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Meridian Audio 562V Multimedia Controller / Preamplifier great condition, ready to ship! [Expired]

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Meridian Audio 562V Multimedia Controller / Preamplifier

Make your Meridian 500 system complete with the 562V Multimedia Controller and Preamp. Here is your opportunity to add one for an exceptional price.

The 562V was the cornerstone of the entire Meridian 500 series system, it provides an array of vital features & functions including unprecedented flexibility in signal selection and routing of video, analog audio, and digital audio. The 562V greatly enhances performance and control of even the most sophisticated home-theater and 2-channel stereo systems.

The 562V is a control and switching center for a digital audio system. Think of it as a preamp for digital systems.

The 562V allows you to control 5 cable-digital, 2 optical and 7 analogue sources in an installation. 562V has analogue and digital outputs (there are internal A/D and D/A converters) and it supports analogue, digital and VCR recorders with a separate copy loop.

A 2-Room plus system can also be built around a 562V.

The 562V also controls video sources with incredibly high standard studio-grade video routing and processing. Up to four S signals can be switched to a main output and independently to two videotape outputs. Up to six composite video sources can be controlled (also supporting a main and two tape outputs). New in 562V is the processing that allows conversion of the main and tape S outputs to composite.

The 562V has RS232 for control and setup – which is now possible using the Meridian setup application.

Specification Digital inputs 5 x cable, 75 , IEC958 and data compatible, up to 24 bits, 32-96kHz.
2 x optical, TOSlink (EIAJ), IEC958 and data compatible, up to 24 bits 32-96kHz.
Analogue input 7 x phono, 20k input impedance.
1 x stereo Delta-Sigma ADC.
Analogue outputs 1 x main phono.
2 x tape phono.
Output 2Vrms, output impedance 47 .
Digital outputs 1 x main SPDIF cable, 75, up to 24-bit precision, 32-96kHz.
1 x tape SPDIF cable, 75, up to 24-bit precision, 32-96kHz.
1 x tape optical, TOSlink (EIAJ), up to 24-bit precision, 32-96kHz.
Video inputs 6 x composite unbalanced RCA phono 75 , 0.5 – 1.5Vp/p.
4 x S-video 4-pin miniDIN.
Video outputs 1 x main composite unbalanced RCA phono 75 , 1.5Vp/p.
2 x tape composite unbalanced phono
75 , 1Vp/p to VCRs, identical signal via splitter.
1 x main S-video 4-pin miniDIN.
2 x tape S-video 4-pin miniDIN.
S-video to composite conversion on main or tape outputs.
Control 2 x Meridian Comms.
9-pin D connector for RS232 PC setup and control.
2 x trigger outputs for SCART or external switching, 3.5mm 2-pin jack socket, 8VDC at 1 100mA.
Dimensions 321mm x 88mm x 332mm (12.7" x 3.5" x 13.1") (W x H x D).
Weight 5kg (10lb).