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Dared MP-2a3c Integrated Tube Amplifier 2a3 SET [Expired]

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Item Description

Selling my Dared MP-2a3c integrated tube amplifier. It is in excellent cosmetic and working condition.
The amplifier uses 2 12ax7, 2 12au7 and a pair of 2a3. It has modified power supply and soft start circuitry.

This is an amazing sounding amplifier, the best you could find at this price point. It is dead quiet with no hum, buzz or hiss. Dared was powering my Zu Omens with excellent results. I recently bought 300b amplifier so this one has to go.

Perfect amplifier to get the taste of 2a3 SET tube sound without braking the bank.

6 moons review:

Amp will be sold with all the tubes and shipped in the original shipping box.