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Aikido Tube Preamplifier [Expired]

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Item Description

Wonderful Aikido tube preamplifier, based on John Broskie Aikido schematic. The tube compliment is 6N1P-EV and 6N6P pairs which ideal for low noise and low output impedance operation. Preamp has one pair of single ended inputs and outputs.

Technical details: Transformer - dual 115V primary, 250V and 7.5V secondaries. Regulated B+ 220V, heaters regulated 6.3V DC. NOS carbon comp grid stopper resistors, precision metal film cathode resistors, the rest is carbon film 5%. Output coupling caps MKT1813 6.8uF (beats Auricaps to my ears), noise canceling caps - Solen, noise canceling resistors - precision Dale. Signal wiring - silver teflon.

Aikido is by far the BEST tube preamplifier I have heard in terms of noise and musicality, you will not believe your ears...The sound could be described as open and effortless, with incredible detail and resolution. I am burning it in with Tekton OB4.5, driven by WPA 3.5 monoblocks, and those 4" Fostex drivers finally let me hear the details I've been missing with other preamps.

I am selling this preamp to make room for my next projects as I have quite a few preamps of various types and configurations.

Preamp will be shipped with Russian 6N1P-EV and 6N6P tubes. Shipping will be approx $22.00 within CONUS. PayPal please add 3%