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Musical Fidelity CD-PRE 24 Processor, CD Player, DAC Mint w/ Box, Manual, Remote [Expired]

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Selling my beloved Musical Fidelity CD-PRE 24. Has seen light use over the last few years and is still in mint condition with original box, manual, and remote. Is one of the best Preamplifiers, CD players, and DACs. Worth the asking price for any 1 of those 3 things so a steal altogether in such a beautiful chassis.

I really like how it has coaxial inputs in addition to the analog RCA inputs. I'm able to run by TV and Blu-Ray player digital audio through the CD-Pre and get amazing sound while watching TV and movies, in addition to music.

CD Pre
Combination CD player / digital & analogue pre-amplifier
DAC architecture 24 bit Delta-Sigma (Bitstream)
8 times oversampling
(CD or DVD-audio conversion only)
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz: < 0.02dB
Channel balance 20Hz to 20kHz: < 0.02dB
Stereo separation 20Hz to 20kHz: > 98dB
Total harmonic 0dB digital level: 0.002%
distortion at 1kHz: -10dB digital level: 0.004%
-70dB digital level: 0.050%
Signal / noise ratio 20Hz to 20kHz: 110dB unweighted, 114dB A-weighted
Audio output at digital 0dB level, 1kHz: 2.14VRMS nominal, 47 ohms
Jitter: 189pS
Direct Analogue A to D / D to A *
Maximum output for 2.2 Volts RMS input: 8.4VRMS 8.2VRMS
Distortion 20Hz to 20kHz: < 0.002% < 0.004%
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz: + 0, - 0.02dB + 0, - 0.37dB
Crosstalk, typical: 85dB 90dB
Channel balance: 20Hz to 20kHz: < 0.01dB < 0.02dB
Signal / noise ratio, unweighted 20Hz to 20kHz: 106dB 101dB
A - weighted 20Hz to 20kHz: 109dB 104dB
* These measurements made by linking the co-axial digital output back to the digital monitor, and using
DIGITAL MONITOR function. This is converting an analogue signal to digital and then back to analogue,
as when linking to a computer or CD recorder.
Power requirements 100 / 115 / 230V AC 50 / 60Hz (Voltage factory preset for country)
Power consumption 22 Watts
Dimensions (approx.): 440mm wide Weight: 13.5Kg unit only, unboxed
140mm high (including feet) 17Kg in shipping carton
380mm deep (including terminals)
Standard accessories: Remote control handset,
IEC mains lead,
4 batteries (type SUM-4, AAA, LR03)