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Krell KSA-50 MKII and PAM-5 Almost perfect. [Expired]

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Item Description

This is the classic Krell Kombo from the early days of the company: KSA-50 MKII amplifier and PAM-5 preamplifier.

One owner pair. Bought them from the son of the original purchaser. Son told me that these units have been covered and in a closet since his old man croaked in the early 90s. Super clean. Used to run a big pair of Maggies.

I thought long and hard about rating these as a 9/10 but decided to go with an 8/10 just to be safe.

Amp serial # is 1738.
Preamp serial # is 1843

I am asking a premium price for these because they are so clean. They have not been shipped back and forth across the country numerous times to numerous owners. Never been rack mounted. Faceplate are free of nicks and dings. It appears as though the amp power-on lamp is out.

These were bought from Krell in Milford, CT, driven home to Stamford, CT where they were set up and enjoyed by a single owner. (Of course, I drove them to my house in Bethel, CT, and set them up to verify that they work properly.)

I will ship these in double boxes. The double box for the amp will weigh approx 85 lbs., and the double box for the preamp and its power supply will weigh about 25 lbs. If you pick these up at my house and pay my asking price in cash, I will reduce the price by 25 bux, which you can put in your gas tank, your stomach, or your pocket.

Please don't ask me how much shipping is going to cost, but know that if you buy from me, I pack, then weigh items and charge you exactly what FEDEX and UPS charge me. Generally speaking, it now costs about $1.15/pound to ship anything from the east to west coast. I don't set the rates, and neither do any other Agon sellers.

And no, Jimmy, I don't want to split up the amp and the pre.

I'm going to be blowing out lots of cool audio gear in the next few days to celebrate 2013, in hopes that the new year is less fraught with calamity than 2012. Please check my other listings. I tend to list stuff in the morning, and it tends to sell quickly

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