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THORENS Elegant TD 280 Mk II Turntable with TP-28 Tonearm [Expired]

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Item Description

Elegant Thorens TD280 Mk II Turntable with TP-28 Tonearm in Beautiful Functional and Cosmetic Condition with Power Supply.

[[ NOTE: This turntable is being sold without a cartridge / stylus. The Cartridge shown in the photos is my test cartridge and is not for sale. ]]

This Thorens TD 280 Mk II turntable is a very high quality all-manual turntable system, and is about mid-level in the Thorens product line. Extremely musical, incredibly reliable and a very beautiful system that will continue to perform at a very high level for years if not decades to come.

Functionally this turntable system works flawlessly. The motor holds speed perfectly, there is no hum to speak of, the dampened tonearm cueing device works beautifully, the tonearm balance adjustments work without issue and the two piece anti-skating weight & wire is the original / correct part. The belt was replaced 4 years ago, and while it works perfectly at some point all belts need to be replaced. Cosmetically it is exceptional. The clear plastic cover is original and there are no cracks or chips, and the somewhat fragile hinges are completely intact and work without issue. There are numerous scuffs and light buff type scratches on the plastic cover, which results in a bit of clouding / hazing. The plinth is almost perfect, without any dings, scratches or other blemishes other than very light cleaning / buff scratches on the glossy surfaces – truly remarkable for a turntable that is more than 20 years old. The platter is perfectly flat and balanced, and spins perfectly. The TP-28 tonearm looks almost like new – there is only a small scuff mark where the tonearm rest clamp wraps around to lock it up. This comes with the detachable power supply. Note that almost all of these detachable Thorens power supllies have slightly different power output ratings for different model Thorens turntables, and should not be interchanged between models.

There is a wealth of information on all things Thorens (as well as Garrard and Lenco) at “The Analog Depot” – a terrific web site that also has tabulated information about various parts and specifications as well as links to free owners manual downloads for almost the full lineup of Thorens turntables – here is the link:


* Drive System: 2 Speed Belt Drive

* Motor: Low Voltage 24 pole synchronos motor with slip clutch for instantaneous start

* Speeds: 331/3 and 45 RPM

* Motor Speed Control: 2 phase generator

* Turntable Platter: 2.64 pound (1.2 kg) zinc alloy, dynamically balanced

* Wow & Flutter: Less than 0.045 % (DIN 45 507)

* Rumble: -70 dB

* Offset Angle: 23 degrees

* Overhang: 16.4mm

* Effective Mass: 12.5g

* Dimensions:

… Width: 17.3” (440mm)

… Depth: 14.0” (355mm) … with Lid Closed

… Height: 5.31” (135mm) … with Lid Closed

* Weight: 16.5 pounds (7.5 kg) unpacked

This Thorens TD 280 Mk II turntable was released in 1989 and retailed for $375. Now - 23 years later - it is in huge demand on the used market because of the sound quality, the build quality, and where it sits on the “ costs / reward “ scale – you have to spend a lot more to hear just a little bit higher quality sonics. Here is an opportunity to purchase a fully stock model that is in superb operating condition and in excellent cosmetic condition. Note that I would prefer to sell this locally rather than disassemble and package for shipment, so I have listed it as a local sale. I am happy to deliver to you for free if you are local to me in the San Francisco, Berkeley or Marin County area.

[[ NOTE: This turntable is being sold without a cartridge / stylus. The Cartridge shown in the photos is my test cartridge and is not for sale. ]]