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Spectral Audio DMC30SL Gen1 Preamp [Expired]

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Item Description

Spectral DMC30SL Gen1 Reference preamp in excellent condition including balanced input and output, remote and manual. Among the best preamplifiers ever made. This unit was purchased from authorized dealer Overture Audio. Paypal fees and shipping extra. Here are the stats:

Front Panel Controls

Output Level
Balance left/right
Input selectors
Monitor switch
Stereo/Mono switch
Absolute Phase switch
Mute Switch
Surround LED indicator
Protection LED indicator
Front Panel Display

Output Level display - 50 step LED
Output Balance display - 50 step LED
Rear Panel

5 RCA Input connector sets (gold)
Balanced Input Neutrik XLR connectors (gold)
Tape input and output RCA connector set (gold)
Main Output RCA connectors (gold)
Balanced Output Neutrik XLR (gold)
AC Power input connector, switch and line fuse
DMC-30R Remote Control

Control Buttons

Output Level
Channel Balance
Input selectors
Phase Invert
Tape Monitor
Display Brightness
Control Rate
Control Reset
DMC-30SL Preamplifier Technical Data
Input Compliment: 7 inputs - 5 normal, 1 balanced , tape monitor
Output Compliment: 3 outputs - normal, balanced, tape
Control Compliment:
Output Attenuation Motorized fader conductive plastic, modified log taper
Output Balance Relay attenuator system with center position bypass
Mute Switch 0, -20 dB attenuation
High Level Trim 0 and -12dB attenuation for all high level inputs
Mode Switches: Stereo/Mono, Absolute Phase
Input Select: 6 position and Tape Monitor
Output Level Display 50 step LED
Output Balance Display 50 step LED
Input Impedance 15K ohms
Output Impedance 100 ohms
Recording Amplifiers:
Input Impedance 11K ohms, 100 ohms minimum load
Output Impedance 2K ohms
Protection Circuit:
Protection Mode: DC offset, oscillation
Method: Crowbar output relays
Sensitivity: 20 mV continuous DC
Recovery: Approx. 10 seconds
Chassis Temperature: Internal 48 deg. Celsius @ 25 deg. room temp
Frequency Response: DC to 1.5 MHz -3dB
DC to 2.5 MHz -10dB
Any level to 36 V RMS
Slew Rate: 1000 V/us or greater
Rise Time: 70 ns
Distortion: Less than .01% THD and IM
Crosstalk: Greater than 90dB
Noise: 105dB A Weighted, ref 100 mV @ 1 KHz
Output Voltage: 1.6 VRMS, 100 V peak to peak maximum
Output Current: 1 Amp maximum per channel, balanced out
Gain Options: 15 dB, 21 dB
Remote Control: Operates all front panel functions, level and balance rates,
display brightness and system reset
DMC-30SL Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions: 48.3 cm (19") W, 10.4 cm (4.1") H, 31.1 cm (12.25") D
Weight: 11.8 KG. (26 lbs) net.