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Krell FPB 250 Mc Pristine Monoblocks [Expired]

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The upgrade bug has got me again! These amps are in very good condition. There is some MINOR, what I would call, "scuffing" on the bottoms from the isolation devices I use and thus the rating of an 8. Checking the Agon Blue Book, the average price for these is listed as $5,730 and the last pair sold for $4,940. I'm listing for less to help with a quick sale. These (and all Krell) amps produce more power on the test bench than they are rated. If memory serves, I believe these put out something like 325 watts into 8 ohms and over 600 into 4 ohms etc etc. Plenty of class A power. I have always babied them and they are in great shape. I can supply more pics for the serious buyer. Call me if you like at (780) 232-2392.