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Koss Vintage CM 1030 Speakers CM 1030 [Expired]

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This pair of audiophile Koss Speakers are in good Working Condition and Have Excellent Sound. They are 7 out of 10 condition and have been in the family since new.
The CM/l030's design started with setting the parameters for frequency response for efficiency and cabinet size. From these initial specifications the Koss Theory developed specific design characteristics that include a 10-inch woofer, a mass aligned dual port system, a parallel midrange system, and both a tweeter and a treble tweeter that feature a unique acoustic transformer. To sew the whole system together into a seamless, incredibly beautiful, full bandwidth sound, the Koss CM/1030 features a special quasi second order crossover network second to none.
The description above does not tell you how well these are built. The corners are made of solid pecan wood. They have handles built into the sides and weigh about 75 lbs. The dual mid ranges have separate enclosures. The cabinets are braced internally to reduce resonance problems. The particle board used to build them is thicker than with most speakers. All in all, they were constructed very solidly.

The 1030 loudspeaker was the very first computer crossover designed speaker ever produced by anyone. The 1030's have almost a cult like following amongst enthusiasts and with good reason. They sound fantastic! They were the flagship of the Koss CM line... which at the time was Koss' very best lineup.

This speaker produces real deep bass. It's hard to imagine that all this tight fisted low end is coming from a pair of 10" woofers. All the drivers are in operational condition. All of the toggle switches are new and in working condition. The cabinets are in good shape with only a few marks -view the pictures. Also, you don't need much power either to get these beasts going. A 20 watt reciever will have them dancing!
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• Location: Western NY