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TTW Audio XMAS Specials! Eliminator Tonearm 9/10 Inch with Cadenza Blue MC Cartridge [Expired]

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TTW Audio XMAS Package Eliminator Tonearm 9/10 Inch with Cadenza Blue MC Cartridge

Save $ 1000.00 with premounted cartridge, set up tools,hardware – cable not included, please add $ 129.00 for high grade copper phono cable

TTW Audio Eliminator (9inch)Tonearm performs to a level that will satisfy the most critical of Audiophiles, deep powerful bass, with clean refined high range and incredibly deep and focused sound staging. TTW Audio Eliminator 10 inch is also available for TTW Tables and Tables that can accept a 10 inch arm.

(Available in Bronze,10 inch please add $134.00 please email request to thank you

Combined with the Ortofon MC Cadenza Blue cartridge the results are spectacular, I have listened to this combination on my home system and it is simply awesome, rich powerful and lightning fast – ruby cantilever. The combo (I guarantee it personally) will blow you away, the cartridge needs at least 10 hours until the sound is perfect, but out of the box the ruby cantilever is an amazing performer. Light and agile, fast and taught, strong brass and percussion is cleanly executed.

The Blue uses a Nude FG 70 stylus with a very thin ruby cantilever. The coils are made from 6NX (99.9999 %) pure silver wire. An improved winding process on the armature allows a better channel balance.

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