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Roksan Caspian (Mark 1) Integrated Amplifier [Expired]

no longer for sale

Item Description

I have for sale a functional Roksan Caspian Integrate Amplifier for just $250. This is the Mark 1 version of the series. Im selling it only for $250 since: 1) One of its black knobs is detached and the inside tube which connects it to the metal knob is shattered into two pieces (you can still use the metal knob for turning) 2.) one of the chassis screws is jammed 3.) the unit has major scratches on its top 4.) The paint on the side of the chassis is showing oxidation 5.) The color of the black knobs and black buttons on the front have faded. I will provide detailed pictures if you're interested.

Regarding the black knob, it can still be attached to the metal knob but it won't be strong enough for turning. But since most likely you will be using only one source this knob can be set to the CD function and you won't be needing to turn this knob often. UPDATE: I reattached the black knob with krazy glue and it turns.

Aside from the defects mentioned, this integrated amplifier is fully-functional.

Email/message me if you have any questions.