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Teac 3340S MKIII Like New in Original Boxes [Expired]

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I was very lucky to acquire this and now I must thin my collection. This unit may have 25 hrs on it. It is also the lastest revision of this model, which is why I labelled it as Mark III. Tape deck has been serviced, lubricated, demagnitized, and functional checked. Cosmetically and functionally unit is in perfect condition. All controls, lights, meters, & counter function properly. Inside clean, shiny, no rust or corrosion. Beautiful wood panels. Unit has been bench tested in Play, Record, Pause, FF, RW on all 4-channels & Sound reproduced truthfully.This machine has never been tampered with and retains the factory bias and head settings.There are no nicks scuffs or scratches as it has rarely seen the light of day. It is very difficult to find a machine these days that hasn,t been molested by a do-it-your-selfer or poor technician (no offense intended to anyone but a tape machine must be serviced by someone who does nothing but service tape machines!). The inside cleanliness and condition of the brakes is a good indicator for storage and use. I have also included the remote which I gathered from a sale hence the nicks on the housing, Metal take-up reel and Teac TZ-612 NAB adapters and Heavy Duty Long power cord which came with the unit. Also included is a Metal Take up reel and Operation/Service Manual reproductions. As many of you know, The Teac and Tascam machines were 2 different designs which differed in quality both build and electrically. I believe that this is as close to a professional Tascam as you could get in a consumer Teac unit. Units like the X series are pathetic in build quality in comparison.
Here is a description of this unit that i found elsewhere:
Pro's Choice for its's workhorse characteristics and exceptional Sound Reproduction ! Tape deck records and plays 1 to 4 tracks on 1/4-inch tape at either speed 7.5 or 15 ips on reels up to 10-1/2" in size. Its "Sync" feature enables multi-track overdubs by allowing you to switch record heads to playback for synchronizing new tracks with previously recorded ones. Each track has its own Large VU meter (with all bulbs working), line input, mic input, and line output as well as level controls for each input and line output. Also includes phone jack. A 2-channel, 4-channel play switch lets you enjoy old stereo tapes (2-ch) as well as quad (4-ch) tapes. Musicians, producers, and recording engineers have relied on this 4-track deck to record and reproduce all the performances to the truest levels. The 3340S with three-motor/three-head design assures trouble free and stable operation. Its stable DC servo-controlled capstan motor provides absolute minimum of wow and flutter.

Unit is double boxed in original boxes and packed well. Paypal add 3%