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LSA Statement Exemplar Super Amp Mint customer trade-in [Expired]

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Mint customer trade in 
LSA Statement Exemplar Super Amp 
Here you have arguably the best integrated amp available. This newest version Statement amp came new directly from John Tucker after a recommendation from Brian Warford of LSA. It is original as an Examplar Statement Super Amp with the latest and greatest upgrades. The "standard" Statement amp is already regarded as world class, now with the Exemplar Super Amp upgrade, it is truly a giant killer. This new Exemplar version is the best yet, with better detail, focus, and pace, more organic, smoother top end, and a bit more relaxed presentation. 
John Tucker replaces the preamp section of the Statement amp. Each channel is shunt regluated and actively loaded, he upgrades the caps to Urushi caps and changes the tubes from 6922s to 6VZ7s. The result is an improvement in resolution and detail, lower noise floor improved bass control and musicality. The cost of this upgrade is $1600. 

Type: Hybrid integrated amp with built in phono preamp. 150 watts, very powerfull and can drive any speaker. Condition: 9/10 like new, no cosmetic or operational issues whatsoever. Front faceplate still has the protective film, everythingIncluded: Original box, remote and manual.