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Sunfire Signature 600 Rare Mint condition! - Signed personally by bob carver. [Expired]

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Item Description

For Sale, A rare Sunfire Signature 600 in Excellent Condition, True Sunfire high-end masterpiece!
No scratches or marks.
Only flaw is the meter light doesn't light up, meter works fine.
Other then that, unit is in TOP CONDITION! As seen in the pictures.

Sn 9705500012ss

This amplifier called "Signature" model because Bob personally signs each unit's faceplate.

The Sunfire Signature 600 Stereo Amplifier has double the output of the Sunfire Amplifier and is capable of driving any loudspeaker, virtually regardless of impedance or power requirements.

Bob carver's words: "This magnificent amplifier represents my very latest thinking - and my best amplifier design ever, I spent over twenty years developing it, and cannot imagine how I could make it any better, or refine it any further. No matter what, its performance is, at first, somewhat difficult to believe."

There's original glass base that was supplied with the amplifier and a printed copy of the manual.

Will wrap very carefully and ship safely!
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