are 12au7 and 7062, but you can also use a wide variety of 12XX7 tubes and their many variants (like 5965, E80CC, etc). If you like tube rolling, this amp is a blast.

The Mini Torii is a remarkable design in that it uses tube regulation on both the input and output tubes. The result is great sound with no noise, like built in power conditioning. I used this amp with various speakers by Tekton, Cain and Cain, and Hawthorne, and it was dead quiet in all cases and had plenty of juice to fill my large listening room with beautiful music.

The Mini Torii has too many features to list here, so please visit the Decware website and read the description. There is also an interesting whitepaper discussing how it was designed. Some key features include:
Two switchable inputs, 
volume control (optional stepped attenuators in this case), 
subwoofer output, 
self biasing, very unique tube regulation, proprietary transformers, 
and the ability to use a very wide range of tube combinations. There is a treble control that has been carefully crafted to take edge off the top end, from barely detectible to substantial so that you can enjoy listening to sub-par recordings or internet streams without going nuts as well as trim the shout right out of your single driver crossoverless speakers in bright rooms.

This sale includes the following tubes to keep you going for long time (all are NOS and purchased recently except for the stock tubes that came with the amp, which still have plenty of life)

(2) Russian 6v6GT – from Reflector plant (purchased new in 11/2012)
(2) JJ 6v6 (stock tube that came with amp)
(2) Rare SQ Type Philips label Amperex E180CC/7062 – (purchased new in 10/2012)
(2) JJ 12au7 (stock tube that came with amp)
(2) RFT EZ81 (purchased new in 9/2012)
(2) RCA OA3 (purchased new in 9/2012)
(2) Ratheon OD3W (purchased new on 10/2012)
(2) Ratheon OC2 (stock tube that came with amp)

I am also including extra walnut knobs if you prefer them over the black chicken-head ones pictured.

For my asking price, I will cover paypal fees and shipping to lower 48. I will also be happy to accept a check or money order, but will only ship after the funds clear. Please check my feedback to be assured that you will be receiving a beautiful amp that will be packed well for safe shipping to your door.

This is really a fun amp that can feel at home in your main listening room, or it has a small enough footprint to work on your desk. I am moving toward less efficient speakers and plan to purchase the Decware Torii.

Thanks for reading my ad.