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Marsh MSD- P2000b Balanced Line Level Preamp [Expired]

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This is a great opportunity to get an outstanding fully balanced line level preamp at a great value. I am offering herein a Marsh MSD-P2000b preamp. It is in excellent condition and looks like new. It comes in the original double boxed packaging including inserts and with a copy of the owner's manual. The remote has been misplaced but I used it with my Logitech Harmony remote and downloaded the Marsh P2000b settings in a coupl;e of minutes. Again, this is just a stellar performer and a drop dead bargain considering the realm it performs in. If paying by Paypal add %3 to the total.

The P2000b
High Performance Balanced Line Preamplifier

True Balanced Circuitry for the Highest Possible Performance

Balanced inputs and outputs for minimum noise

“Tracking” regulated power supplies for maximum detail

Direct-coupled signal paths employing Richard Marsh's “Servo-Control” Technology

The P2000b's advanced circuitry runs in pure "Class A" for uncompromising performance. Bi-polar and FET field effect transistors are used in a folded cascade configuration for linear, low noise operation.
The signal path is "direct-coupled" from input to output for musical signal purity, employing Richard Marsh's popularized concept of Servo-Control. The circuits are stabilized for optimum resolution of musical detail, using special balanced "tracking" regulated power supplies.

Simplified controls on the front panel of the P2000b belie the elegant, complex electronics inside. A true dual mono design from the separate dedicated power supplies to external connections isolates left and right channels for the best possible resolution and precise imaging. The power supplies are fitted with high-tech components designed by Richard Marsh, including advanced AudioCap and Exotica capacitors, which are used in fine AV products worldwide. Built-in Monster Clean Power AC power filtration helps eliminate local power line noise for clearer highs and deeper bass through elimination of RFI (radio frequency interference) and EMI (electromagnetic interference) effects.

Premium ALPS controllers, known for their high quality and compatibility with most fine audio components, are used. The ALPS components deliver the lowest distortion and noise, which has made them a favorite in professional level studio controls and mixers. Internal wiring utilizes Monster Cable for optimum performance.