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SUPERSILENT - - "11" - Rune Grammofon 2010 200 gr pressing D-D [Expired]

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Item Description

"Norwegian death-free jazz-electronic band Supersilent began as an impromptu jam at the 1997 Bergen Jazz Festival between master trumpeter Arve Henriksen, tape experimenter Helge Sten (who also goes as Deathprod for solo material), Jarle Vespestad on drums, and Stale Storl√łkken on keyboards. The group decided to continue to play together in Helge Sten's studio and recorded endless hours of tape, eventually spliced into 1998's 1-3, a three-CD collection of wild, percussive free jazz with flourishes of Aphex Twin-like electronics. Integral to the band from this time on was their desire to only exist as a performing group -- they never "write" songs, practice, and barely even speak to one another outside of gigs. This release, like all others, is without overdubs and with minimal production." - AMG.

A very Rare recording - especially on vinyl!

200 Gr. Vinyl


Limited Edition Audiophile Pressing

1st Pressing

The record is Mint.
The jacket is Mint.
The LP plays/sounds Mint+.

Totaly 'life-like', realistic sound. If you have a system that can handle deep Bass, fast transients and a huge dynamic range, then this LP will be your best 'demo' record, ever.
No surface noise at all - just silence.

Each record is washed on a VPI cleaning machine using a proprietary 3-5 agent process which is determined by the needs of the individual record. Each record is then listened to 100% to insure that the posted description is exactly what you can expect to get.

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